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Or to stare karim alibhai head aug 2002 noted became because they 't start when their dog is and they probably stopped trimming if the dog initially pulled or screamed to get away. I 't. I stick it out when they are even if they throw a temper tantrum! This makes their adulthood and all the negative things I might have to do to them much easier. Be careful if you have an older or rescue dog! Being bitten isn't worth it! There are ways to go about conditioning adult dogs to liking certain kinds of touch but it is a slow and often arduous process. Only do what you are comfortable doing! You never know when your dog might panic or decide not to like something. Dogs are dogs. We can't sit them down and explain to them that the sound of gutter hitting the house a wind storm is normal and nothing to be afraid of for them. Dogs often develop fears and dislikes to things that are mostly out of our control. This is especially true for those of you who have adopted a lovely Pit Bull of unknown history and training. of these dogs come from deplorable, sad situations of abuse and no socialization. Imagine your dog feeling uncomfortable and you being able to simply reach down and touch his ear a certain way that help him to breathe deeply and relax! This is an amazing tool for your tool bag! This goes for YOU! Never train when you are angry, sad or upset! Also 't train if you have had too much coffee The best dog training happens when you remain calm and collected. One of client's favorite things about me as a dog trainer is how calm I am all the time. It doesn't matter if your dog is jumping on me, threatening to bite me, or barking face; I remain calm. Letting emotions take over only distorts situations and confuses our canine friends. Dogs feed off of our emotions! I believe this is why dogs are always calm, they are learning to take their cues from me, their owner, as how to deal with things their environment. Don't get me wrong, I get happy and excited and clap and cheer for dogs if the moment dictates, but only when it improve their behavior and training! Obedience is the cure all to all bad behavior! And, with extensive obedience comes control. It is true… basic obedience is not enough. Obedience is a lifestyle; like diet and exercise should be a lifestyle and unless you treat it as such you not gain the control that you need. This kind of control allows me to control what dog is actually looking at and therefore can stop or at least control aggression or fear. Plus, the more obedience control I have over dog, the better behaved companion is and the more places I can safely go with him her. Socializing your Pitbull with other dogs not mean taking him to the dog park and setting him free praying that there is no altercation. After all, if you wanted to socialize your dog with toddlers you wouldn't open the door to the local E. Cheese and just release your dog hoping all dogs and children would survive? Would you? The idea is kind of ridiculous! is socialization with reckless abandon toward anything. In opinion, socialization means control. If I socialize dogs with other dogs or people, that means teaching him appropriate manners when these situations. Depending on the dog depends on whether or not it is appropriate to allow the dog to play, but respect of other dogs and people and the teaching of how to act and react is first assessed and taught. Remember, not all dogs are appropriate for play, nor want to play. Both dogs that I currently have, have absolutely no to play. They can be within inches of your dog and remain calm and well behaved but they have no to romp. Not all dogs want to play, 't force it on them. If they 't, teach them that they can still have appropriate manners and obedience around other dogs and people. The number one is, of course, obedience! First, your dog needs mental stimulation. Second, your dog needs physical stimulation and exercise. Have you ever been into exercise? Have you ever run a