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By owns 2 with convince onitsuka a positive impact beach of learning. blue collar people consider learning ‘nerdy'. They have the macho attitude that they have everything life already figured out. And whatever they 't know they 't care to know. White collar persons things like college and learning as a rigorous process to not only learn more but more importantly, THINK MORE INTELLIGENTLY. cognitive psychology, this is called TRANSFERABILTY. That means this new found intelligence ‘transfer' it's benefits to just about every other aspect of your day-to-day life. –When you shop, you're a smarter consumer, when you eat, you diet intelligently. When you consider a job, or need to articulate idea to others, or when you examine ANY situation, you do with more incite, etc.., etc.., -you simply LIVE A SMARTER LIFE. You can not measure or put a salary on this benefit. But it is always overlooked when considering the differences between white and blue collar although it's ironically the most important distinction. TRUE white collar persons realize that being white collar is a Culture -a way of life. College education, tailored clothing, refined music, fine foods spirits, world travel; are all merely SYMPTOMS of what it means to be white collar. True White collar people almost subconsciously know to seek these things because they know that each experience adds that much more breadth and depth to them as a cultured person. They life and how profound it is, and want to experience it from the vivid perspective that only a developed mind can give. THESE ARE THE REASONS WHITE COLLAR IS INDEFINITELY SUPERIOR TO BLUE COLLAR. IT'S MUCH MORE THAN A HIGHER SALARY I just got out of the oil patch making 80k a year to start a career the gas industry, find a 19 year old or any age just getting out of college making that kind of money and let me know. There are low paying blue collar jobs, and there are high paying blue collar jobs. The same applies to white collar as well. Income is based on your potential. You are limited to what you can achieve. Time has pass since I check this website, and I the same ill logic is still plauging the debate. I think one of the blogger stated the concept of the argument. He stated the mind is does not have a shelf life. I not say anymore on this because I promise myself this year to not argue with people that do not understand the debate. Once again as a former U.S. Solider a former fork lift driver, and baggage handler ,and as a college graduate with a B.A. Philosophy is still the undisputed champ.. I wasn't able to finish college because family couldn't afford to pay for all 4 years of it and I was later forced to take a job working on assembly line to pay the bills. Glad to know this makes me inherently inferior person despite the fact that I'm more intelligent than the engineers that company employs. Let me begin post by saying, at first, I could not at all understand this animousity towards one another. This individual everyone seems to more or less direct their attention to does seem to have some form of deep rooted angst towards blue collar individuals, and even seem to have some form of superiority complex. At first. I myself did not agree with his overgeneralization of working class individuals, but once he mentioned that he was speaking a more broadened scope, and not speaking of any acceptions to the rule, I had to accept that some of what he is saying is true. I had intened to use myself as example, but I believe that I would fall into the exception to the rule category. I graduated from college with a 3 GPA, personal interests include a wide range of music, astronomy, physics, philosophy, and technology. I play the piano, the trumbone, and the guitar. I have traveled abroad and have interests japanese, native american, indian, and indian cultures. I also have interests nature, history, and geograghy. I am avid reader and am constantly seeking to expand knowledge. I also have a better than average understanding of physical fitness and nutrition and regularly excercise to keep myself good health. All of this, and I myself am only a blue collar worker. I am a diesel engineer and enjoy every day of physical occupation, not because I have to, but by choice. Also, there are these wonderfull inventions called tools that, when used