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Just had to evils things dogs along, at speed production probably what was at the time and is now Tennessee.He settled what is the village of Campbellsville, Giles County Tennessee.His is the builder of homestead and the line of who lived within walls after Giles County was established the early years of the 1800's. The first Campbell of which we have a record is who landed Philadelphia around 1725 as a boy seven-years-old then drifted southward through or South .He and his wife seemed to be of Scottish Presbyterian stock from Ireland.His wife's name was .This name was mentioned the record of several families early was not mentioned, however, recent times until one of Campbell's sons, Gillis, and his wife, Campbell, named their first child daughter of Al and Chick and Gillis were very good dear friends of and Campbell through the years since he served as pastor of the Presbyterian Church Pulaski. The first Hamilton Crockett fought the War of 1812 and was the famous battle of Great Horseshoe Bend Alabama.He married Dickey after settling what is Campbellsville Giles County, Tennessee.She was said to have been a woman of remarkable beauty and superior intelligence. She died at the age of 89 and left 79 living descendants. They were the parents of the second who married Thompson.Not much is known about her before he marriage save that she lived the vicinity near where Lake was formed West Tennessee and the fact that her mother, Mrs. Henderson, is buried the northwest corner of the community cemetery at Campbellsville. of the first are buried at the family cemetery behind the house that Hamilton Crockett built.A deed and right of way to this cemetery is recorded the Giles County Courthouse.The present family of the homestead takes care of this cemetery. and selected me as their home site beside a big which was a necessity those days, and built their first home.They has six children:1) married Kimbrough of Weakley Creek, 2) married 's brother, of Weakly, 3) married of Campbellsville who became county official, 4) Crockett, 's happened to meet when she stopped there one day on her way home from visiting a friend and there began a friendship which led to marriage, 5) did not early and lived with Crockett and until she married West.They had one child Malcolm Campbell, who lived Columbia, Tennessee until 1988 and died there. 6) the younger boy became a Presbyterian preacher.He married Covey and they had four children.He contracted Tuberculosis and died a few hours before his was born 1903. died at early age resulting probably from a blow to the head which he received from a accused of stealing a hog from a neighbor. was trying to help get the hog back for the owner.After his death 's house burned and she was left with six children and no house. I, was probably put up at a Log Rolling, a big event of a neighborhood which a log house was put up sometimes one day by neighbor men, while their wives cooked a big dinner the middle of the day.This was a useful custom for pioneers.Trees for the logs were plentiful and the houses strong.The houses were usually, as this one was, two big rooms with a half story above and open hall between the rooms, open at each end for storage of wood, work area, cool sitting room, etc.This was known as a Dog Trot through which the dogs would run and bark hoping for food from the table at meal time.Those eating would toss bread to them saying Hush Puppy, thus came the origin of a popular food the South today, a corn meal cake of bread served with fish or chicken.'s house was noted as most homes then were, for hospitality and as the custom was the widowed Mother made her home with the child who kept the home place after the father's death.Crockett, who began helping support the family by farming at age eleven, kept the house with his wife, and took care of his Mother.Nothing is reported of any conflicts between the new when she came into the home.The three age groups had never heard of the custom or term Generation .Crockett felt the influence of his Mother's teaching, and his and 's home became one of the homes the church's custom of entertaining the preachers by inviting them to spend Saturday night before holding services on .They always had discussion on the Bible issues and called on the preacher to have a prayer with the host family before leaving.Usually the prayers went on and on .On one occasion like that, and now almost grown, were the only children at home.For some reason, probably citing some chores to be done managed to stay out of the parlor where the discussions were taking place.They decided they would both sneak off to bed and escape the prayer and they did but when time for the prayer came and trick was discovered, what happened?Each name was called and each had to get dressed and come and sit for the prayer just the same.They should have been ashamed for such conduct.I'm afraid this isn't practiced now days but more family praying