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Old specific ( services this early from the driver trails want progress. Since we did not know 's background, it was difficult to determine what she needed, but through Thom and Jonquil's work with her, we were better able to understand what she needed from us and she began to understand what we expected of her. I 't think we would still have her today if it hadn't been for our work with Thom and Jonquil. They were able to communicate what she and we needed that we could progress 's behavior and she could understand what it felt like to be part of a loving family where everyone is accepted and belongs. has stopped marking and is enjoying letting us her. She seems to have make peace with our male cat and we are working on creating a better relationship between her and our female cat. Thanks to Thom and Jonquil's insight, and understanding, as well as their ability to communicate lovingly to all of our cats and us, we are well on our way to having a peaceful home again. Reviews for: Pet Behavior Problems Medical Intuitive Reiki Session Dietary I feel lucky to have found Thom and gotten his guidance with animals he opened up a whole new world for me how I relate to all 3 of animals, and has especially made a huge difference with one rescue cat who has trust issues. Every time Thom works with one of animals I learn something new, and it continues to deepen relationships with them. I first contacted Thom a couple of months ago after researching animal communicators on the internet. cat, Cluny, had been with me for about 4 and a half years. A local rescue group found him outside, probably at about 5 months of age he probably had always lived outside; adjusting to life inside house was a struggle for him. Cluny would hover around where I, or the other animals were he had no problem with contact with the other animals, but, if I approached him, he would run. And then he would come back and hover again. I didn't t know what to do because I felt like he wanted to be part of things, but was, at the same time, afraid to. Grooming him or going to the vet were always problems since catching him was pretty much traumatic for both of us! When I brought him home, I had dog, Shana after a year, I got second cat, Valentino, hopes that a very sociable, people-oriented cat might help Cluny's trust issues. Unfortunately, we did not make great strides. What caused me to contact Thom was that Cluny went through some behavior changes that said to me that he was clearly having medical issues. He was not eating and he had reverted to really hiding not just running way, really hiding, to where I often had no idea where he was. I was frantic with worry that I would lose him simply because I would not be able to get him basic medical attention. I had heard about animal communication but never had any personal experience. I was just hoping that someone could talk to Cluny and get him to let me help him. From the moment I first spoke to Thom on the phone, I was comforted. His kindness, his gentleness basically, his heart comes across immediately. I knew if I felt it, would Cluny. We had a conversation, that first day Thom spoke to Cluny, asked questions, got his responses, then relayed Cluny's comments back to me, and then we asked more questions based on that. We spoke about where he came from, why he is scared, does he know I him is he ok with the other animals the house, how does he feel, and can he please let me take care of him he can feel better. Thom explained to him what needed to happen for us to go to the vet, how he needed to get into the carrier, and how I would be there the whole time and would be there to take him home. We finished with him giving Cluny a Reiki session. Oh, and we talked about me, too! responsive Cluny was to anxiety, and how if I wanted to help him achieve more calm, I needed to really be offering that myself. Honestly, I hadn't thought about that, but as as Thom spoke about it, I knew it was true again, not only for Cluny, but really for all animals. Ultimately, I saw Cluny walk himself into the carrier and sit down facing me without me even closing the door and just wait for me to take him to the doctor. That was huge for him I could his eyes that he understood that I was going to help him; the vet s office, he just buried his face into me and allowed her to examine him fully and even took 2 injections quietly. When we got home that night, he stayed arms all night, which was very special. Read more of Cluny's