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Breezes as you AMS deal with happen dog 1968 1959 and uniting factors common to all of the dogs of the spitz type is their dense, often luxurious coat, which comprise of two layers; a fine topcoat and a thick, insulating undercoat of coarser hair. A dog with a coat of this type well require a considerable amount of grooming to avoid matted fur and associated problems, and brushing is not enough. A brush only take care of the top layer of fur, and a comb be required to groom the dog down to the skin and deal with any mats or knots within the fur. Spitz dogs tend to be loyal, good natured and inquisitive, and are generally relatively easy to train, although they can be prone to stubbornness and require firm direction and consistent handling. of the spitz type dogs were historically bred for their endurance and stamina while pulling sleds and running over distances harsh and cold weather conditions, and they also need a significant amount of walking, free space to roam and energetic exercise. Spitz dogs and specifically spitz dogs of the husky type make great running partners, and match you pace for pace when out jogging or running for sport or fitness. They are generally good with children and other pets, although as with any type of dog, each individual animal should be considered on its own merits and have its own unique personality and temperament. Do you like this article? Have something to say? Then leave your comments. Upland and Waterfowl Gun Dog Training Here at Boberosa Gun Dogs we specialize training upland gun dogs for the hard working We are hunters first and we understand the needs of a good quality hunting companion. With 33 years of combined professional training experience we offer training packages for all breeds of gun dogs. Over those years flushers, pointers, and retrievers have been proud to be Boberosa Trained! Individual Attention Our specialty is the individual attention each owner and hunting companion receives while they stay at the Boberosa. Each has specific expectations of exactly what they want out of their hunting companion. After an initial evaluation we sit down with a new client and hammer out exactly what they want from their hunting partner. We then tailor a specific training regiment for that hunting companion, and the needs of their owner. There is no carbon copy training regiment here. Each dog has a specific course laid out for them based on their temperament, drive, retrieving ability and the owners needs. Family companions are boarded as if they are part of our family. Your companion receive individual attention and regular exercise. Communication Communication is key the training process. We offer weekly training updates on all of our dogs via Facebook or Twitter. Pictures and updates of your dogs progress be available to you via those sites as well as email communication. We want the owner to be involved the training process. our opinion the owner and hunting companion must be on the same We tailor specific training sessions with the dogs owner for that true partnership to develop. We expect you to have all the tools order to handle your newly trained hunting partner. Bob Knipper for training and, Knipper for boarding and grooming services. Call for reservations. Thank You Boberosa Kennels. We're certified professional dog trainers offering modern, force free and scientifically based training and behavior modification solutions for problem behaviors such as pulling on leash, jumping, lunging and barking at other dogs or people. We help you live with your dog. Help is a click or phone call away! offering private appointments and group classes. It's been about a year since you visited our house for 's training. We had company on Saturday and was well behaved it was unbelievable. Our company couldn't believe the difference either. They said she is like another dog. We have seen a gradual change with for the better the past year but yesterday was the best! She goes to her mat when told and I think this