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Fly past them canal, break tact up again thank learn few fights break out, which seemed unusual at the time. After that BOC show, the Coliseum staff was very strict on searching people. I remember thinking I had never seen a rock guitar player as good as was that night. I seem to recall him being dressed all white, with a white They didn't have the lasers yet, but the mirror ball was a total trip during Astronomy. It seemed like we were flying through space. It was incredible. The boys all got up and played guitars at one point, was it Born to be Wild? I was a big fan of 60's rock at the time, and was not really into of the hard rock bands of the day, as they seemed too commercial and trite, but BOC stood head above those type of bands, and I have been big fan ever since. I found a listing for this gig the 15 Mar 1975 edition of the The Capital Journal Armory to rock tonight The Armory Auditorium resound tonight to the heavy metal sound of three rising rock groups Blue Oyster Cult, REO Speedwagon and The walls start vibrating about 8 p.m. Tickets be available at the door, and at Meier during business hours. Jive gig on shakey stage at fairgrounds. Honest to God, the place has a dirt floor... Idaho is very rural... Deke opened this show... Cippolina than Snider and Bundy put together. It was Richrath's custom to mingle with the crowd and did during the BOC set. I was lucky enough to shake his hand and it did not take to that his focus on females had been disrupted by 's Guitar. He seemed mesmorized by 's mastery of the fretboard. I lost track of Richrath, but that did not matter to me. BOC's use of Lighting and Fog was unlike anything I had ever seen. Bloom commanded the stage like a Warlord. All five band members on guitar for ME-262 had driven the crowd to places they had never been sonically. It blew me away that the drummer could play a guitar, and they were all playing side-by-side, with great precision, at such Ear-Splitting Level. At the encore, they played Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild. This performance by BOC became the standard by which I judged all further concerts I attended lifetime, and thus began lifelong -affair with Blue Oyster Cult. I saw this show at the Terrace Ballroom. REO Speedwagon was with them pre Cronin. A red headed dude he on the studio version of Back on the Road Again. I thought they were edgier and better than than the line up that went on to put out the mega hits. I'm pretty sure that BOC headlined. They rocked! it seems that everyone on stage had a guitar for 7 Screaming Diz-Busters. I especially remember 's and Last Days of It was a small and intimate venue, probably 800 people. The funniest thing I remember is that there were folding chairs lined up on the floor. The minute the lights turned out everyone grabbed their chairs and tried to get as close the the stage as possible. Making this huge mass of seats, it was impossible to leave the floor for the duration of the show. It was before heavy security, you could stand up and on against front of the stage. Played gig at Shrine with Xenons. Led Zep showed up. Stayed Over. The Xenons were these very large xenon Lantern Projectors that took 31x4 slide transparencies we used them to project BOC logos, and copies of the Album Covers and pics of the band on the walls on the Shrine... the images were about 50x 50 and could be seen for They were the property of Sloatman who was the that whipped most of Skynyrds ass Louisville the year before when he was out with BOC working for Tychobrae Sound... was Zappa's brother law, but the night before after eating that amazing dinner, Downey and I accompanied as he went by Franks house studio to pick up the Xenons and test out the slides that we had picked up at the airport... I was very briefly introduced to who was working his studio on the lower level of