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1 18 1 one another and heavy been you easily be super-duper--clear here: YOU have to decide what's right for YOUR dog. You should make those decisions consultation with expert and by conducting your own thorough research That said, yes, takes Apoquel daily. His skin used to crack and bleed, now it doesn't. I get that there are side effects, but as with any medication the world for pets or people, it comes down to weighing potential side effects against potential benefits. the case of and Apoquel, the benefits tipped the scale. He's also on a flea and tick medication about 10 months out of the year. We hike a lot. We live a tick-dense area with high incidences of tick-borne illnesses. I'm not willing to let his compromised immune system try to do battle with something as serious as say, lyme disease, we prevent the risk. Same with vaccines: I vaccinate I believe strongly vaccines for people and pets. I think that fear and opinion have clouded the science-based discussion around vaccines but it's the best choice for our family. Plus, goes to doggy daycare and we do occasionally board him at the same daycare. It's for his protection, and for the other dogs at daycare. Other Considerations I've heard amazing things about veterinary chiropractic care recently, and I've also been interested integrative medicine–combining traditional with western medicine, including food and supplements, etc.–and found a practice nearby that we're going to try very If you guys are interested, I can share our experiences with that. conclusion… I this sparked some ideas for you and your pet. If your dog suffers from allergies or tremors, know that I'm here for you to bounce ideas! It's taken literally FIVE YEARS of trial-and-error to nail down this routine, I sure this helps someone with similar struggles. If I didn't cover it all, or if you're left with questions, please do leave them the comments below! We're also going to be on Facebook Live tonight and can answer questions live, join us there, as well! Thank you much for spending your time with me reading all this!! I appreciate you much! 04•18 What is doing where you are? Indiana has been… interesting… Monday, three inches of snow. Tuesday, 60-degree weather with severe thunderstorms and some hail thrown for good measure. Today, Wednesday, flurries. Go home, You're drunk. Poor has been stuck the house more than usual lately, part because of the weather, and part because his running buddy completed his first marathon on Saturday and hasn't felt up to taking Coop for a jog since! He has gotten out, of course, but no running for this guy. We've gone to the natural playground we discovered a handful of times, and we recently tried a trip down to this pretty little duck pond: Or, at least, I imagine it be very pretty once actually springs! The other thing I wanted to share with you guys is that and I would to invite you to our second-ever Facebook Live! We had much fun when we hosted our first-ever Facebook Live back February, and several of you way-too-kind friends asked us to do another. I had initially thought that we could do it monthly or something like that, but then March just disappeared… here we are! Click the image below to head over to the FB event We're going to chit-chat, of course, and we to answer questions live! Or, feel free to leave your question or comment the comments below here we're sure to address them. If you can't make it live, that way you'll know we get to it you can watch on the replay! When you head on over to the event, you can click going or interested, and then Facebook send you a reminder right before we start because… if you're anything like me… it's hard to remember this stuff, especially when 8 pm rolls around! I is springing where you are, and we to you Friday night! 03•18 is a good dog. is a dog. He knows all sorts of things, from the basic obedience cues like sit and stay and down to more complex cues like shutting cabinet doors and performing tricks. Based on what he knows at this point, anything I teach him is just for fun. Games. Tricks. Nothing too useful but definitely entertaining. Which means, of course, that I've become complacent his obedience work. Can I consider him done, like a cake? Finished, like there's no more training to do? As far as obedience, anyway, there's nothing much to do here. Wipe hands.