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Point time CREDIT starring very difficult well we do mar I guess it works great on Sarcoptic but not well on demodex. 't quote me on any of this, ask a vet if your dog gets mange. xdeano xdeano guest Posts: 2562 Joined: Fri 14 2 pm Location: North The best and most popular USA coyote hunting dogs are staghounds. Staghound is a mix of Scottich Deerhound with Greyhound and sometimes with admixture of Borzoi and Saluki. Pure Borzoi, if out of good hunting lines, would catch and kill coyotes well. Unfortunately, most of them USA are just show and pet dogs. I have a few good friends among coyote hunters with sighthounds. sevendogs guest Posts: 329 Joined: Sep 18 6 pm Location: Buchanan, i live southern iowa and the most popular dogs around here are the hounds and the blackand tan hounds. Where i live all it is is alot of hills and timber u need a dog with a good nose and that can fight because speed doesnt matter here. Grey hounds are good to only if there is alot of open for them to because they are not fighting dogs yote_hunter guest Posts: 2 Joined: Oct 25 10 am i live southern iowa and the two most popular hounds are the hounds and the black and tan hounds. The speed of the dog has nothing to do with the hunts southern iowa. Here the dogs need a good nose on them and they need to be fighters. Thats why walkers and black and tans a highly recomended here. grey hounds are good dogs if u have wide open country for them to run on. They are amazingly fast but they arent really that heavily into fighting. i would perfer a over anything though just because they have an amazing nose on them and they are hellashes fighters yote_hunter guest Posts: 2 Joined: Oct 25 10 am Years ago I saw footage of a who used a dog or dogs as bait! Yotes would move into kill then he would shoot them from sidehill or outcrop, it was wild! I geuss you would have to be confident your shooting skills and damm sure your gun didn't jam. I think the was from Montana. Wild way to hunt thats for sure. TC tail chaser Supporting Member Posts: 497 Joined: Fri Sep 24 12 pm Location: Minot North neighbors had a Great that had a passion for killing 'yotes. It was never trained, and wasn't real big on killing but man, when it saw a yote, it was like lightning. I 't know that any ever survived the initial hit muzzynat guest Posts: 21 Joined: Apr 20 12 pm Location: NW Minnesota The best dog for catching and killing coyotes is the Staghound. This became a breed specialized for one particular function catching and killing coyotes. This dog has a history over 100 years America. Greyxounds break their legs hitting barb wire fences and they overheat hot weather. Irish Wolfhound is too slow to catch a coyote. This is why we have staghounds for this purpose. I have freinds Wyoming and Utah, which can help you to find good staghound pups. We have Staghounds here, Huge aggressive hunting dogs with enough speed and stamina to catch and kill a coyote singly. sevendogs guest Posts: 329 Joined: Sep 18 6 pm Location: Buchanan, Bear_dog,ow it happened that coyote hunters across Uta, Wyoming, South and other prairie states overlooked Walker Hounds? They use staghounds for over 100 years period, adding blood of other breeds to their longdogs and staghounds. They hunt them from rig and they are still not always fast and bold enough to catch and kill a coyote. be your Walkers would stretch a coyote, if they catch it. The fact is they cannot catch it, because scent hounds are too slow. There are breeds, which would kill a coyote, such as Pitbull Terriers, Airedale Terriers, etc., but they are lacking the speed and endurance to catch it. How do you hunt your Walkers? From the rig on the track? sevendogs guest Posts: 329 Joined: Sep 18 6 pm Location: Buchanan, Julys, Trigs, and Running Walkers are running dogs not treeing dogs, they were brought over by the early Americans settlers from England. They are what the treeing scenthounds orginated from. Every scenthounds ancestry can be traced back to the fox hound, execpt for the Plott, they were more of a cur than hound to begin with. MsDeerHunter is called Decoying, coyotes are very territorial, they any other canine that invdes their terrtory especialy when they have pups the den. They are more concerned, about the other canine then the 12 guage thats waiting for them. Doogie guest Posts: 233 Joined: Feb 22 8 pm Location: Bigfork, MT Walhalla, ND We live michigan and hunt coyotes with dogs. We use alot of different kinds of dogs. We have