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Known museums army well (received are you heading for safety Just above Average. Pit Bulls at this level display aggression towards strange dogs of the same quickly while be weary of opposite dogs. If challenged or attacked, they respond with aggression and must be physically separated order to stop the fight. Pit Bulls at this level accept other dogs of the opposite if they are raised together or if the new dog is brought as a puppy. 5. A Dog Aggressive Pit Bull. Pit Bulls at this level can live with other dogs but attack any strange dogs. They must be physically separated and fights are serious. They are okay with puppies, but supervision is required at all times. 6. The Controllable Fool. Highly dog aggressive but can usually live with other dogs if they were raised with them. All other dogs are not welcome and if given the opportunity, a dog at this level attack any dog within reach. 7. The Uncontrolable Fool. At this level the dog is off-its-rocker and can not be controlled at the sight of another dog. While this level of aggression is not as common as the others it does occur. A dog at this level should never be left along with any dog for any reason. Unless you have loads of Pit Bull experience this dog is not recommended for adoption or ownership. They are a danger to animals around them at all times and one must use vigilance to ensure the safety of other dogs. 1. No tips recommended. A dog that is submissive is a non-threat. As I mentioned above, take precautions and make sure the other dog is not going to attack your dog and greet them slowly. 2. Take Precautions. At this level of dog aggression your dog be happy to meet other dogs unless the dog challenges or attacks them. Watch the dogs for signs of stress and aggression. Stiff legs, hair on their back is rasied, growling, bearing teeth, intense stares, these are all signs of stress and aggression. If you them, take the dogs away from one another and try again later. 3. Same as Tip #2. Pay attention for signs of aggression from either dog and separate them if they display one or more of the above signs. 4. Separation. When it comes to strange dogs, I recommend separation at this point time. other words, no doggy friends. If you plan on getting another Pit Bull you want to start by introducing them on neutral ground over several short meetings. If you plan on bringing home a puppy, introduce them to the home slowly and allow monitor your current dogs reactions closely. 5. Complete Separation. Managing a Pit Bull with above average aggression isn't easy. If you have one dog and they are above average I would not bring any other dogs home, including puppies, and I would suggest avoiding other dogs public. 6. This also applies to 7 too. Same as five but with one exception. I would completely avoid all other dogs, friend or stranger at all times. Never try to meet and greet a super high dog aggressive Pit Bull with any other dog for any reason. You be setting yourself and your dog up for a stressful time that might end badly for all involved. I've said it times this article, dog aggressive Pit Bulls are normal dogs and should be treated as such. Precautions should always be taken to protect your dog and other dogs from fighting. As a responsible owner it is your job to protect your dog, not theirs. Read that again because so people don't understand this point of pitbull ownership. Our dogs are not supposed to protect themselves from other dogs. They shouldn't have to. Our job as responsible owners is to ensure our dogs are safe and by using common sense and planning we can avoid 99% of the situations that would cause a situation like a dog fight to occur. Allowing a normal Pit Bull to scuffle and protect themself from trouble only encouarges their dog aggressive behavior and this can result a dog that while once was normal, is now off the hook dog aggressive. Especially if they come out on top of the situation. Finally, learning to accept your dogs aggressive behavior is the first step. Your next step is to take the proper steps to manage them safely and keep them safe from harm. Human or animal. Do your job and be their leader and friend. If you are tired of looking through countless dog fighting web sites, breeder sites, sites filled with myths and bad press, and want informative, positive tips and ideas about Pit Bulls you are going to site. I you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it putting all together. Rating: A gig by Lennox now comes along less often than a change of government. Her last full concert Britain took place the age of Gordon Brown. Back the John 1995, I wrote a profile of her and tagged along for entire world tour, which amounted to two shows New York and one a Polish It draws a starry crowd, 1-strong and quite dressed up apart from Corbyn, who takes the view that old raincoat won't let you down. Lennox, now 63, wears a glittery ballgown. Sitting at the piano playing she casts a spell straight away. Her voice