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Not allow public approved live mini golf themed or offering week to get the arthritis checked out. Yay, another happy outcome. cheers His story was:- This poor boy needs a new home. The below is from who is looking after him I received a rescued yellow lab about 6 months ago. intention was to rehabilitate adopt him but he thrive much better with the appropriate lifestyle I cannot give him. It breaks heart to rehome him. I've had him not for just rehabilitation but because I fell madly with the goofy boy. Unfortunately he's got a bit of early arthritis kicking he needs a much less active lifestyle than I can give. He has to stay at home whilst i take the other ones hunting and running and fishing, it's just not fair on the old boy as he wants to join He isn't on meds for his arthritis yet, when he spends time relaxing at home, with his bones and pals he doesn't limp and is generally happy. It's just when he runs too much. He was neglected the first 5 years of his life. Poor Thor was left outside on his own for years, he never learned to play, never learned to walk on stairs, was pretty much forgotten and practically starved When his owner died the parents came forward to take Thor, but they hated how misbehaved, hyper, and overly hungry he was. He went from being neglected and starved to overfed, overweight and beaten. They sent him down to a dog trainer the BOP, they live Auckland, and pretty much told her they 't want him back unless she cured everything. I opted to take him for rehabilitation and eventual adoption but now I've realised he can't run around with us, can't play too much with all the puppies I get, or he gets sore and limpy. Sometimes he's alright on his own, but other times he's bored, anxious, and scared when left too I hate leaving him on his own but I can't hold other three dogs back as they are very, VERY active dogs. We run 10ks a day as well as hike and swim and fish. I'm no hurry to rehome him, I be even more picky about his rehoming than rescues since I know exactly what he needs, but I'm just putting feelers out there for that perfect home. I know they're out there! he won't be good with small kids. He's too clumsy and does some pretty rough bites. He doesn't care about cats and is great with all sizes of dogs. He's moderately house trained but if he has to go he go wherever, frequent toilet breaks necessary. He doesn't like stairs, or jumping into out of cars, he never did it throughout most of his life and now with the arthritis starting up it hurts, i him and out. He's 5 years now, nearly So if you are interested a slower Labrador rather than a rambunctious youngster, one that needs and deserves a lot of TLC, please call me. 4 year old has a new home Her story was:- is about 4 years old, is very obedient and loves cuddles. She is excellent the house. She just wants a home where she can be loved and adored. is based Fielding. does have aversion to small dogs and cats this needs to be taken into account. She also needs half a pill a day to sort out her incontinence but is well managed with half a pill. If you are interested the lovely lady, please give me a call 18month old Booboo has a new home His story was:- Meet darling Booboo. He is a gorgeous boy, full of beans, very energetic but loves cuddles and happily sit at your feet with a goofy look on his face while you scratch his ears and rub his belly. Booboo is a year and a half, desexed, vaccinated, registered and microchipped. He is house trained and crate trained. He needs some training but is a quick learner and tries to be good but sometimes it just gets the better of him. He's good with other dogs and cats. Probably wouldn't be good for a family with kids as he would bowl them over, probably time and time again. He needs owner that can spend some time with him, train him to be a good doggy but not take his personality away. If you are interested Booboo, please contact me has a new home I have had this gorgeous girl become available. Her parents have split up and her mum is unable to find a rental that that allow her. Her owner says:- loves water, balls, fetch, looooves people and other dogs, much, she has heaps of energy, being almost 1, she definitely needs exercise, but is fun loving. She is great with kids, bought up around 5 and 2 year old. She has been to puppy preschool, and is very food driven therefore easy to train. I have taught her a bunch of things already, she is also very good with hand signals as much as words. She can get easily distracted though when training, if there are other dogs, it is very hard for her to focus as she wants to play play play. She's okay with cats, the sense that if they are scared and run she want to but if they stand their