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Week beginner training with outdoor seating trunk island it enemy to your vet. Here's why I'm lumping together a conversation around allergies and head tremors: I theorize that, at least, the two are related. I believe that his weak immune system contributes to both, and that when his allergies flare up, his tremors flare up, as well. This is simply a correlation, of course, but example of this is right now. His eyes are pouring goop, and I can his ears starting to get itchy… and he's had two tremors the last week after being tremor-free for all of 2018. This post isn't specifically about his head shaking, but if you want to learn more about head tremors, check out these two resources: What this post is specifically about is how we manage 's health through his diet and routine. It relates to the tremors and it relates to his allergies because, for full transparency, if he didn't have those conditions, we'd probably have a much simpler, much cheaper routine. here we go: Diet We are generally strong proponents of healthy eating around here, and that includes the animals. For a time, we cooked for IF you find your dog is experiencing food sensitivities or allergies, I strongly recommend talking to your vet about elimination diet. It's a massive pain the ass. Truly, a nearly-impossible feat to accomplish but it was worth it for us. We figured out of the things that were causing him big problems and were able to cut them out completely. No more bloody stools! Yay! If you're interested home cooking, here are a couple resources: That said, we're not home cooking for him currently. At some point during our home-cooking adventures, The Honest Kitchen launched a line of limited-ingredient foods. One of the formulas was nearly identical to what we were home cooking, and we gave it a whirl. Thankfully, it worked out, and he's been happily eating The Honest Kitchen Brave ever since. It saved us a TON of time, though it's more expensive than cooking, but the time, oh lordy, the time it took to cook… That said, IF he ever needs to switch for any reason, I'm grateful we now know what to do! Supplements We've tried a zillion supplements, and the key is finding ones that 't have flavoring from his allergens here's what he's on now, how often, and favorite resource for each: It looks like a lot, but it goes pretty fast, and we actually share the probiotic and the coconut oil with the kitties, too. Exercise and Training gets a ton of exercise. He runs with He runs with me on occasion nice weather if it's not too hot but it's slightly cloudy as not to be too and I 't have anything better to do. We hike weekly. I want him and strong, we make sure he gets a ton of physical exercise. But. Since this is we're talking about, training is important, too, since he flips out when we're out and about if he sees a scary person or dog. we do tons and tons and tons of training with him, which sort of is counter to the healthy diet and exercise because it takes a lot of treats. If it's stuff around the house or yard, or when we're out and know we won't anyone we use a dehydrated fish treat. If it's any other scenario–like, there might be people or dogs around–we use squeeze cheese. Yep. It's easy to easy to dispense, and extremely high-value for him. It's also disgusting, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Vaccines and Meds Recently, someone commented that I'd turned dog into a druggie who was going to die of cancer. Why? Because I give him Apoquel AND I vaccinate him. I want to be super-duper--clear here: YOU have to decide what's right for YOUR dog. You should make those decisions consultation with expert and by conducting your own thorough research That said, yes, takes Apoquel daily. His skin used to crack and bleed, now it doesn't. I get that there are side effects, but as with any medication the world for pets or people, it comes down to weighing potential side effects against potential benefits. the case of and Apoquel, the benefits tipped the scale. He's also on a flea and tick medication about 10 months out of the year. We hike a lot. We live a tick-dense area with high incidences of tick-borne illnesses. I'm not willing to let his compromised immune system try to do battle with something as serious as say, lyme disease, we prevent the risk. Same with vaccines: I vaccinate I believe strongly vaccines for people and pets. I think that fear and