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British attacks anxiety the home protected the hebrews all PTSD canine is all the more surprising when you learn that she didn't even own her first dog until she was 40. Her epiphany came when she took her father's mongrel for a walk and balked at the entrance when she saw a woman with six dogs off the lead. I thought, ‘Oh goodness, I'm going to have a problem there's going to be a fight,' recalls. I had started to turn back when she called to me, ‘Don't be afraid', and then she said ‘Down!'. All six dogs immediately dropped down and didn't move as I walked by. I honestly thought she must be from a circus, to have six dogs under such control. I stopped and spoke to her, saying I had never seen anything like that life. What I didn't know then was that she was Ida a very famous dog trainer, and she invited me to come to one of her dog training classes. I watched, amazed, as I saw how she trained dogs like horses dressage. I was hooked. 's first dog was a tri-collie puppy called Jessie, from a litter called Kingsfolds bred by famous breeder Joan and within two years she was obedience champion at Crufts. Today, is the proud owner not just of but also of a Shepherd called Pixvonbrook Roxie, and three Collies-bred Border collies called Collies Jabisca, Collies Jerusha and Collies Jillie. Of course, these are their proper Kennel Club names, a means of identifying their parentage and breeding. My Collies are bred for their memory bank, explains They retain the things you teach them. But, for dogs are not simply about the thrill of winning at Crufts. They are soulmates, she says, gazing adoringly at her five. You learn to understand what they are saying to you, through their eyes, by their body language, by their tails. I think dogs are the most amazing creatures that you can domesticate, and it doesn't matter what age you are. They can help people with mental illness or problems and can be not only wonderful companions for disabled people and older people but also a reason to socialise. And they're lovely to cuddle up next to the evenings. By: Golden Retrievers. Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. Competes. I was amazed just how well it worked. I ran both dogs on two trails I made from one bottle at different times and they both tracked it like it was a lighted runway. The one trail was thru an area I new got a lot of deer traffic, At first they were thrown off by all the deer scent but on their own got back on the blood trail and found the bumper I put at the end. It's good enough that I ordered more bottles to continue their training. 5 stars from me. Do you have a busy schedule that makes it tough to get all the that you know your dog or puppy needs? you be out of town and worry that your dog's will slip while you're gone? Do you have a dog who needs a lot of exercise and These are just a few of the reasons why Colorado Dog Works is now offering allow one of our professional trainers to help your dog or pup learn basic through advanced skills the environment where they live and exercise. Our trainers discuss with you what your goals and challenges are with your dog and work step by step to achieve those goals. are offered packages to save you money as well as ensuring the consistency needed for your dog to learn. Aggressive or reactive dogs are not eligible for at this time. Includes initial one hour session where we work with you as well as your dog, followed by four 45 minute sessions with just us and your dog, and the final session being a one hour session with you and your dog to teach you how to use your dog's new Includes initial one hour session where we work with you as well as your dog, followed by nine 45