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6 loads launch the profit club of example from probably being eaten by the MP Evas... Tousen earned a great deal of dislike during his fight with Kenpachi; he removes Kenpachi's senses then lectures a deaf, defenseless Kenpachi toying with him instead of ending it. It gives Kenpachi a chance to adapt and turn the tables. Once his motives for siding with Aizen against Soul Society came out, the dislike worsened. He is motivated by a for peace and a decision to find the path of least bloodshed towards achieving that peace... by supporting a that incites civil war within Soul Society and who follows up that civil war with a war between Shinigami and Hollows. His reasoning is therefore viewed as stupid and hypocritical by fans and was cemented further when the first thing he did upon regaining his sight was insult his oldest and most friend, Komamura. However, when he's thoroughly defeated, barely able to talk and finally confronted by Hisagi and Komamura, he admits that he was the wrong. The trio start to have a surprisingly tender reconciliation... and Tousen blows up the middle of it, leaving Komamura screaming at Aizen for revenge and the fans feeling sorrier for Tousen than they had expected to. Not a straight-up death example, but it happens At the end of the Hoenn Story Arc, after Ash announces he's going to the Sinnoh League, announces she's going to explore Kanto and compete the various Pokémon Contests. Her little brother, The Scrappy Insufferable Genius, is really put off by this, feeling like his sister is abandoning him. Sure, might have been irritating, but the way told him to go home came off as a move, and it's hard not to feel sorry for the kid. For all his annoying tendencies, ineptness reading his crew, responsibility killing one of the more popular characters from the show, and overall nature, Nadesico's Munetake gets a pretty heart tugging send off. It doesn't hurt that much of the episode was spent humanizing him again. To put more detail into this, Munetake was demoted due to the Nadesico's role uncovering a Government Conspiracy Between the conspiracy itself, his demotion, and guilt over Gai's death, he falls over the Despair Event extremely quickly, expressing that he used to believe notions such as truth and justice. His subsequent death suicide hits that much harder after all that. Masao Murasako got a lot of ire for being annoying Jerk Ass, but then got incredibly-sad death scene: he's desperate for shelter from the vampire-hunters trying to kill him that he goes up to the house of his sister--law and her a small child's voice to let him and not kill him. Instead, she takes advantage of the opportunity to beat him over the head with a pole and stake him through the heart. Even people who didn't like him thought the scene was very sad. From Chibiusa near the end of the Neherina Arc Stars dies becomes Ret Gone while Usagi holds her. It's also sad when realizing with Fridge Tearjerker that because Mamoru dies by Galaxia's hands, the last piece of Chibi-Usa we is the remains of Usagi's memory dream before everyone around her the dream near the episode is gone. Ruruka Andou was not well-liked thanks to her Bitch Sheep's Clothing attitude and her mistreatment of Kimura, amongst other things. However, just before her death we her crying and alone, having killed off her devoted boyfriend Izayoi because she was that paranoid and terrified he'd somehow betray her and activate her NG code, which would kill her, she clearly feels terrible about this as she makes pitiful attempts to construct a barrier to keep herself safe, repeating to herself she'll make new friends once she gets out. Then the next episode shows her utter mangled, corpse. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's revealed the victim is brainwashed into suicide, meaning Ruruka felt awful about her actions she repeatedly mutilated herself and choked herself with her own until she died out of guilt. Selfish or not, she got one of the most fucked-up deaths the anime and a lot of fans eased up on her after that. although Ikaruga Misurugi never died, a lot of viewers felt sorry for her when it turns out that she also witnessed the deaths of her parents, was tricked by and Julio into hurting Ange, and eventually regretting her actions crossing Moral Event with her biological sister to the point that she'll never the latter again.: Steel, who died at the same time, is less remembered. Perhaps what made Vibe's death stand out more was the fact that the skinny jerk for the first time thirty issues suddenly showed a glimmer of true heroism. A to help