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Was brought because with turn pace puppy potty formal time capable of handling. He had a dominant personality and when challenged he exhibited severe aggression towards me and family. I had previously contacted a number of other local training companies seeking out help but they all told me I needed to get his aggression under control before they would work with him. When I found Sit Means Sit and explained the issues I was having with dog, I was expecting them to say the same thing as everybody else. But they didn't. came out to family's house, did a demo, and we signed up for private lessons. The amount of control they helped me gain with Ca$h opened up possibilities for both of us. He had much more freedom and I had much more peace of mind. Within a year he earned his Therapy dog certification through Bright and therapy dogs. After seeing the miraculous change with own dog I knew this was something I wanted to help others achieve with their dogs. I started employment with the company as a kennel tech; caring for the dogs that were boarding at the facility. From there I started apprenticeship under to learn the of training. Once apprenticeship was completed I began role of being a facility trainer and working with the dogs who were a part of the board and train programs. I also attended the Sit Means Sit school for dog training with second dog Lumos, a Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix, and completed classes including: handling aggressive dogs, fun and with group class, protection training, advanced marker training, and advanced obedience and trick training. I currently am employed the role of a street trainer and I can honestly say there has not been one day of working with this company where I have gone home unhappy. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to have a job that also doubles as passion life. I'm excited to where journey with this company take me the future and for the opportunities I have to be involved the lives of more dogs and their families. I first learned about Sit Means Sit from a family member who trained her dogs through the company. When I asked her more questions about the training, she was proud to show off how well her dogs listen and how obedient they are. Right when Zeke, 2-year-old Shepherd started showing signs of aggression, I knew I needed to call Sit Means Sit. Zeke was a great dog for me the house, but when exposed to the outside world he became very impulsive. At first sight of another dog he turned into a maniac. Not only was it scary seeing him lunge, bark and growl at other dogs, but it was also humiliating. As a result, I stopped taking him out on walks all together. I was worried Sit Means Sit would not be interested training a large breed with aggression issues but they were quick to ease mind and begin the training. Once private lessons began, I found myself rushing home from work to train Zeke. After the first week he was listening to me perfectly inside and was even calming down when we went outside!The passion for training that surfaced was no surprise.The more I worked with Zeke at home and at group classes, the more I realized I was going to make a career out of dog training. I am proud to be a street trainer for such amazing team. As a trainer. I have attended the Sit Means Sit Main Event Las Vegas where I broadened knowledge of the dog-training world. As a prior client, I know we can help owners gain more control with their dogs and give the dogs more freedom their daily lives. I look forward to a rewarding career as a trainer and meeting numerous furry and human friends along the way! I've always had a passion for animals of all kinds. I received first family dog, a chocolate lab, when I was 7 years old. As I got older I had a handful of snakes, bearded dragons, and cats. After passed, family moved from house to house, and having a dog just wasn't practical. On