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Manifest the stigmata smell a drop dogs dog helpful just blood pressure, diabetes or electrocardiogram abnormalities. There's plenty of evidence that both human sexuality and intimacy and and marriage are very, very good for our health, Dr. Bogdewic, vice chair of family medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine told Indianapolis Star reporter Shari Rudavsky. If a new drug had the same impact, virtually every doctor the country would be recommending it. Happy Marriage Counter Work Stress, Monchuk, The London Free Press, October 26 A study of nearly 6 Americans with bladder cancer found that those who were married had better survival rates than single patients. Compared with their married peers, single patients were 26 percent more likely to die during the study period even when researchers factored patients' age, race and severity of their cancer. Researchers found men and women unhappy marriages suffered from increased stress levels throughout the day at home and at work as well as higher blood pressure at midday at the office, which could raise the risk of heart attack or stroke. Barnett, R. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 2005; vol 30: pp36. News release, Brandeis University The mortality rates of individuals with poor social relationships are higher than those who smoke cigarettes for years. Decades of research have clearly established these links. Marital distress leads to depression and reduces immune system functioning adults. addition, chronic marital conflict harms the emotional and physical well-being of children. addition to well-established links between divorce and mental health problems, adults who experience divorce more than double their risk of earlier mortality. And children who experience a parental divorce have their life expectancy shortened by average of four years, according to a fifty-year longitudinal study. These effects are comparable to those of cigarette smoking. Dawson, 1991; Cherlin et al., 1991; Doherty Needle, 1991; et al., 1996; Schwartz et al., 1995. We started talking about the idea of this film four or five years ago. A film about marriage what it really is to be married. There are a lot of films about meeting and falling and quite a few about the pain and suffering of divorce. But we could recall few, if any, about the ins and outs, the day-to-day wear and tear, of being married. Rob Reiner, director, The Story of Us is played by Pfieffer and is played by They are picking up their kids from camp and had agreed they'd tell them together that they have decided to get a divorce. I think we should go to Chow Fun's. stops. Chow Fun's? I thought we agreed we couldn't really talk at Chow Fun's. looking deep into his eyes, responds: I know. crosses over to her. What are you saying? I'm saying Chow Fun's. Are you saying Chow Fun's because you 't want to face telling the kids? Because if that's why you're saying Chow Fun's, 't say Chow Fun's. That's not why I'm saying Chow Fun's. I'm saying Chow Fun's because we're us. There's a history and histories 't happen overnight. Mesopotamia or Ancient Troy or somewhere back there, there were cities built on top of other cities, but I 't want to build another city. I like this city. I know where we keep the Bactine, and what kind of mood you're when you wake up by which eyebrow is higher. And you always know that I'm a little quiet the morning and compensate accordingly. That's a dance you perfect over time. And it's hard, it's much harder than I thought it would be, but there's more good than bad. And you 't just give up. And it's not for the sake of the children, but they're great kids aren't they? And we made them I mean think about that there were no people there and then there were people two of them. And they grew. And I won't be able to say to some stranger, has your hands or Remember how threw up at the Memorial? what if that stranger listens to me? I mean, Adler listens but then he always says between you and I and it should be between you and me because between is a preposition. And it's not that there's not a charming part about you not remembering the washerfluid which I 't understand why you can't but that's not ultimately important. I'll try to remember that those things can be mildly endearing at times and really not worth not having over. And I'll try to relax. I mean is it the end of the world to have when you 't totally feel like it? There are all kinds of aren't there? Comfort tender relief 'I'm not the mood, but you are ...And let's face it, anybody is going to have traits that get on your nerves, why shouldn't it be your annoying traits? I'm no day at the beach, but I do have a good sense of direction at least I can find the beach, but that's not a criticism of you, it's just a