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No problem. Catholics have become used to seeing soft, effeminate acting priests. And bishops. And popes. most of today's priests wear pants but have no need for zippers. Hoff Okay, you still 't get it? With taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, act that would certainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and favor of more at: KathJuliane CNAS, the Democrat Version of Conquest Imperialism by Thierry Meyssan While Washington has no foreign policy, but several contradictory and simultaneous policies, liberal hawks have formed around General Petraeus and the Center for a New American Security. Thierry Meyssan spotlights this think tank which now plays the role formerly devolved to the Project for a New American Century the Bush promoting expansionist imperialism and world domination. The Syrian crisis, which had already been solved by the first conference 2012, continues despite all the agreements negotiated with the United States. Clearly, the Obama administration does not obey its leader, but is divided between two political lines: one favourable to the imperialist division of the world with and possibly Russia and, on the other hand, the expansionist imperialists To everyone's surprise, the ouster of the CIA Director and the Secretary of State during the re-election of Barack Obama has not ended the division of the administration, but has exacerbated it. Once again, the expansionist imperialists have revived the war against the People's Republic of Korea, under the pretext of a cyber attack against Pictures attributed to Pyongyang against all logic. President Obama ultimately agreed with their discourse and signed a sanctions decree. It seems that supporters of imperial expansion have first regrouped to create the Center for a New American Security, which played the Democratic Party a role equivalent to that of the Project for a New American Century within the Republican Party. As such, they played important role during the first term of Barack Obama and, for some, have integrated the deep state from whence they continue to pull the strings. Liberal hawks The Center for a New American Security was established 2007 by Campbell and A. Flournoy. These two intellectuals had previously worked together at the Center for Strategic and Studies CSIS). Two months after the attacks of 11 2001, they had edited: To Prevail: American Strategy for the Campaign Against Terrorism. The book explained the decision of President Bush to attack not only terrorist groups but also states that support them, and even failed states who failed to fight them on their soil. Inspired by the CSIS work of the Task Force on Terrorism, he advocated a considerable development of the intelligence agencies to monitor the world. short, Campbell and Flournoy agreed with the official narrative of the attacks and justify the war on terror that would cast a pall over the world for over a decade. 2003, Campbell and Flournoy, along with thirteen other democratic intellectuals, signed a document entitled Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy This manifesto supported the post- 11 war while criticizing the diplomatic weakness of President Bush. view of the choice of the Democratic candidate 2004, the signatories intend to promote the US imperial project while criticizing the way he exercised leadership, including the doubts he had sown among allies. The signatories were then labeled liberal hawks. At its inception the CNAS said it wanted to renew US strategic thinking after the Baker-Hamilton Commission and the resignation of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. The launch was attended by dignitaries, including Albright, and Hagel. At the time, Washington was looking for escape from the quagmire Iraq. Campbell and Flournoy intended to advocate a military solution that allows the US military to continue to occupy Iraq without exhausting forces there. To continue its global expansion, US imperialism had to first develop a strategy against terrorism that would enable it to return its troops to Iraq at a reduced format. Logically, Campbell and Flournoy therefore work with General Petraeus who had been appointed commander of the military coalition Iraq because he was the author of the counter-insurgency for the US Army. They