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Add might please not barking pup snider spatulas i behavior that we couldnt take him along too. Great Idea There is nothing better than including your dog on a family holiday. There are some limitations ie National Parks. However, we got a great book from NRMA showing all the camping spots and it clearly shows where dogs are allowed. there are heaps of places to camp and caravan parks that allow dogs. as as you are prepared she can have as much fun as you. Dogs US. We just spent a month travelling through several states the US. We stayed RV parks and Campgrounds. were very high quality with beautiful facilities the best spots. EVERY single park allows dogs. Most people were travelling with their dogs and parks would no more dream of banning them than children. They were all on leads and well behaved. Australia has amazingly negative attitude towards dogs. This is just to let you all know that it definitely Aussie thing to ban them. This might be a solution Yes, travelling Australia with dogs and missing out on lots of the attractions National Parks is quite a humbug. However husband and I have just started a new tag-along service to outback South Australia and Northern Territory and you can bring your dogs along. Most of our camps are bush camps with some at dog friendly caravan parks. I provide a dog sitting service at camp while husband takes everyone to the National Parks for sightseeing, taking most of the attractions on offer. Keep a lookout for our web site which is under construction at the moment. We have thought this type of service was needed, having traveled extensively throughout Australia ourselves both with and without dogs. Dog Tag-along that sounds awesome and I'd to have more details. Why, though, is Australia seemingly anti-dog? I just 't understand it; people seem generally terrified paranoid about dogs but it makes no sense. I live Canberra where it seems that dogs are only tolerated restricted areas and it makes me, a a dog owner, nervous to even go out lest I cause offence to someone or, as has happened to me, have someone lapse into total hysteria!!! Travelling With Dog Into National Parks the not too distant future partner and I are planning to travel around Australia for a couple of years. We be working here and there as we travel. We avoid caravan parks as we prefer to be remote areas. dilemma is that a couple of years ago I rescued a dog from the RSPCA and she is now 8 years old. The thought of having to leave her behind makes me feel ill after the faithful companionship she has provided for me. What would be great is if there was a dog minding facility near the perimeters of the National Parks that I can leave her at for a short stay. Can anyone help with me with any solutions please? Australia is not at all dog friendly I also find Australia very unfriendly towards dogs. I can't take mine to the sidelines of kids' football game, to any restaurant at all, to many of the parks and open spaces. Dogs on leads are completely inoffensive, I can't understand it. Football is the most amazing. It's a field! How can dog, obviously on a lead, bother anyone? I used to live Switzerland and there you can take your dog anywhere. This includes to any restaurant at all, even the fanciest ones. The dogs all just lie under tables not bothering anyone. The unfriendliness towards dogs is a big disappointment for me Australia, I wasn't expecting it. Australia attitude towards dogs The problem is that many Australian owners 't