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Though trainers prefer of the media it breeders breeding, inferior It is easy to use right away without doing complicated setting. The pro of the product is that it can give some warnings first before shocking them. this case, the warning is a beep sound as well as light. The other pro is you can get the result instantly after a few days. The con is that the shock mode is not working sometimes. Before buying or even using shock collars for small dogs, it be the best for you to consider these crucial things first. 1. Know What You Want to Do with the Collar It is not wise to just use shock collars without any concerns, especially when it is for dogs with small-sized body. You must know what you want to do with the collar. this case, what result you want to achieve with your dogs. For example, you want to make them stop barking. Then you can activate the collar whenever they bark. 2. Consult with Some Experts You can have a consultation about it from expert. Of course it is better to do it with more than one expert to collect some advice. Ask them whether there is another way you can try for behavioral training besides shock collars for small dogs. If there is none, ask them again about how to use the item appropriately you can prevent unnecessary accidents. 3. Check the Collar Size Please remember that you are looking for shock collars for small dogs. Hence, it is important to measure the neck of your dogs first. As a result, you can buy one collar with proper neck size. 4. Check the Safety and Features Checking the safety does matter too. Make sure that the collar you intend to buy is 100% safe for small dogs. Moreover, you must also check whether it has good features or not. Some features can be really helpful your training. 5. Arrange Your Plan Using It We certainly not use the collar forever, right? That's why we must arrange a plan of the application. To illustrate it, you can think of how or often you must put it on your dogs. When they finally become obedient to you, you must stop the usage right there.. It is normal for people to doubt using shock collars for small dogs. It is because they are afraid such thing can hurt them bad. If you have that thought, then no need to worry. Here's why. Firstly, you can simply choose vibration or beep mode to warn them instead of shock. Secondly, although the static mode can shock them, it feels like a little pinch or ant bite. Thirdly, you can set static mode with the lowest level, which is zero, for the start. Lastly, you do not have to put it on them all the time as it can train them fast.. Petsafe Dog Training Collar features a remote which can reach up to 100 yards. It has 16 adjustable levels of static mode and one level for beep mode. Its waterproof feature enables it to submerge into 5 feet. The collar is well fit to 8-pound dogs with neck size up to 28. The pro is it works really well even for outdoor activities. The con is its weak power of static and vibrate.. Shock collars for small dogs by Esky is a multichoice training collar you can consider. It has 100 adjustable levels for each static and vibrate mode. It turn into standy mode when there is no operation. There is no need of extra batteries as it is rechargeable. The pro is its effectiveness to any kinds of dogs including medium and large dogs. The con is some products have lousy control.. Our K9 Updated allows every dog owner to do safer training. You can thank to its vibration and beep warning system. If you want to use it for your small dogs, then you can choose their type called Toy for 5-pound dog. The pro of this collar is that it give no physical pain to the dogs. The cons are the