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YOU knees anchor position where for parasites 9 tricks taught to adopt Finn. He was a much different dog he was also very loving but incredibly mischievous. When the two of them were put together, trouble ensued.We lost control of our house and it took a few months before we finally realized that there was a problem. Pillows, dog beds, clothes, shoes, you name it they figured out how to either destroy it inside or get it out through their doggie door, and destroy it out there.I got touch with Canine Dimensions and within hours of our visit we were already on the road to being control again. They not only helped me regain control of the house, but helped me walk the 2 of them together by myself Two big dogs that used to pull on the leash are now a pleasure to walk.Looking back, we were at a point where we felt we had made a terrible mistake bringing Finn home. But now, we can't imagine why anyone would ever give up on such a great dog. I want to Thank You tremendously for the training you did with Jingles. He is fantastic and your methods and rapport with him was excellent. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs dog training!!!We have been working with him everyday but I cannot really call it work as he makes it quite enjoyable. The walking is such a have him heel and be focused on me is much easier and calming for and myself.I'll keep touch and for sure, and when we add any dogs to the mix you be the one I call. Just a short note to say thank you and to let you know is doing great. Since the day you left here on Dec. 7 he has not had a #1 accident the house! I would not have believed it could be that easy to correct his behavior based on the bad habits we had adopted! He caught on to the new regime like a champ and the whole family got on board with the training….I have clean floors again and odor free house thank you! Attached are a few pics of Note the one outside even 2 feet of snow!! I just wanted to update you on our sweet dog, Tito, formerly known as Hellboy. As you know, his main problem was excessive barking. A while after you left, he went crazy barking at a squirrel outside the front window. I tried the enough exercise that you showed us the second time did the trick. He has been a model dog since! He initially bark at something but stops right away when I tell him enough. I can't believe we suffered with this crazed dog. Thanks for all your good advice! Hi I just wanted to take a moment to write a note of thanks to you. Our dog Lexington was wild the streets of Miami when he was taken to a Rescue Ranch just before we adopted him. He was hyper and overbearing at 100 plus pounds that he was hard to control. He would overpower wife whenever I was not around. It seemed that sadly we would have to give him up. As a last ditch attempt desperation we called you. For sure you are amazing. just a few lessons he has learned to obey wife and is under control. We are a happy family now and I thank you for that. Taking him to group training sessions was useless. It was you and your method that did the trick. We are eternally grateful. We got Sawyer at 12 weeks of age. His previous owner was unable to handle his hyperactive behavior and had resorted to hitting him. As a result, he was sensitive about having hands put near his face and would nip and bite at anyone who tried to pet him. Also he would nip and bite at anyone who got on his level including three year old nephew. After Sawyer nipped at nephews shirt and refused to listen when he was around other people and other dogs we