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Mar cedar river or completely pup from people on range to note that 8 months is a guide; this collar is designed to prevent fleas for 8 months at a time. Some people do like to replace it every 6 months or just to be sure that your dog is getting the maximum possible protection all throughout the year. This Seresto dog collar works by slowly releasing a controlled dosage of the ingredients over this period of time. This tick and flea collar has one of the least reported side effects amongst all the ones I've looked very closely at this guide. Certainly compared with some of the other products here, as you'll their individual reviews, issues relating to adverse effects are quite rare with the collar. Rather than negative reactions, which is a concerning problem that some other products do have a higher reported rate of, the main negative sentiment is that people didn't the results they expected. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and might not have anything to do with the collar itself. A heavy flea infestation takes time to control, and requires environmental treatment, as well as directly on the dog. If flea eggs are still present the environment, the cycle won't be broken. Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons people might think that the Seresto collar isn't working; to fix this issue, use a household flea treatment product and or wash and replace all dog bedding to ensure that ALL stages of the fleas the environment are removed. When it comes to ticks, it goes without saying that a visible tick should be manually removed by you or your vet, rather than waiting for the collar's effects to take hold while the tick gorges on your dog. This is a good option for people who simply 't want to worry about forgetting to apply monthly flea and tick treatments, or just want the simplicity of having it built into a functional collar on their dog. There is no odor at all and the collar is available two sizes for small and large dogs Dogs can start wearing a Seresto flea collar from the age of 7 weeks onwards. It's very simple to attach and is designed to be comfortable when worn, just like any other dog collar. The length of the Seresto can be cut to size once you've got it comfortably on your dog simply cut off any excess at the end of the collar. This makes it adaptable to any dog size, and means you 't have to worry about measuring up your dog's neck. If your dog is still growing, leave some length on the collar you can adjust it when needed. The Arava Flea and Tick Control Collar makes it very clear on the packaging that this is a collar that is free of chemical pesticides. The active formula this collar is made of 15 all natural ingredients and fact, they are also listed on the front of the box: That's quite a list of herbs, spices, plant extracts and other natural botanicals. While they might not sound like the type of substances that would kill and off fleas and ticks, the key is that they are used high concentration the form of essential oils which are known to be avoided and disliked by insects. How does this work to kill fleas? The strong essential oil concentration literally chokes the fleas by blocking their airways. Not only fleas though, any insect that makes its way near your dog be repelled by the collar, meaning that other insect irritations can be dealt with at the same time. while the concentration of these natural essential oils are certainly strong enough to kill insects, they are absolutely safe for your dog other pets, and your kids to be contact with. The Arava collar fits to any sized dog simply cut off any excess collar once its on your dog and you're set to go. Unlike some other collars, the Arava comes a one size fits all design. The collar is 25 inches 63cm long. Once you've fitted the collar comfortably to your dog, simply cut any excess off the end. This simple design allows the Arava to be worn comfortably on any sized dog, from small puppies up to adults of the larger breeds. The way the collar works is simple: it's been soaked a solution of the above essential oils which is designed to provide flea and insect protection for about 5 months. This is a little bit shorter than some other collars, but that can be the trade-off with natural solutions versus the more harsh chemicals that are designed to last longer. And yes, this collar doesn't lose any of its effectiveness if it gets wet, you 't have to worry about taking it off if your dog loves to play water. Pros Cons This completely natural collar not only does away with insecticides and other chemicals, it does not use any substances at all. Unlike most dog flea control products, a baltic collar can be used on cats too. That's because traditional flea formulas often contain the chemical permethrin which is highly toxic to cats. Because Baltic collars