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Wanted cover the operations providing N49885 since service to daughter were playing the gig next to a large advert clearly showing Trapeze were the headliners the 6 1975 edition of The University Daily, was the following preview: Concert Tonight Offers Respite from Finals By F. Gnerre Fine Arts Writer Ready for that one last fling before finals? Tonight's concert at 7 offers a great opportunity to do just that, as Zot Presentations brings Trapeze, Blue Oyster Cult and Bloodrock to the Municipal Auditorium for a one-nighter guaranteed to please even the most jaded of rock fans. Headlining the is a British quintet known as Trapeze. The group has toured the States some ten times, having become quite popular the South, particularly here Texas. After beginning their recording career with the Moody Blues' Threshhold label, Trapeze then moved over to Brothers. Hotwire is their latest release for the label. Blue Oyster Cult is a prototypical metal band with some truly blistering records to their credit. Their first album, Blue Oyster Cult, is a continuous cloudburst of heavy metal rain. Those who are still wondering what the term heavy metal is all about should consult this record. Released 1972, it remains a definitive statement the style. Subsequent albums have been progressively less scintillating but all have their moments. Tyranny and Mutation is brilliant from a technological standpoint but doesn't burn as brightly as Blue Oyster Cult. It does contain Hot Rails to Hell, a real rush of blazing intensity and probably the all-time BOC Secret Treaties is least favorite BOC album, although it's still better than a good 75 per cent of the contemporary product on the market. It's more melodic than previous efforts, and even has a sense of humor Dominance and Submission has always struck these ears as being quite funny, as if BOC realized that all this violence and doom and satanism was just a little on the absurd side. The latest BOC album, On Your Feet or on Your Knees, is live, and although I still prefer the original versions of these songs the ones here are not at all bad. Included are their best titles and the previously unavailable Born to be Wild which contains that line about heavy metal thunder and is a perfect vehicle for the conveyance of BOC's basic stance. I can't wait to hear this and other BOC blitzes person. It ought to be great. Also sharing the be Capitol recording artists Bloodrock. Just as apropos to nothing particular, here's F. Gnerre's review of the Cult's seminal Secret Treaties written the previous year for the same publication: Blue Oyster Cult be Running out of Steam By F. Gnerre Fine Arts Writer Imagine if you a group who comes out with songs entitled Screams, Hot Rails to Hell, Career of Evil, Dominance and Submission, and forth. Or whose first few album covers map out a bizarre, geometrical no-'s land that matches the music inside. Or whose organization send inquiring parties their lyrics the form of computer printouts. Such a group is the Blue Oyster Cult, dubbed by as the kings of the heavy metal slag heap. Their first album is probably the premier American statement the style. The second is more restrained and very melodic spots. The third, Secret Treaties, is less electrifying than the first two. BOC is still hot, but they be running out of steam. ME 262 is the closest they get to real metal mania this time around. The mind is boggled by the distinct possibility that BOC copped that morse code vocal technique from the Easybeats' Friday on Mind. Harvester Of Eyes is another neat one, spiced with a spunky guitar hook. Rock writer Meltzer, whose contributions to BOC's music and mystique have been considerable, composed the lyrics. Dominance and Submission has the same chunka-chunka licks as Hot Rails to Hell, though here they 't work as well. The insertion of a quote from Outer Limits, old instrumental hit, seems somehow related to the 's lyric content, The rest, with the