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The same person showcase closed down without jumping massachusetts july it reads anyone with a dissability These cards were life savers. Not everyone is a scammer quit your one sided bias about that witch you 't know! Do people abuse the sysem…of course…Can you think of any system not abused? This provideda service I desperatley neded and could afford. Not everyone is a scammer friend…..Maybe if YOU had a serious disease that took your mobility, lived constant pain and had no on left you might find the need of a dog more than just a service but a life saver. I wouldn't even want to be here without companion bacause I'd have no reason to get out of bed. is motovation life and trained as well as any service dog you have. 't be a BIGOT! To There is no real ‘certification' for a service dog. Training is whatever is needed….which be different for different disabilities. Your dog sounds more like ‘emotional comfort' dog, which requires certification from a psychiatrist. To I agree, the complaints about fake service dogs seems to be on ongoing discussion on this blog. I have not yet ever seen a fake service dog. You are correct: there always be those who take advantage of any system place. Fake service dogs do not seem to be abundance. Having access to tags and vests helps much! Even though identification is not required, stores and businesses 't seem to know that, and one gets tired of fighting that issue. Sadly, the Fair Housing Act requires persons with disability to produce doctor documentation order for dogs to live a pet free environment. I am amazed that the FHA is far behind the Justice Dept and the air carriers regulations. I was prohibited from bringing service dog into our condominium until I proved the disability and the need for dog. The board of directors at the condo were less than polite as one of them indirectly accused me of getting tags online to ‘fake it'. This is not a result of other ‘fake' dogs: it is a resistance of some people who are unwilling to accommodate service dogs. Another board member recently complained to husband because taking service dog to the pool area caused phone calls. She stayed under lounge chair and did not move. I absolutely feel harassed by condo associations. I recently purchased the service dog vest that was recommended on this blog and it has been extremely helpful. I personally know individuals that have real disabilities and have trained their service dogs themselves. If you are capable, you 't need to spend thousand of dollars to send your dog to expensive training school, unless of course you are interested a seeing eye dog. service dogs perform other functions and these dogs can be easily trained by their owners, since they have a special bond with their owner. service dog is for asthma and I trained her myself. When she was a baby, it was almost as if she was born with that ability. Training her myself, at least I know the special and attention she is getting. I would have never sent her to a school for training. You never know the techniques they are using, or the type of discipline. dog has never been caged or around or hit. She also understand sign language, helps me at night before I have asthma attack and I trained her to do all these things. Yes I agree there are some people trying to skirt the law, but there are also other legitimate owners. If you are capable, you can train your dog yourself. I believe the bond is stronger. Personally, I didn't trust anyone to train service dog. She is well known by everyone the town we live and is treated like a rock Sutton the Sugar Gliders Kessler Miller I have moderate panic disorder, and very well trained and sociable 5# Yorkie travels with me as ESA. I used to pay for -cabin fares and hotel fees but after a few horrible experiences with airline and airport personnel, -time psychologist wrote me a letter and I bought her a vest and tag. Not one problem ever since. When people ask me Is she REALLY a service dog? I smile and say I know she's small, but yes she is. I have a disorder you can't And that's that. I only use it for airlines and hotel accommodations. I 't abuse it with stores or restuarants or other places. And traveling with her now is a breeze, and pleasant. On the other hand, I saw two dogs at that I'm quite sure were not service dogs and that's how problems happen. how do we support and advocate the necessary and out the posers? I 't know. Sutton the Sugar Gliders Some States have Service Dog Training Laws that the doesn't cover. Some States require vests clearly marked Service Dog or Animal Training…. there is a market for some of the things you mention. There is just no regulation as to who can and can not buy them…. It's not the dog that is certified but the handler and dog as a team. dog and I were trained and certified as a team by organization here Phoenix that trains you and your dog for certification.