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Nice 3 véronique on too outside seeing the extinction foxie 5th place 2008 WDA Qualifying Trial for the National Championship, 4th place 2009 New England Regional Championship, competitor 2010 WDA Regional Championship, competitor Benga Aus Kingston Village 2008 New England Regional Championship, 3rd place 2009 USA National Championship, 4th place High-Scoring Female 2009 AWDF National Championship, High-Scoring Female 2009 Working Dog FH Championship, 4th place 2010 WDA Regional Championship, 2nd High-Scoring Female, 4th place overall 2010 AWDF FH Championship, 1st place 2010 FCI IPO FH World Championship Qualificatiion, Top-Scoring Female, Slovania 2011 AWDF FH Championship, 1st place 2011 FCI IPO FH World Championship, qualified for team Nele Vom Padberg 2012 Northeast Regional Championship, IPO2st place 2013 Northeast Regional Championship, 4th place. Skip to content Top 15 anime- series This list is based on opinion and it belongs to me. I have been reading manga and watching anime for years now which means I had difficulties deciding 15 best of the best. This is first list and I you like it. Gin leaving his home behindBased on the manga by Takahashi Yoshihiro and directed by Katsumata Tomoharu Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, is one of the first anime- series I've seen. To be honest these series, both anime and manga, have been really popular home country Finland since the 1980s, when the series begun. The mangaka promised, due to the popularity here, to create a Finnish dog and add it to the continuing manga. One of the main characters the original series was born Finland, according to Takahashi. The series tells the story of an Akita Inu pup called Gin, as he follows his father's footsteps as a bear hunting dog. He is trained by human Takeda Gohei, just like his father and grandfather, and like them he is destined to fight a deranged bear named Akakabuto and his followers. The story begins from Gins birth and his training from the aspect of humans, but starts to follow point of view of the dogs as they start communicating by speaking instead of just barking or whining. Gin leaves his master Daisuke order to join a pack of wild dogs who are gathering strong fighters from all over Japan preparing for the battle against Akakabuto. A big part of the story focuses on Gin and his adventures as a part of the pack led by a charismatic leader. Gin is placed under the command of one of the platoon leaders, Bens guidance leads the pack to adventures as they search strong dogs. The story is by no means rushed, just the opposite. The journey is one of the key points, but for the sake of the main plot flashbacks and other platoons journeys are shown as well. The battle against Akakabuto is as expected and the conclusion is satisfying. GNG is very old anime and as such is drawn by hand. Because of this it's very easy and comfortable to watch. The style and are a little bit rough but it doesn't bother audience as they get used to it. Despite its age, this anime is visually pleasant. The music is designed perfectly for this old anime and the opening song is truly famous. I haven't watched this anime for ages yet I can still remember the lyrics This anime is nostalgic that it made it to list of top 15 anime- series. It's not only nostalgic though since overall quality is great and the plot is nice to follow. GNG is made well and the episodes are nicely timed, if you ignore few hurried scenes. The important characters are a little stereotypical even if they have their own special features, however they bring endurance to the series. There is a reason why stereotypical characters exist the first place. All all, GNG is entertaining while also having deeper meanings for example about life and family. Akakabuto as massive as everOn the other hand, like nearly all Ginga- series, GNG is also predictable and simple. For example, the