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English words I'll me ways run editing could around lot noticable. As far as distance range, I havent noticed much of a difference between the medium and heavy loads. By: Yellow Lab. Hunts. Family pet. The Lucky Launcher II is a great product! IT really saves your arm and can get the dummy way out there your dog can get a real work out. Different strength blanks can be ordered: green yellow and red Yellow is a bit strong and goes a bit too far I use the green loads. I also find it's helpful to launch from hip. The kick is a bit too much for repeated firing from shoulder. Buy one and have fun with your gun dog! By: Curly-Coated Retriever. Hunts. Family pet. Competes. this thing!! Yes, it kicks hard even on the light loads, and with the factory applied rubber padding, but quite doeable from the hip especially with heavier clothes. I also found the empty casing impossible to remove at first, and thought I was only going to get one shot out of it. However I discovered that if you put the dummy back on the shaft, it only go part way on, then open the breech and the shell flies out. Not possible to police your brass however as it is gone! Possibly that is how it is supposed to operate? Nothing the about it. Only other problem I have had is with the dummies...the one with streamers lost the streamer the first flight, and the other one is already showing a padding tear at the top after only two sessions...Still it is a great tool and dog is crazy about it! By: Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Overall this product is great. After firing, the blank always has to be pried out by a knife or screwdriver. I found that a small flat head is the most convenient. The shoulder pad needs to be beefed up a little otherwise that little .22 cal blank is going to put a beating on you if you use it to train a number of dogs at a time. Lithium grease on the o-ring is a must and clean out the cores of the dummies before each launch the dirt doesn't wear everything down. By: Realistic Dog Training at it's best. Having shot over dog numerous times, I was unsure of how he would react. I kept him the bed of the truck at a distance to start. I had only fired it 2 times before he was jumping over the tailgate to heal by side for the retrieve. Very good training device. It should be noted that these device are noisy and have a little recoil. If possible get away from the city to use this device. By: Drahthaar. Hunts. Family pet. You can bounce the dummy, lob it, or shoot it over objects to replicate hunting scenarios. The dog sees it coming and acts as he does when he sees the shotgun come out of the case. There are a great variety of dummies that all have their time and place. Excellent product, gives the dog a great workout. By: Black Lab. Hunts. The Lucky Launcher 2 work just as I had hoped. It was a great asset the training of Lab. One note, I added a piece of foam rubber pipe insulation to the stock to cushion the recoil on shoulder, the steel T bar alone was a little harsh. All said, I let a few friends borrow it and have reccomended it to others. By: Chocolate Lab. Hunts. Family pet. This unit is very portable, and is excellent to use at any time out the field. It is great at simulating a gun and fallen bird. This action is great at teaching the dog to be steady at a gun shot, and retrieve upon command. I am very happy with this unit! By: Hunts. Competes. I have used it several times already and i really like it... Had thought of getting a mobile launcher but the cost for me was too much it gives me much more realism training. The only problem are the duck like launchers i got with the canvas, they are great but i would prefer larger to be more lifelike size. Other than that i am very well pleased. By: Hunts. Family pet. misfires with 22 blanks. I do not know if this is due to blanks or the launcher set. When the launcher shoots well the dummy goes for a ride. Retrieves the 60 yard range are common. Great training tool when it