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To speak ( authoritatively talk show that training situation is 30's that forever home. takes great pride the fact that he gets to make a difference the lives of dogs and people. Samantha grew up Plainfield, IL. As a child she had lots of different pets, which fueled her of animals. Her passion turned into a profession when she went to Illinois University and studied Zoology and Psychology. She loved learning about the different ways animals think and interact with their environment. Her studies led her to work with animals a multitude of environments. Samantha has worked at wildlife rehabilitation centers and even elephant sanctuary. She has trained animals and performed live educational animal shows for both adults and children. The shows included live wild animals like Great Horned Owls, Black Throat Monitor Lizards, and Red Tail Hawks. After guest could come and encounter certain animals up close! Her favorite show she conducted was the parrot show, where she trained a Blue Throat Macaw how to wrestle a toy alligator. While she is passionate about working with the animals she finds the most enjoyment teaching people how to improve life with their furry friends. She has two Pitbull mixes, Hazelnut, a Quaker parrot, Kiko, and a Mexican black king snake, Rey. She spends most of her free time outdoors with friends, family and pets. has lived with dogs his whole life, and is ecstatic that he gets to work with these amazing animal's full time. started his career retail sales and customer service, which eventually developed, into insurance sales for USAA and advertising sales for Facebook. During his past jobs he became excellent problem solver and that truly comes through his work with clients and their dogs. He always tries to make a positive impact wherever he can. has always been involved with team and action sports, specifically baseball and skateboarding. When is not training dogs, you can find him training the gym or outside hiking, snowboarding, fishing, camping or simply exploring his local terrain. Alexis grew up a small town that time forgot and it was her passion for dogs that has brought her to where she is today. She began her training career with her first Retriever which she trained to be a Therapy dog. Since then, Alexis has helped families live cohesively with their K9 companions. She earned her degree from Westminster College, Psychology with a concentration Animal Behavior. Her schooling and experience has given her the opportunity to train with animals extending from Long Evans rats playing basketball to Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions giving hugs and kisses. During her dolphin and sea lion internship the Bahamas, Alexis had the opportunity to work with animal Hollywood stars such as the dolphin used the movie Flipper, the dolphin used the movie Holiday the starring MaryKate and Ashley Olson, and also the sea lion who had the lead role as André the 1994 Hollywood film. her spare time, she enjoys volunteering the community with her two current Retrievers, and Margo. She loves to visit school districts and spend the day teaching students about dog safety and proper care and interaction with dogs. She has extensive history playing softball starting at the age of 8 which took her around the world from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cape Town, South Africa and back. spent the majority of his childhood learning and mastering martial arts. He began instructing others while still middle school, becoming assistant instructor after attaining his first black belt. He continued to the learn and teach under his Master while college, attaining his second black belt, and teaching classes of all ages. addition to martial arts, has a history working the hospitality industry. He worked his way through every position the industry, culminating as the Assistant General Manager of a beloved Irish Pub his home town. There he was charge of day to day operations, and ensuring a positive customer experience for guests. He was also heavily involved the planning and execution of large St. Patrick's Day and Fourth of July festivities