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Behaves crew's last (regiment schooners 00115 and do other among I got him as a puppy. I taught him to sit, stay, here, and come and few other tricks. I really loved working with him, but working full time and going to school full time ,I just didn't have the time. After all that happened I met with a few pro trainers.I decided on Zion Kennels beacause of his honesty, reputation, and great refrences and I get to learn right along side dog. I go over there and work with them as much as I can. I have really enjoy experience far With Eddie Noga at Zion Kennels. He is not just training dog but me as well. I went to a hunt test with them this last weekend and they were just great with everything. I learned much down there. family and I had a great time. He ran 11 or 12 dogs there and all I can say is WOW. You were a lot more patient than I would've been. Sorry to hear you and your dog had to endure that. Sounds like you are good hands now. I have never heard a bad thing about Zion and spoke to him once before I bought dog and was very impressed with how much information he shared with me. Wow. That's awful. Sorry to hear it. I think this is one big reason we send videos to dog owners... they love to know what their dog is doing while with us. It's comforting and encouraging. I sure hope your pup doesn't have any ongoing issues from that experience and good luck going forward! i am sorry to hear about your dog... you were way more patient with taht than i ever would have been if he was treating lil boy like that! glad to hear he is getting taken care of now and doing better though... good luck the future Holy cow man! I can't believe what all you put up with. I might even go far as contact animal control and have them check this out. If your dog had all those health issues, what is happening with the other dogs that are there? I'm glad you got your dog to a good place now. I've heard nothing but good things about Zion and a friend of mine has his dog there right now. Just me but I would not have put up with dogs health being like that the first time I saw something. I am sorry that happened to your dog as no dog deserves to be treated like that. Hope the dog recovers and you get him to a good trainer. That sucks hopefully your pup is young enough to put it all past him. It sounds like yall are with the right trainer for yall now though. I don't know how far you want to take it, but have you thought about contacting the BBB? I think you just submit them a notarized letter or something They won't do anything to him, but at least it's on their BBB record and maybe others will it before going through what you went though. Good luck the future. that sucks I know how you feel when I first got dog she was back at the trainer within a month b c of misrepresentation then she sat out there for another 4 months during which I presume she had zero work. The trainer wouldn't call me to give me any updates, I had to call him multiple times, it was like pulling teeth. Finally when quail was right around the corner and I guess he figured he couldn't put it off anymore, he told me she had regressed and offered to a) keep her and eventually get money back, b) trade for english pointer or c) was to pick her up and get X amount of dollars refund. Needless to say, I only received about half of the discussed refund. Got to love dealing with professionals.... K9 Magazine takes a look at one of the most controversial subjects the entire dog world, a much maligned defendant takes to the stand. The electric shock dog training collar. These are the collars that actually administer electrical charge into the dog's neck when activated and should not be confused with other varieties of a remote dog training collar or anti-bark collar that use a variety of different methods to achieve desired results such as sprays and noises. The Case For The Prosecution: Electric shock collars, you