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NSW apr 2 promptly throw up certified applied animal professional found online. Hoping he could answer some of questions. He was understanding. He got me the same day. I was amazed. When Thom was communicating with Smokey it was like a straight connection with her. I went from feeling hopelessly sad and scared to extremely happy and faithful. Thom was accurate his communication with Smokey. Smokey had told him she was on a very important mission and would return home after her mission was complete. He confirmed that Smokey was OK, but had to complete this very important mission before she could come home. He also confirmed Smokey was pretty far away, but she did know how to get home. Thom let Smokey know I missed her and that I was worried about her. Smokey told Thom to let me know not to worry because she would be coming home A few days later she returned home extremely happy and hungry. I could tell she was tired and must have had a wild adventure. I would recommend Thom to all friends and family. Smokey was on her mission for 13 days. She had foxtails everywhere I know she was far the large open flat lands. I'm grateful for Thom without him I 't know what I would have done. Smokey and I are happy to be reunited again. Thank You Much Thom for everything you have done for us. You are more than amazing. Thom reunited our family with his incredible abilities, and the compassion and support he offered us was invaluable during impossibly difficult time. I would recommend Thom to anyone with a missing pet, if your 4 legged family member is missing please contact Thom right away. When our indoor only cat Fradello accidentally slipped out of our home husband and I were devastated. 9 days later after countless hours searching it seemed that he had literally disappeared into thin air. When desperation I contacted Thom, husband and I were heartbroken, confused and very scared. Within minutes of speaking with Thom, I felt calm, centered and hopeful Through Thom I was able to communicate with Fradello and it was incredible experience. Thom also described exactly a location on a neighbor's property where we would Fradello, which we did several times over the next days. Through Thom Fradello communicated that he wanted to come home, but he was very concerned because he had made a friend, a little feral cat, who had never been around people, this little cat did not want to be around people or indoors, but needed food and shelter and Fradello needed to know that she would be taken care of. Thom was able to communicate to Fradello that we would care for his friend, ensure she had food and water and construct a warm safe place for her on our property. Thom then assured us that Fradello would come home on his own, Thom described exactly how he would simply walk into our house, he instructed us to stand at our door, crossing guard style to allow Fradello to pass through 2 days after letting Fradello know we would care for his friend that is exactly what happened, he was missing a total of 25 days. Thom reunited our family with his incredible abilities, and the compassion and support he offered us was invaluable during impossibly difficult time. Mario and I are eternally grateful. Reviews For: Lost Pet.. This was first experience with a lost pet. I'm not good at playing the waiting game and I didn't want to just spin wheels putting up posters that no one would read and searching streets randomly. I was worried and needed answers fast. Speaking with Thom calmed fears and gave me new insights into cat, But, most of all, it gave me real Instead of sitting around worrying frantically, I used the exercises Thom taught me. But, best of all, cat came back exactly how and when Thom said he would! I'm glad I had this kind of support when I needed it most. Reviews For: Lost Pet Pet Behavior Problem Solved.. cat ran off one day and after searching, posting fliers both locally