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Make Duke's stays hotel and the year a hamburger decision to picking up commands and following them. Within a week of us having her she had learnt to sit and to give her paw. She is now 6 months old and has not yet caused any damage except for the occasional cup of coffee felled by her enthusiastic tail! She has had her 5- month check- up and she has got a clean of health, with a very strong heart. She is now growing into a beautiful even- tempered dog without whom our family would not be complete. I have a companion now who fills our days with and laughter. She also loves to follow us round case she is going to anything. We definitely be coming to you again the future. We can't thank you enough for our new little girl. I have named him because on the way home we went to Pets at Home to get his bed and the assistant called him happy as Hence, his new name is Kelly. What a wonderful weekend we had. He is a great kid, toilet training very well too. We are going to a puppy party is due to start training with both Northants and Midshires Dog Training Clubs. I am hoping he enjoy agility, flyball and all the others. Everyone loves him here, lots of ahhhs! Just to reassure ANYONE who is at all worried about dog breeders that Jimjoy produces excellent dogs with a wonderful temperament. Our dog, Leo, is gentle and kind and now he is 2 years old we are off to get him a friend from Jimjoy. You couldn't wish for a better animal around children and dogs, he really is perfect! We are thrilled to have chosen you as breeders as she truly is adorable and well behaved puppy. We feel proud of her, as everyone we meet comments on how beautiful she is and how good. She has lots of friends over the park and is loved instantly by everyone who meets her. The whole family is totally smitten. We have just got back from puppy training and she is fast asleep on the kitchen floor. She is graduating from puppy class next week and starting the bronze award Her toilet training went well and far, touch wood, she has not chewed a single thing the house!!! Amazing. She sleeps through the night and is a at the vets!! Safe to say we feel she is a true credit to Jimjoy and tell everyone how fab you are. Thank you much for our lovely puppy. Just wanted to send you a little message on Lexi's first birthday. She is doing well, we are proud of her! Really are the most proudest parents. Everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved she is. I look at her everyday and am glad we had her. She still has not chewed anything and is brilliant with children, adults, other animals, loves to travel the car and even enjoys coming to work with me, not a bit of trouble. Anyway I could go on and on, but to sum it up, Thank you, for our amazing puppy. Lillie was perfect the car on the way home, a couple of minutes of tiny whimpers and then took it all her stride and slept most of the way. She's settled brilliantly and is a very laid- back puppy, she loves toys, water and she'll do anything for a food treat; is learning things such as sit with ease. She met the vet yesterday afternoon and has been given a clean of health and didn't even notice when she had her injection. She passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Puppy Foundation assessment at the end of and on the whole is incredibly well behaved. Every person or dog is a new best friend for her and everyone who meets her goes away with a smile on their face. She's a bundle of ever- friendly energy We her to bits and she's very much integral part of the family. We do spoil her, but we try not to let her get away with too much right now she's fast asleep on the sofa