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Waterproof Cook's training method would simple could not monnig moved training by reinforcing what your naturally wants to do at early age which is to go get it. We use hard bumpers and frozen birds initially. This discourages chewing. Also, we never let them play with the bumpers frozen birds outside of our repetitive conditioning training. I like to start Brittanys when they are barely able to walk! With pups, use light weight objects like a knotted sock. Some old timers say that teaching retrieving early causes staunchness problems, I say HOGWASH. If you 'T start early, you DECREASE the chances of your dog wanting to retrieve naturally let me repeat that if you 'T START EARLY, you lessen the chances of your dog wanting to naturally retrieve. There are key times pups early development that certain activities act like a key a lock and 'turn on' the desired response by you pup. REMEMBER THIS TOO: A dog naturally retrieves because it enjoys fulfilling its natural instinct. If you ever do anything that the dog can interpret as you not liking what he is doing with his retrieve, he stop altogether thus forcing you to hire a pro to perform trained retrieving which takes a couple of months minimum if done right and the training is expensive. We have several techniques, here is one: Assuming your is a house companion as well, do this: When sitting your easy chair get your dog excited about the bumper bird by teasing him with it. Then state your command and throw it. If he goes to it, great! If he goes and comes back with it part way, great! Whatever the response, repeat this exercise several times up until about 10 minutes or you get a satisfactory retrieve to your general vicinity hand. Stop, praise excitedly, use treats and put away the bumpers. Next day, do the same. your pup start to this game. Assuming he is only coming back part way, tie a short lead to his collar. Gently pull him to you after he picks it up take the bumper, say 'dead' and praise excitedly Never more than 10 minutes at a time. It's too easy to get caught up the excitement, set egg timer. Remember, it's always better to end positive at say, 7 minutes than at 10 minutes on a negative response. Next day, repeat. After several days, he start to bring it to you your easy chair. Remember to say 'dead' when playing. start teaching hold, and give. Gently hold his muzzle upon his immediate arrival, being careful to not the lip between the bumper and teeth. Say hold, count to yourself 1, 3, then say give and take the bumper. Do this every day and remember to end positive. your dog be playing this game with great excitement. Remember to always put the bumper bird up after training. The bumper bird is a trophy only to be shared together. This translates later to the bird field. If your dog wants to play keep away with it, try playing fetch a confined area like a hallway your house. Remember to praise when you take the bumper from him. NOW, it's time to move on Let's now start all over, but from your easy chair the back yard. Your favorite drink hand makes for great refreshment. 't forget his water bowl. Do every thing as above. Is he doing it right? Good. stand up and start all over again. Your increased height make him timid, bend over and your leg if necessary or sit on the Doing it right again? GREAT! move to the training field. Start all over again. Doing it right? SUPER! Time to kill a bird. Assuming your dog is sound conditioned it's time to shoot a bird for him. A game bird a remote control bird launcher gives the best control over this training scenario. Get him to point it then put the bird up and let him mouth it when he goes to it. Call