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Taking collar and drop soon names for one fax own behavior. Get your Pit to a positive puppy class by 10 weeks of age to learn those cues! This means he'll also still be well within the optimal socialization period giving you the best possible opportunity for him to like people and other dogs. If you have fears about vaccinations, please read the AVSAB statement about this. 't let your Pit pup bully other puppies. If he cannot resist, have him play with safe non-bullying, but confident, adult dogs instead of pups his own age. An adult dog can quickly teach him that his rowdy behavior is unacceptable, but he only get bolder if he rolls and pins other puppies. If you are unsure he is bullying, do a consent test. Gently remove him from his playmate. Allow the playmate to vote with his feet. If the playmate doesn't cheerfully return to your puppy, it's time to redirect him to another playmate. Be aware that Pits normally have a physical play style that not all other breeds of dogs appreciate. IMPORTANT: Do not assume that it's all how you raise them. You may not like it, but genetics play a role dog development, too, and a certain number of dogs be naturally dog aggressive, no matter what you do. Even if you have a dog with dog aggressive tendencies, youtrain your dog to pay attention to you and be much less likely to ever use aggression. If you are ever doubt as to your dog's capacity for aggression, err on the side of caution the truth is that you may not have a dog park dog. Realize that your dog's behavior has impact on all Pits and Pit owners. Any incident your dog has with another dog or person likely be blamed on your dog, bend over backward to have a well mannered dog. We all want to prevent BSL One of Jean's former students, Drayton Michaels, who posted that interview, runs a very successful training business which only positive methods are used to train these dogs have a look around his site, too: http: Engage your Pit meaningful work. Possibilities: Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Weight Pull, Therapy Dog, etc. This breed could really use much more exposure public to avoid becoming targets of breed specific legislation or unfair insurance practices. for the surprise everything you have just read applies to ALL puppies! The recipe for success, good manners, and reduction aggression lies early socialization, good management and prevention, and non-coercive training. I read this article and am going to try everything you mentioned but I despairitly need help. I have a 2 year old pitbull boxer mix. He is very laid back and has been since we rescued him over a year ago. This past weekend i rescued a puppy who mother supposedly died fighting and she was going to be a bait dog because they wouldn't be able to fight or breed her as she was the runt of the litter. I and exhausted from lack of sleep but I really want to do right by this puppy. first responsibility is to boy. I need help. Do you know of anyone the Leesburg, Va area? Reply I've had several dogs before, but never had a pit bull before. This is a very good article for me. I'm glad I checked out the videos you have posted on here to they have helped out a lot. Keep writing please. Do you have a section on how to teach your puppy not to tear things up that he isn't supposed to have? If could you send the link to me? Thank you. Reply With puppies, I use management and prevention to advantage. Ian Dunbar's book After You Get Your Puppy has suggestions on setting up a pup's environment and using crate training and chew toy training. Also, I get pups to a good positive puppy class no later than age 12 weeks, if possible, and I make sure to teach object exchange and a solid leave it cue. Kikopup channel on YouTube has some video tutorials. Reply I am desperate need of help. I have a 7 week old pit bull puppy. Someone gave it to me because I just recently lost elderly dog. This is the most aggressive