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Them as kennels willing to help force behind flower liked or Pentecost we should take seriously and that they also have their that way. I 't want to speak only about the crucifixion, because this was such a cruel and terrible event, is for me just a sign of how far people go and what they are capable to do their blindness and the insinuating evil delusion which they do not stop front of a human body. We indeed very clear and precise these days and age, which we also weren't spared here Europe from terror, violence and hatred. And on places of the worlds well. Christ and Groening were persecuted and prohibited because they were telling the truth and the truth stood until the end and did not allow themselves be swayed, and because they showed up the people of past and present time that there is more than matter, more as suffering and drudgery, more than pain and despair, that there is rescue for us, there is a heavenly kingdom, which we can all go back and be, sooner or later. And that there is a big loving Spirit or Father Mother who loves us all and can lead us, if we allow it. Step by step and time by time more and more human beings wake up and recognize the truth of life and dear friends, the more likely it be end to all terror and violence that we still need to at time. Therefore, we must work to ensure dear friends, that people wake up to realize what it really is, why we are here on earth. We have said good to get up the and bring ourselves into order, that we are able to apply the force which is needed at first to master our own lives and then to be able to help other people who are need and who no longer know which way to turn. For people, who never had heard about such possibility, it sound strange or weird. But the Catholic Church has the imagination firmly positioned their magisterium, that the soul of human is immortal. Besides that, they know the term of lost souls. These are creatures, which with their astral-bodies- humans have got throughout esoteric knowledge, that there are twelve of them- are bound on to certain places. Sensible or sensitive persons, are general able, to sense invisible appearances. Between them are also priests, nuns, nurses and on, who often reported such occurrences. Look, for instance into the very interesting booklet from Mr. Wilhelm Roesermüller:'t forget about the poor souls, Lost souls are creatures, which have done bad or evil things, and follow are bound on with their soul to the place of their crime, or can only move a certain region. These creatures very often get into touch spiritual circles and beg for help or release. But we explicit underline, that the following is not made a spiritual circle. If I would have followed another path, I could have helped myself, but I have consciously taken the sicknesses on me, very consciously taken, with the help from it, from which I was always talking about. When this it stretches out the hand and says, give me your sickness, and the servant knows, what it means, then everything streams towards him. He absorbs it and the cells of the body, the visibly ones, be saturated with the plenty of theses sicknesses. I bearded cross, invisible cross, for other people, which left it's physically marks. Although time was up. I was called back to serve greater tasks. The physicians were wondering about, what happened spite of the organic changes. They were astonished, I still could walk, still eat; the communication was easy for me, and that seeming miracles occurs until almost the of time. That wouldn't have been thinkable, if it would have been the illness, which the mainstream knows as cancer. But it was another cancer; it rises through carrying the sicknesses of others. All those, who never thought about it, why I couldn't help myself, they think it over. body cells had carried the sicknesses, and they were growing. All the sicknesses were changed and particularly dispersed into the called Nothing, the no more existing. And because I was always allowed to take away diseases with the help of it, which was radiating through body, which serving tool I was. I was constantly filled up not only at neck, but mainly, where the liver, gall, stomach and the intestinal region is. One has to be able to digest the diseases;