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Can come home from escort mission readers who are big and his intention was to transmit the healing energy to everyone on earth. He derived his teaching from that of Christ and therefore used the language of Christianity. However, this was no way intended to exclude people of other faiths, who can transfer his teaching to the context of their own religions. 12. But there is also the lovely, wonderful which goes: Every year the Christchild comes down again onto earth where we humans are. Who has really thought about this? Who has really taken this seriously? Who has really been able to believe that this is true? I 't believe anyone has. It was simply something self- evident for people, and they dismissed it with one word: It's only a Yes, well, and we always have the same celebration every year; it keeps coming round. 13: dear friends, just consider the gift that God is giving us here. Because human beings never listen to what's inside them, because human beings have come away from true divine guidance, they pay no attention to themselves or to their bodies. They did not listen to what was inside them and also did not follow their feeling and also did not live the the of God. 14: And they came completely away from this true divine guidance and then they only lived their beliefs: It's quite satisfactory, the way our parents, our forbears celebrated these festivals fixed hard and fast, without really giving it a thought, without even becoming at all conscious of it. Nothing, not a trace of any of that. They simply lived their belief, and I'Il say it once again: It just had to be like that. parents celebrated the festival this way, we celebrate it this way, and children celebrate it this way too. 15: dear friends, that means, short, that everything goes down the drain. There is nothing left at all that can still be called life. There is nothing left at all of everything that God has decreed for us, God has decided for us, and nothing at all remains of what the Saviour means for us. There is no longer anything true, no longer anything credible amongst human beings. 16: They took it only like this, and that was that once upon a time, Christ was here once, and they 't believe that he is always with us. And they also 't believe that he can dwell us, that we can actually be guided by him, that is, that God through His leads us to where we belong, to Whom we belong. I know that people brush all this aside with a certain carelessness; briefly put, they simply cannot have anymore. We have now heard how important it is to tune to the divine energy, and I would like to add, that life of a human being become like his attitude is. We are not just children of our surroundings, but we create, through our thoughts, the sphere around us. We are living this sphere, and from everything, which is coming to us from outside, we build our attitude and imagination. And it is like this; if you are tuned to the negative, you never get positive results. If you are tuned to positive, suddenly the whole environment is changing. And therefore it is important to correct the inner attitude and to realize it. The most important thing that torments people, is fear. Fear is lack of trust. A human who feels being left alone, often has great fear. A human, who has to fight physical problems, shows mostly as the first reaction: being scared having fear. And this fear drives the human, pushes the human away from divine energy, cuts off the connection to life's energy, And therefore it is important to learn how to get over the fear. ou can only get over fear if you learn to trust the great power, which has created us, to trust our Creator. Humans are often tuned to negative, they no longer even remember where it comes from. For always believes; that he was born, and that everything goes as it can, and that is how life is: between birth and death is now once this life, and you live it, more wrong than right. But what about to ask; what was before, and what be after? Because of this materialistic consciousness, is separated from the divine, from his original destination, from the meaning of life. If we have no relation to spiritual reality, we have no relation to