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Confidence gets bolstered his AKC trick is a free capable handlers who monitor play that each puppy can express their feelings and be guided through them order to develop a positive link with all different types of canine personalities. Playgroups are held our 1 sq ft training room and are limited to the appropriate number for the different sized groupings. Cost is $10 puppy Puppy Playgroup Requirements: Puppies aged 9 to 20 weeks Up to date on age appropriate core vaccines Healthy, friendly, and social puppy It is very important that proper socialization not be limited to simply our puppy playgroup and our experienced staff be happy to discuss with you other ways which to build on their development. Please call our facility to sign up or check our website or Facebook for dates. ‚ÄčEach Tuesday and Thursday we are now offering a day drop off opportunity to puppies up to 20 weeks of age. While at camp our trainers work on socialization, basic commands, appropriate play, polite behavior, crate and more. Its a full day of fun and learning for your puppy whether you are at work, need time to yourself or want your puppy to start off on the right foot. Prevent behavior problems from developing by exposing your puppy to positive play experiences and group training during this crucial period. Bring home a very tired puppy! $30 day. Please call our training department for more information or to sign up. Pre Dog Ownership Consultation Thinking about getting a new dog? Bringing a new dog into the home can be exciting time but it can also come with a lot of questions, even for previous dog owners. The relationship you build with your dog begins the minute you first meet them and even a matter of days, behavioral patterns can be established. Whether you are considering a new puppy or adult dog, be confident you have the tools to make the right choice for your home. A one-hour consultation is offered, please call for scheduling. Cost is $50. Pack Walk- Sundays from 11am to 1pm meet with and our behavior modification specialists, at varying locations for a structured pack walk. These walks are well paced, multiple and scenic surroundings. What better way to spend your morning than reconnecting with your dog for some walking therapy. This is a relaxing training session on the move. This is the perfect opportunity once a week to not only mentally and physically exercise your dog but to expose them to other dogs a safe and controlled walking environment that is comfortable for both you and them. Because this group contain owners and dogs who be insecure or reactive, there be specific etiquette that must be followed to allow individual owners and dogs to build confidence at their own pace. These rules be laid out at the beginning of each walk or during discussions prior and for the comfort and safety of everyone, must be followed at all times. Come practice your training aenvironmentexposure I have had dogs all life and thought that I knew what I was doing...after all experience equates to knowledge, yes? No...I learned that experience only equates to knowledge when your experiences are based fundamentals that are born from success. I adopted a puppy from Louisiana after we lost our dog the fall. And until came to our home two days ago, home had become a disaster area, furniture chewed, throw pillow chewed, plants chewed, anything within puppy reach was fair game. I battoned down the hatches and it looked as though I lived a bunker desperately trying to protect what was left of favorite things and sanity. I started yelling and crying when second pair of prescrption glassed were chewed to ribbons. Enough. While I had appointment with for February, I called and thankfully there had been a cancellation a few moments earlier. came over and a little over hour I learned more than all years of dog ownership. It has been 2 days since gave dog and me our first lesson. I have had a calm house, he sits and stays he has rarely jumped, time outs are working and