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Believe there east 01 north vietnamese ( has been hall dog consider this option better. Moreover, the way which the product was developed ensures that false correction never be part of your training sessions. It does that by differentiating your dog's barking noises from external ones thus ensures perfect effectiveness every time. This product has been developed with the purpose of ensuring effective dog training without causing any pain, shock or unpleasant feelings to your dog. It functions based on patented perfect bark detection features and it is 100% waterproof. This makes it the perfect choice for use during your dog's outdoor activities. You can use this dog spray bark control item for dogs that feature sizes from 8 to 55 pounds. Also, it is a perfect match for neck sizes of up to 22 inches. You benefit from 30 to 40 sprays the case of each refill and 300 to 400 sprays per can. This product is 100% safe to use and does not feature any disadvantage for your dog. If you are searching for a high-quality, durable and practical dog collars to use for training, you definitely be interested to discover this ultimate training collar from PetTech. It has become a widely popular product due to the huge range of benefits it offers to users and dogs that need proper training over time. It is high-quality, fully waterproof and can be used both by specialists and pet owners.. You can use this dog training collar when you wish to correct excessive barking, whenever you walk your dog and do not wish to disturb others or when you wish to train your dog how to get accustomed with the leash. Also, this product is beneficial for dog owners interested teaching their dogs how to sit properly, how not to feel the need to become aggressive any circumstance. Finally, it is a perfect option for those who are trying to teach their dogs general behavioral obedience without inflicting any pain or physical and emotional shocks to their favorite pets. This dog training collar functions based on a remote control that allows you to choose when and how to use it for different sessions of training. The painless shock it transmits is adjustable, giving you the opportunity to choose from four different modes. It allows customization that makes it highly effective for pet owners who wish to adapt their training sessions to different factors and circumstances. Our goal at County Line K9 is to bring people and dogs together. With proven and effective methods, we create a fun and interactive environment for your dog. We combine learning, play, and consistency to bring out the best in every dog. At County Line K9, we know that no two dogs are alike. We offer personalized training programs to produce outstanding results for every dog. With Individual Classes, dogs learn the basics of obedience. In Group Sessions, they practice their obedience under more demanding circumstances as well as appropriate social interactions with other dogs. We also work to prevent or solve your specific behavioral concerns. Together, we can stop unwanted behavior while making your dog feel comfortable and secure. Contact County Line K9 today to start your dog sniffing down the trail of success. IMAGINE IT. OWN IT. TRAIN IT. IT! Let's face it. Just about every behaviour a dog does naturally bark, jump, dig, chew is a behaviour we humans consider a problem. If we want our dogs to be model citizens, we just have to imagine a better way and take responsibility for teaching our dogs alternatives. At Best Friends, we 't sign dogs up for class, we sign up owners. The dog be your project, but you are ours! Using motivational, reward-based techniques, we show you how to train your dog to be the at the dog park, the dog all the other owners compliment. You'll learn how to create and reinforce good behaviour, how to build focus and attention, and how to work through real-world distractions. And you and your dog have plenty of fun as you learn. If we've