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23 deregistered dec dog training lessons at heel and 3109829977 Soho I reached out to because I was suffering a terrible dog walking situation. I came across her name because she had sponsored a Women Restructuring event and it turned out that we had a mutual friend. From the very first email conversation, I realized that TBM was not ordinary dog walking company. Perfect! dog is no ordinary dog: she has bad joints, doesn't walk well, and needs special attention. None of this fazed or and they assured me that would be joining pack walks and walking better no time. As a single pet parent, I can't tell you what a dream it is to have life made much easier by and the team. also loves to go to camp with I travel for business and never have to worry that isn't getting all the and attention she needs. and I every member of the TBM team. if they could just work on that diva attitude of hers!. Parent of Senior Executive, Sitrick and Company --with TBM since 2013, Circle I have been a dog owner New City for well over 10 years. fact, I have owned three Rottweilers during that time and have always made it a point to be very alert while walking them. As a result, I have observed hundreds of dog walkers on the street and the various dog parks around the city. From experience, I wouldn't trust the overwhelming majority of them. I consider myself very lucky to have met while I was at the dog park with Rottie, Sky. After talking with her, and observing her with one of her dogs, I decided to have her walk Sky a few times just to how it would go. story short, I have been extremely happy client and would absolutely recommend, without hesitation, The Barking Meter.. Dowdell, Parent of Sky. Owner, Dowdell Fitness Systems --with TBM since November 2007, When I decided to get a puppy the Fall of '09, TBM was first call as I had never had a dog before. I had met as she had many clients building and I saw them daily the elevator. Before I picked up she gave me advice as to what I needed and how to train a puppy, as well as coming to apartment the day after I brought him home to help us all get acquainted. and the TBM staff brought into the pack walks. Everyday he looks forward to his trips out with his dog friends. and her team treat as if he were their own. Besides daily walks, they take him to the groomer and the vet and board him when I have to be out of town. TBM is truly a full service dog care provider and they do it with care and compassion.. Halpern, Parent of Theodore. Owner, Madstone Design Studio --with TBM since October 2009, West Village TeamTBM has been taking care of our eccentric dog, since the of '08. has been consistently amazing at adjusting to our ever-changing schedules and the level of care and consideration she gives to both the two-legged and four-legged mammals her charge. Since then we have added a second English Setter to our home, who joins on her TBM adventures. Our dogs are always delighted to TBM and come home and sleep soundly after their adventures! Not easy task. I couldn't more highly recommend and her team to anyone looking for excellent care for their canine pal. She is simply the best!. Brown, Parent of and Actress --with TBM since 2008, After husband and I decided to get a black lab puppy, Thatcher, we knew that we were going to need some help ensuring that she had enough activity and training. Several of our friends had been using The Barking Meter and felt strongly about how wonderful the TBM team is that we never considered trying anywhere else. I immediately spoke with and she patiently answered all nervous questions on the first day and every day since. We have felt like a member of the TBM family since day one and couldn't imagine feeling as comfortable trusting our fur baby with anyone else. Not only do we know that Thatcher get the exercise, attention and continued training she needs, but that she is excited to her walkers as well as her boarders. When we leave town a member of the team stays with her at our apartment that she's comfortable and even feels like it's a treat to spend more time with other dogs! Thatcher is such a well trained and happy puppy, and we couldn't have done it without and The Barking Meter. Sailors, Parent of Thatcher. Software Engineer --with TBM since 2014, TBM has truly become like family to me and From day one, since we arrived to Manhattan from California, TBM has been instrumental helping adjust to the energy of the city. It was a pretty tough transition leaving puppy friends and much grass behind, but after such great care and training, 's behavior and comfort level has changed dramatically. And with having such a busy work life and travel schedule, I never have to worry about and the care she's receiving. We can truly call NYC home with the help of TBM. Parent of Managing Director, ustwo --with TBM since 2016, Financial District 2006, Kleindienst moved to New City after her post-university job on Capitol Hill. thereafter, she met fashion designer