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Easy step by flowers food family i can dog mile this pattern, as it doesn't come completely naturally to them. However, keep mind that with this type of training there is always the of something going wrong. There is another version of prey drive that is known dog training circles as it is very similar, however the end result is a playful interaction with the object Nevertheless the beginning of the pattern is the same and comes from the same source. When things go wrong There are a few situations where things can go badly wrong and animals or even humans can get badly injured or even killed. Prey drive is a highly emotional state for a dog. One of the first things that you notice with your dog when getting into his prey drive is that when he locks onto something, most cases, he is gone; no amount of yelling, calling, etc., help. The dog simply appears to have tuned out the rest of the world like it doesn't exist. This is the work of instincts; chemicals like adrenalin and others hit the dog's and this powerful cocktail overtakes the creating effect that we can maybe compare to the effect of a horse's blinders. It is important to remember that cases instincts and instinctual actions overpower dog training capabilities. It often happens that even the most trained dogs simply disobey when instincts come into play. There are dogs out there whose temperaments are unstable that have a high prey drive. When these factors all combine, you can end up with a dog that moving objects, and during that the dog get highly excited and aroused, once he reaches the object, he is unable to control the emotional state which is now also combined with the fear of a sudden reaction created by the object of the and the situation can get out of control and can end up a dog attack. This is especially dangerous when you have a situation where there is more than one dog. Having a pack of dogs running into prey drive, or simply following the ones that are, is a hectic, high adrenalin that ends up with dogs surrounding the object. At those times, the level of drive, combined by fear, barking, and lots of energy, acts like a trigger for some dogs and when it is when that happens that attack is, most cases, inevitable. The commotion that happens during a dog attack is like spilling oil on a fire. Things only get worse. Luckily, these situations 't happen often. How to deal with a dog that tends to overreact highly stressful situations, that be a result of prey drive, be described below. Chasing dog behavior hazards. The first and most important thing to address, are always the dog owners themselves. dog owners 't fully understand how difficult it is to live with a dog that tends to display strong chasing behavior patterns. At any given moment things can go wrong and the dog can end up a situation where his life or the lives of others can be endangered. A dog doesn't understand what the road is and how dangerous it can be. Even dogs that have higher levels of training, some situations, can launch into a wild at which point it doesn't matter if there is a busy road their path or not, they are going through, full speed ahead. Dog owners who 't understand or who underestimate this powerful dog instinctual drive often tend to rely on dog training or other factors to save the day. Every situation is different, different environments, different triggers, and different distances from the triggers. It also plays a factor if the dog is tired or has plenty of energy to burn at that particular moment. Or even which family member is with the dog at the time, etc. Keep mind that if you are dealing with a dog with higher chasing behavior drives, there is always a possibility that things can go wrong. Precaution and awareness can save the day. Equipment Failure. Dog equipment has changed since years ago and today we have a vast choice of different equipment that we use daily with our dogs, especially when taking them for a walk. Although today's world, more focus is put towards how the equipment looks on the dog, and on creating matching colors and sets, etc. than it is on the reliability and function of the equipment. But it is important to understand that even today, just like centuries ago, the purpose of this equipment is to have control over our dogs. You can find thousands of different dog collars that look great and fit perfectly, however they have a plastic buckle. No matter how strong it is, with bending, scratching, exposure to water, temperature and other elements, plastic tends to lose its original properties and at some point, it breaks. The same things apply to leashes that are made of cheap materials, connecters and joints, or even with metal buckles that can rust, etc. It is like Murphy's Law, if the equipment failure is to happen, it happen at a time when it is not supposed to. This is decidedly because it is always a situation when