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Information fee ( contact avoid force change above to help 5 life without him. He is such a to have and provides much laughter and entertainment. He was fantastic during the first week, no problems during the night with crying etc. Lots of people have commented on what a handsome dog he is and his beautiful colour.... He has such a lovely character temperament. He is not shy or timid, is very outgoing but he is not dominant any way... He loves being around people and other dogs I wouldn't change him for the world and I everything about him. Once again thank you much! I can't thank Jimjoy Labradors enough for best pal. I was lucky enough to meet both of them when I chose Fletch and they were really beautiful, gentle dogs. Fletch is now 7 years old and is one very happy dog. He has dog and human friends and they all The Fletch. Fletch is such a gentle dog, even though we 't have kids, he has been exceptional around younger friends. He loves the walks we go around our home. We're lucky as we have a lot of countryside around us and plenty of rivers to swim Thank you again Jimjoy Labradors for giving us our Fletchy. He is loved very much by his human mom and dad and he certainly gives that back 100 fold. A recent write up: Lab Ret. Yorkshire Gundog. MPD 1st 8 month yellow, well constructed youngster, pleasing head with good width of skull, clean neck, well set shoulders, level topline, moved very well. She got best puppy at Liverpool CA this weekend as well. She is also doing really well with her basic gun training. is a and your advice about stopping her at once doing what you 't want her to do has very easily been absorbed by her. She is a remarkably secure creature which shows how beautifully you started her off as well as how well bred she is. Thank you. She licks the cat who is not a friendly animal but slowly slowly is being changed by And she keeps me lovely company and we have conversations. I assure you she is a much loved member of the family. Just thought you might like to know little has settled well extremely chirpy little chap who has just encountered the rabbits and found his voice Full of energy but enjoys a cuddle Already a much loved member of the Family Our journey over to Germany was really good, there was no moaning or accidents and pretty much slept the whole way. This caused us a little bother at this end, because he was full of beans and and I were very tired! He cried the first night we left him downstairs but has been fine ever since. is growing up very quickly I think our neighbours think we have a limited vocabulary which seems to consist of saying NO! We're absolutely thrilled with him. He's got a huge personality and is clearly very bright though he is rather inquisitive and likes using his sharp teeth on everything and everybody! We'll work on that. Today he's started responding to his name and learning the sit command. He loves all his toys and talks loudly to them. His large is a big hit. He likes to sleep with him as well as duff him training is going well with very few accidents What more can I say but thank you. He's beautiful and I know grow into a fine fella. is now nearly 9 months old and we feel truly blessed. He is absolute very loving and well behaved. Everybody admires him wherever we go as he is