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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift IMDB A couple maths class scenes, including a very quick y-intercept blooper. Fermat's Last Tango IMDB Terrific musical about Fermat's last theorem, featuring Wiles, Pythagoras, Gauss, Euclid, and a deliciously vain de Fermat. A Few Days September IMDB Orlando and are siblings who continually fight over the cutting of dessert half. Eventually they hit upon the strategy of one person cutting and the other person choosing. Fight Club IMDB Take the number of vehicles the field, A, multiply it by the probable rate of failure, B, then multiply the result by the average out of court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we 't do one. Which car company do you work for? 5ive Days to Midnight IMDB A physics professor receives a briefcase from the future, containing the report of his death. His PhD student tries to help by doing some mathematics of string theory. For a Few Dollars IMDB Cleef is riding off as Eastwood surveys the bodies of the outlaws, tallying the bounty. Realising it doesn't add up, he wheels around and shoots the remaining outlaw. Any trouble, Boy? No, old Thought I was having trouble with adding. It's alright now. Clip on Knill's Freaky Friday IMDB Jamie is caught her daughter 's, Lindsay Lohan's, body. She's reading a maths exam question to herself: The sum of the areas of the shaded regions above terms of D is equal to D squared times the sum of pi divided by 4 minus D divided by 2, D squared times the sum of pi cubed divided by D minus 2. what is pi again? 3 point something? Oh this is ridiculous, I've never used pi. 's never gonna use pi. Why's it called pi anyway? focus Or D cubed minus the sum of pi squared minus Clip on our maths clips Freedom The story of Benjamin Banneker, the black American mathematician from the 18th Century. It ends with a wonderful voiceover: whole life has been a mathematical proof of what a black can do. I've been a clockmaker, a farmer, astronomer, a surveyor, almanac writer, a mathematician. And I add this, and this. And I the sum proves something to the World. Frozen IMDB One of the tedious songs contains the lines power flurries through the air into the soul is spiraling frozen fractals all around The Full IMDB Gaz and his mates are contemplating how much they would make by stripping. How lasses were there, though? Thousands, baying for blood. Ten quid and all to watch some fucking poof get his off! Ten quid! Right. Times ten quid by a thousand, right? And you've got yeah well, a lot. A very lot. Clip on Knill's G.I. The Rise of the IMDB The Joes do spherical trigonometry, a version of the Eratosthenes trick. They have a photo of the villain and they know when the photo was taken. The triangle made by the villain and his shadow supposedly allows them to determine where the villain is. Nice trick, though it actually only narrows down the villain's location to within a circle on the surface of the Clip on Knill's Galileo IMDB Bertolt Brecht's play of Galileo versus the Catholich Church No mathematics, but we do have these worms of mathematicians turn their tubes upon the sky. Pope Urban VIII declares I not set up myself against the multiplication table, then does just that. The Gambler IMDB 2=5 is used as a metaphor for the gambler's belief that he can overcome the odds. of the Jungle IMDB Before swinging to the rescue of a parachutist entangled the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, calculates the and velocity of his swing. Ghost of a IMDB I'm bored. Do some multiplication to pass the time. What's 410 times 20. Gokusen: The Movie IMDB Kumiko, the yakuza maths teacher, is back a movie version of the TV series. No maths. The Girl Next Door IMDB The hero is a high school scholar whose plans get derailed. Various scenes with snapshots of exams and maths texts. The Glass Bottom Boat IMDB is a scientist, who recites some nonsense algebra his pursuit of Doris Day: COD plus XY to the second power plus OS, orbit shift, equals and joined. Amazing sir. Do you think the