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Fix any mistakes trusts jet the him first understands just teacher and has benefited students at Guildford 's Academy of Contemporary Music for years. Awarded the accolade of Guitarist of the Year 1993 by magazine he also has his own band Erotic Cakes to provide outlet for his own music. Guildford -born radio researcher and presenter Samos is also known as Hotlips' recognition of her smouldering style and worked with Evans on Virgin Radio the late 90's. Following 's demise at Virgin Radio Samos has gone on to present for a variety of shows on TV and radio including TalkSPORT TV, Century FM and London's Heart 106. 2006 she is presenting with the BBC Radio Five's Formula One team. Better known by her stage name, actress Hamilton is from Compton near Godalming. Married actor Bazeley and as the BBC's First coming to the public's attention as Murron the film the actress has since gone on to a large number of films including and McCormack has also starred on stage with a number of appearances including the acclaimed and on TV with and Born McCormack was brought up by her steelworker father after her mother died when she was only six-years-old. Born the Weybridge end of Chertsey Tenniswood is a renowned music studio engineer who evolved a career both as a club dance DJ specialising electro music under the moniker 'Radioactive and one half of the electronic act Two Lone Swordsmen alongside Weatherall. He also owns and runs the electro music label Control Tower. The Russian billionaire, who made his fortune the mobile phone market its home country, took exile Britain 2009 after the Russian authorities issued arrest warrant for him on charges of kidnapping and extortion. Chichvarkin denies all charges. He settled London and has since bought a large country estate outside Dunsfold. Barbins Grange was purchased 2009 from TV personality Anthea Turner and her husband Bovey after his property empire collapsed. Chichvarkin has since encountered British bureaucracy with ongoing process of trying to obtain planning permission for improvements to the 102 acre estate. Part of the dispute is over attempt to relocate equestrian schooland also the creation of a state of the play area for the Chichvarkin's children. Hooper, who lived for a time Haslemere, was the bain of road builders the 1990s. He first came to the public's attention when as a 22-year-old he was involved protesting the A30 extension Fairmile, Devon where he was the last 'eco-warrior' to be evicted from the complex of tunnels dug beneath the route of the new road. 1996 he became the unwitting spokesman for the protest against the A34 Newbury bypass, again attempt to stop the destruction of sensitive habitats by disrupting the road builders with tunnels, treehouses and by chaining themselves to construction plant. The softly spoken protestor was elevated to celebrity status for a while with appearances on national television including the BBC panel show 1997. Following further tunneling protests, including those at the A30 near Honiton Devon and the second runway at Manchester Airport, he vanished from the public radar and is believed to be living with his family a woodland commune reported variously as being West Wales or southern England. Brought up Godalming of Polish parents businessman Jozefowicz, as was his family name before adopting the surname to international notice when his Washington-based company the Group came under scrutiny for a scandal associated with the Iraq war. Awarded a $100m five-year Pentagon contract to help to fight the information war Iraq, 's company was alleged to have paid Iraqi journalists to plant optimistic ‘news' stories Iraqi papers that were reported to have been written by the US military. Educated at the Grammar School Guildford and College, emigrated to 1999 and rapidly to the centre of attention Washington quickly securing a reputation for being a socialite with links to influential Republicans. His contemporaries at the Grammar School variously described him as a ‘business-obsessed, geeky individual with few friends. He was a nerd at school, one told Another described him as a school joke who told everyone he was going to be a millionaire. He was the first at school to have a mobile phone and was interested early versions of the personal computer.' Ranking 10th the world, Howell is a high profile English golfer who lives Weybridge. To date he leads the European Order of Merit, has four European Tour wins and international win. Howell also won the Ryder Cup and the Cup Guildford -born and bred film-maker Nooshin is wooing the film industry with his capabilities as a director. For his debut feature film which begins casting 2009 he has secured Michelle Raimo, the renowned producer of which he hopes bring success to the project. His of film, which started as a child with home-made productions using a hired video camera, has seen him produce successful shorts and and a series of high-profile commercials. Nooshin has also had forays into theatre having co-directed at the Arnaud Guildford and at the ADC Theatre A popular actor who made his name the BBC