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Indio and (KWOW the trainer can looks somewhat like practical rod that divides dog trainers into one camp or the other: those that train to achieve hierarchical dominance over their dog, and those that feel. I got a final version of the SD 425 right around the beginning of hunting 2012. While I had been looking forward to this collar coming out, it really was not something that I planned to use for myself and I figured after a short few tests I would be done with it. I am still using it several months later and it is now one of favorite collars. It's truck right now and I use it almost every day. I have used it on for every duck hunt this year and I expect to keep using it around the house for some time. The 425 is the replacement for the extremely popular SD 400. This version fixes several things that the 400 was missing and brings it line with the new generation SportDOG collars. The new features of the 425 include: Multi dog modes that include Tone or Vibration on the dial, allowing you to use tone or vibration when a two or three dog set up The 425 is a great collar for obedience work, retrievers and flushers. It's going to quickly become one of our best sellers its category. While the 400 has been our best selling collar under $200 for the last 8 or 9 years, I never really found a use for it. The 425 has changed that for me. It is awesome system for folks that 't need a lot of range but want a full featured system for working close to medium range dogs. Transcript from 's Video: The SD-425 is one of the smallest of the SportDOG collars that's out there, both transmitter and collar. It's designed for a pretty wide range of dogs. It's a 500 yard system and it covers a lot of different features for a pretty small unit. The size of it is a big deal. It's very comfortable your hand. The original 400 units I didn't care for as much. They didn't fit hand as well. But the 425, they've made a slight change to it and it's just a little bit more comfortable. They've also made a change to the antenna. It's a little prettier design than what we had on the 400. The 425 features vibe tone on the dial. the first position on your dial you have a V T. depending on which mode you are you can have both vibration and tone at the same time operating off of different buttons. this setup we have tone on the side and then we have vibe on the front buttons. To get a stimulation, we then move up. We still have tone on the side, but now we are stimming on the front buttons. To move back to vibration simply turn your dial back to V T and you've got vibration again. The idea behind this is that you can have a lot more options, especially a multi-dog mode. If you set this up a two or three dog mode, you can still have vibration or tone depending on which setup you prefer. They also have a couple of setups where you can have both vibration and tone. And then you've got a wide choice of stimulation levels. Really small collar. I'm pretty comfortable with this on a dog that's about 10 pounds and up. It comes with regular and contact points. It's got the rapid charging system that SportDOG has on most of their collars. You can get a full charge from a completely drained battery about two hours. Just a really easy system to work with. 500 yards is going to cover most people. It's a great pet collar. It's a great obedience trainer. And I used one all on Labrador duck hunting situations and pheasant situations. It is just a great little trainer for that type of work. I was real pleased with it. It's a very popular collar for us and we've had a lot of success with them. Snell By: Hunts. Family pet. Let me start by saying that dog is not full time e-collar training yet. She is still a little but we do use it from time to time. I am very happy with the time I have spent with the collar. I am excited because of the tone function. I live Ohio where we get 'weather'. I like that I have 400 yards that are affected by wind direction. It feels solidly built, and the few times I have used it, it produced the results that I expected. about a month is when I am expecting to go full time. I am excited that if I keep this collar