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Heal symptoms warrant, (what she wants find after people non there already be several dogs The result dead cat. Or the dogs would fight and maim kill each other. Or someone would throw a sick animal inside, with the healthy ones. They weren't 'd or vented well, and often they ran out of water and had no food. It might be a day before animal control came to pick up the animals. You were essentially teaching the public that pets were disposable. essence, animal control was just as guilty of promoting animal cruelty within their own drop-off centers. I felt the other issue was the general public perception of animal control. Most feel they're doing the dog a favor by letting him off the country, rather then sending him to animal control where he'll be put a cage and euthanized. And our current economy, with people losing jobs and housing, this has become a HUGE problem I understand for most cities. People are abandoning their pets their foreclosed homes, expecting the bank to come by and take the animal to the shelter. Problem is, often the bank doesn't show up for weeks, months. What is it about animal control that prevents the average person from taking their dog when things 't work out? I think a lot of it has to do with embarrassment, guilt, fear of fees and the general result of our throw away culture. But it's a very interesting discussion. I do everyone goes over to Lennox's site and checks out the story. It's exactly what we're talking about. A pit-looking dog who has a perfect clean of health and behavior, who is being destroyed by city council for his looks. I 't even know that a DNA test has been offered. I'm One of the nearby counties has a pit bull ban, and a neighboring county was also considering BSL There was a massive protest, and it got pulled. The regulations that they are working on include a lot of good stuff, like requiring animals kept outside to have shade if it gets hot and limiting how animals can be tethered outside. dog looks vaguely pit-like. All we know for sure is that she's a shar pei mix, but shar-pei pittie is our best guess. And we're currently fostering a complete and utter sweetheart of a pit bull. If you want to get me really mad and ranting for hour, talk to me about BSL! 🙂 We do have some dog parks with very nice off-leash areas. There's a separate space for small dogs, which is also really useful if you have a dog you want to keep separate from the others, but still give a to run around. We've got both a PetCo and a local, independent pet supply store where pets are allowed on leash. And Bruster's, the ice cream place, do free doggie sundaes if you bring your dog. We crated our dogs until they were about six months old absolutely reliable the house, then we put the crates away. if there's anything stressful or confusing going on around here we find the dogs under the dinner table, which is against a wall with a bench at one end is the most den-like place they can find. If they had their crates I'll bet they'd go into them instead. For the record, speaking of southern Wisconsin, we lived Milwaukee until a few years ago it wasn't bad, partly because the County Sheriff has jurisdiction over the parks he's a dog with a Rottweiler. A deputy once pulled up next to me very off-leash Weimaraner Lake Park oh oh but he just wanted to warn me about coyotes the ravines. Maybe candidates for public office should routinely be asked about their pets. I live San a city southern california. I have 6 dogs The animal control is exceptionally hostile and rude this city. I have a permit and have had to have all dogs rabies vaccinated 4 of them are Champions. I keep them indoors when I go to