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356 damaged 25Aug43 salon (allows a We're happy that just 9559 landing gear collapsed during hard landing Kirtland Field, NM 3 1943. To civil registry as N7014 W o 7 Aug 1943 at Midland, TX 9562 remanufactured by Beech as TC-45G 51 1952 crashlanded at Barksdale Field, LA Oct 13 9565 to NC50033, N51S 9566 remanufactured by Beech as TC-45G 51 1952 remanufactured by Beech as C-45G 51 1953 remanufactured by Beech as C-45G 51 1953 W o 21 1942 at Midland TX 9571 looped on landing and w o at Midland, TX 9. 9572 to civil registry as NC75189, N75189, N985HB, still active 9573 to civil registry as NC39675, CC-CLV, LV-FEV 9575 W o 8 Jul 1942 at Midland TX 9576 remanufactured by Beech as C-45G 51 1953 crashlanded at Hensley Field, TX Dec 17 but repaired. To N6953C as 41, cancelled Jul 6. On display at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona Also listed as going to US Navy as SNB-2 9578 to PT-BDF 9579 Delivered to Victorville Bombardier Training School 14Mar42nd School Squadron, Code V-203. Mid air collision 29Jul42 with -11-9581 SE of Victorville AAF, CA on air-to-air photo flight. Two pax successfully jumped from this aircraft which landed safely at Victorville AAF. To Reconstruction Finance Corporation, GA 7Sep45. Costa Distributing Co, El Centro, CA; registered as NC56966Dec45. Thompson Cornwall Inc, New NY; registered as N29TC. Guatemalan Air Force Aug56. Transportes Aereos de Guatemala registered as TG-TAG-64Aug57. Uray W. de Osborn; registered TG-CUS 2Jun58. L. Herrerae; registered TG-DIK 15Jul58, cancelled 20Oct60. Aeroservicios de Emergencia SA Guatemala City; registered TG-CUS-C. Accident 22Nov63 near Quiche when hit a tree and was badly damaged 9580 to N75587 attached to 521st Sch Sq at Victorville AAF, CA w o when it was a fatal midair collision with -11-9579 SE of Victorville,AAF Jul 29 9582 W o 4 Aug 1943 at Victorville AAF, CA; repaired; wfu; to N6658C; to N111Y. Crashed on takeoff for agrigultural operations, Delaware Jul 27. 9583 to N65055, N120HD, N128ML 9584 to N66666 as fire tanker 9585 redesignated as T-11 Jun 11. W o Jun 11 at Chicago, IL. Also listed remanufactured by Beech from -11-9585 1953 attached to 3704th BU Keesler Field, MS damaged landing accident Oct 31. 41 9979 Vultee BT-13A Valiant Model 54 W o 25 Aug 1942 at Goodfellow Field, TX 9594 W o 25 1943 at Waco AAF, TX 9595 W o 13 Sep 1942 at Big Springs, TX 9596 W o 27 Sep 1944 at Neuvo Laredo, Mexico 9599 W o 26 Apr 1943 at AAAF, CA; repaired airworthy as N63884 owned by McCullough 9603 W o 26 Jul 1943 at War Field, CA 9607 W o 12 Jul 1943 at Gunter Field, 9610 W o 27 Feb 1944 at AAAF, GA 9613 W o 9 Nov 1942 at Shaw Field, SC 9615 W o 20 Dec 1943 at Loganville, GA; repaired Lend-Lease to Dominican Republic as 21, later 1202 Aug 1944, WFU 1954 registered as N62700 W o 2 Mar 1943 at Majors AAF, TX 9620 W o 15 Feb 1945 at Hollister, 9623 W o 15 Sep 1941 at TX 9626 on civil registry as N69695. 2014as undergoing restoration at C&G Aviation at Leeward Air Ranch, Ocala, 9634 W o 2 Feb 1944 at Coalinga, CA 9638 W o 22 Nov 1943 at AAAF, GA 9639 W o 22 Jul 1942 at Cochran Field,GA 9641 W o 26 1943 at Greenville, MS 9642 spent 40 years outside Newberry, OH with the Soplata collection. owned by Jones, serial C-GSNV reserved for the plane 9643 W o 7 Feb 1942 at Gunter Field, 9644 W o 11 Apr 1942 at Jeffersonville, GA 9645 was registered as N54886, revoked 1 77. Was at Bonanzaville Museum, West Fargo, ND, and now is with Eagles Air Museum Fargo. 9647 W o 5 Nov 1942 at Goodfellow Field, TX 9652 W o 20 1945 at Voce,