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Poodle is an sarge first came 3rd place and pet approaching what we have this year. Think Congo! The magnificent thing is that the bird numbers are astronomical. when left on consented to hunt me hour or It was a very strange hunt. had reported unexplained wild flushes, and that happened. Huge coveys, short flights but into impenetrable sunflowers. The birds then held, sort of, but you just try a smooth swing a sunflower jungle. and another But just before I wore out I made a beautiful shot on a high left quartering cock and went back to camp with bird as proud as Punch. Believe it, for me it was as pleasurable as one of those bygone days limit hunts. Maybe next time? With temperatures of 91 degrees and winds of 25+ mph, it was not exactly quail hunting weather this past weekend Falfurrias, Tx. spite of the heat and sunflower stalks dense enough to misplace a small city, the quail were everywhere! much that we lost count quickly. Our friends estimated 80 to 100 covies moved the 2 2 days of hunting...most birds located without thrilling dog participation. One very bright spot however...Gareth Cook held tutorials on use of the new GPS and I it! fact, De might still be lost some 900 yards away had we followed instincts and gone to find her, when the Astro said she was I'm a believer! With temps predicted the mid 40s tonight Falfurrias, Tx but the mid 80s by Friday, it is easy to get a bit depressed about being here the city! But one thing is keeping me awake spite of the forecast...the bird population is phenomenal this year! the on the scene at Fal, rode the fence last Thursday evening and called with estimate of 'driving up 40 plus covies of quail. has lived this country most of his life and is not known for 'exaggerations sleep is battling with visions of bird dogs on point as far as the eye can Regardless of the numbers, I have trouble sleeping before most hunting trips anyway, a trait I first discovered at the age of 7 when dad took me on first squirrel hunt with brand new Christmas gift, a 22 calibre single shot. Its still gun case! And the passion dad and I shared still lives dreams! one of the 'dog training seminars' and 'best training secrets' books, someone said you are always training your dog'! Whoever the author was, he is right. Even 'non formal' moments, the dog is learning something and sometimes, its not all 'good'. I learned much from the late Harwood about starting puppies. From the moment they were weaned, the 'training' began. Just getting them acclimated to the new world is the first step...jumping over bushes, chasing butterflys, staying with the owner on walks...every new experience becomes part of their future. wife is one of the best 'puppy trainers' the world. Bird contact came early at Sundown Kennels Puppies on 'chain gangs with someone throwing pigeons the air, all of them barking, thrashing, going bird crazy. Walking with puppies, letting them squirrels and meadowlarks, learning how to stay with the handler, discovering things full of 'wonder'...all of this takes 'time'...and for of us, that is why we do this. Our new pup from the latest litter is De dad's last dog was a yellow lab he loved and talked to like she was a human. Our is tribute to his gentle and loving spirit. Our 9 week old is already pointing, retrieving live birds....but nothing she does is 'wrong' at this point...and we are also teaching her english. NO PRESSURE! Just the of discovery. Plus she sleeps each night at the foot of our bed and, far, all night without a trip outdoors! Come to think of it, that is the reason I still this game! Funny how 'important' writing your 'blog' can be, until you get really busy with other stuff. Sorry no posts lately, but with a new pup at home and a few projects that seem to be 'dragging' me out of retirement, I've been a bit snowed! The puppies are all their new homes and we could not have chosen better owners. Brown is a quality dog trainer and owner of She has been around Brittanys all of her life and chose this endeavor because she is good at it, and because it is what she always wanted to do! GO GIRL! chose the only male the litter Highpoint Blazen De He's already retrieving, and sleeps inside!!! lost her superb stud dog Tejas Iron RU National and 2 time US OPEN this fall and Blaze someday, hopefully,