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I sent email names one famous of therapy dogs saving by other people of ilk, whilst personal circle of friends and family are generally white collar. Having work friends and personal friends divided, there is no doubt mind that the blue collar are GENERAL less intelligent. I know that blue collars be up arms at betrayal, they can not deny that if the two types were held side by side for comparison, the blue collar has a lower base end intelligence Of course the higher end of this intelligence chart would be much more comparable, but I'll still give the edge to white collar. HOWEVER, the part of your argument that I disagree with, is the gross generalisation of, and fact, exaggeration of the white collars virtues, while inverse treatment is given to the blue collars. Whilst there is a cultural disparity between the two classes, I do not believe it to be the great divide you are describing. According to the picture you paint, on one hand we have a Utopian class of free thinkers who are constantly engrossed expanding their minds, and on the other, a seething mass of ape-like men who are solely seeking to satiate their base desires of gratification, blood-lust and chemical oblivity. Based on observations, which are solely own sadly cannot be regarded as empirical, this divide is much closer than you would have people believe. The white collar population is not en masse flipping through the Great Books nor are they strolling through the ruins of ancient Rome and Athens. YES, the percentage of culturally leaning people amongst the white collars is higher. YES they have a higher level of education. However, they have achieved their education simply as a tool, not because they truly have a thirst for knowledge. White collars sit on their couches on a Friday night sucking back beers and cheering their favourite sports team. YES, blue collar people have a larger percentage of the lower end of the gene pool. YES, they have a lower mean academic level. But they too enjoy also enjoy wine tasting, and travelling. They are restricted by their means to the level which they can pursue these desires. They are not baser, or more atavistic people. They are simply, on the lower end of the scale, less intelligent less educated lower paid. The lack of education leads to less lack of comprehension of higher intellectual matters and lack of money leads to less ability for cultural pursuits. Omar, I'm happy to that comparing white and blue collar, you decidedly raised the hand of white collar as the winner. It's not a competition, I know, but the fact that you've been exposed to both and notice a difference, means that subjectivity and ‘cheering for the underdog', hasn't blinded you to the truth. Whether you posit a big difference between the two groups or not, is not as important. There ARE HUGE differences between blue and white collar and I've discussed them times. But before we move forward we need to RECALL HOW I'VE PREVIOUSLY DEFINED THE TWO COLLARS. White and blue collar are NOT ONLY CAREERS, BUT CULTURES. Yes, they are ways of life. White collar culture begins with a child raised having values of studying and learning NOT JUST to land a high paying job, but for the benefit of self-development GENERAL. As I've said previous posts, continual development is the core philosophy behind being white collar. Learning varied courses activates parts of the not otherwise possible if you followed the ‘spoiled child' route of only caring about what's fun. Years of a structured, challenging education, sharpens high-level thinking; and this superior thinking can be applied to EVERY PART OF YOUR WAKING LIFE. When you form opinion, you are not merely some local tattooed loudmouth who garners respect merely because he's not afraid to go to jail if someone argues with him, but your opinion is meaningful because it's coming from a well-trained mind. You are