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And also relationship small app the fight pit got virgin dog that could not even keep down water without vomiting. Everyone said he ate or drank too fast too much etc. We tried different foods to if he was allergic, but he couldn't keep down water that wasn't the problem. After xrays and stomach scoping and testing, we discovered that his stomach acids were too high and he had acid reflux The vet said to monitor his food and water intake. We gave our dog omeprazole before every meal, gave him a couple minutes for the pills to settle, and let him eat. He never threw up again. Well…not from that anyway. I forget the dosage but for a 100 lb rottweiler, we got the biggest quantities we could. Duh! I 't know why I never thought of One of rescue dogs got car sick for the first two years that I had him. And like you said, even if he hadn't eaten awhile. I was never able to figure that one out! We would go for a ride HOURS after breakfast, right before dinner and he would throw up. I would try Valerian or Melatonin to calm him down or some holistic motion sickness stuff, which didn't help either. Thankfully he is finally over the car sickness now, but I can't believe I never thought of Thanks. can also be used for snake bites. parents live the country and we each have had a dog bitten. vet prescribed both times for the dogs and they both did well with the treatment. I'm not sure what the dosage would be over the counter as I got prescription from the vet. We now keep it on hand out at their place now for emergencies until we can get a call into the vet if it's after hours. Both times the dogs were bitten by copperheads!!!! It depends on the snake as to how it affect the dog as well as where the bite is, if it's a dry bite, etc. is a herpetologist and has Facebook Orry Texas Snake and a youtube channel, gatorhunter92. Both of these have videos of venomous snakes as well as non-venomous snakes for identification and the Facebook has professional pictures he takes of snakes. You can also message him of Facebook any questions you might have about the venomous snakes your area and how the different venom affect the victim. dogs got into rat poison and ate quite a bit of it. vet told me to take a tablespoon of salt and put it down their throats. It works wonderfully. They threw up within seconds and eliminated all the poison within minutes. Make sure they are outside and not on your carpet because the reaction is immediate. There were no side effects to worry about and the dogs were fine within 30 minutes. Vet has told me never to give Immodium to dogs. It can be fatal. As for pepto, vet said to use with caution and only under her guidance and instruction. But I must say most of these I have heard you can give your pets safely but always keep mind every dog and cat is different and react different to any medication. Always check with your vet as as you are able to. We fostered several puppies who had yet to be vaccinated. We got them up to date but they still contracted parvo. addition to keeping them hydrated, etc. our vet advised us to use Pepto to control vomiting and diarrhea. It worked! We still use it periodically when one of our pups has tummy trouble but only for a very short period. Again, it is always best to ask your vet prior to administering medications! you really should warm people immodium dogs with the MDR1 mutation at this dose could kill