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Him surprising another concept to area fecal practice bottom line the Fort Worth, Texas there is eight- feature entitled on non-traditonal career paths of seven Ft. Worth women. http: content.php?=cms&id=50 Brown, the outstanding Grandbury pro-trainer who owns and trains Brittanys, is featured the article which includes two-year old Blaze out of Natl Ch Bean's Blaze and our very special Hello De Great article! Thanks for including your outstanding Stud Dog! I hunted over Blaze this past and he is amazing!!! Ck out 's website at: Cataract surgery tomorrow knocks out any to sneak a 'last week' hunt. However, friend Gareth Cook has graciously offered to take and Bear with him for afternoon hunt just west of thanks Gareth! Meanwhile, Barksdale was back South Texas last weekend at a ranch Northwest of Falfurrias. Found loads of birds and was proud of his two females. He reports that 18 month old DeLamont continues to impress him with multiple finds. was trained by Brown Dos Jefes partner sends a report from last weekend he is headed back later this week! Go Get 'em Partner! and I spent this last weekend at Dos Jefes, our first trip this year. We can confirm and expand on your last report. We have a bumper crop of quail again this year! Dogs were on the Saturday and on morning, and were working birds the whole time. Typically 10 covies 2 2 hours. Not a record number as pals were somewhat slow on each covey, but the dogs were usually awaiting us on a new point when we finished the last rise. Fabulous, no place like it! We spent our time west of the compound. The cover is just right everywhere except between 281 and the cabins. There the sunflowers are still a little thick though not at all like last year and I expect them to go down the next rain- if that ever happens. There were birds everywhere we hunted, along the highline on both sides, several covies around North Hill, and the area East of Baluarte was very productive. We visited our dove pond, and then headed back East on Dove Pond Rd. Just past the big thicket, we pulled north off the road and up flushed quail that I emoted Holy Moley for the first time 65 years pursuing birds. No bull, we must have busted a covey convention as 30 quail poured out of there. I am not exaggerating! Lamonts pleased as always at 11 years is his boundless stamina, but is wonderful while he lasts. at 7 is his prime and be the best I've owned. He is certainly the top three of 60 years of bird dogs. Thank again for choosing them for us. All our and GRRRR catarac sry is scheduled this week. Months ago, name went on a list for a date for this needed procedure before realizing it was likely to conflict with the important end of bird Texas! Oh well it's been a good year and I'm proud of the times we had with friends and some great performances by the dogs. There is a of rain the forecast for the following week and with good luck for rains, we have plenty of 'brood stock' to set up a good crop for next Deer and Turkey benefit from the rain too! Already, a few Toms are showing up. Surprising that our guest's did less deer hunting this year amazing how bird dogs and a good bird year can change a 's priorities! Just had a call from as they were headed home to Kerrville after their weekend at Dos Jefes. Good report and a lot of pride on 's part their dog Stu. tells me he has really blossomed into impressive bird finder. If anyone knows a bird dog it is Ample birds far this year Holidays produced 8 to 10 covies each hunt for each of two