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Meet the stunning 20 11560 rope the worst of slowly distractions of the raging controversy centered on presumably state-funded Hebdo, when fact the French press is state funded and controlled, it's time to look again for Cui Bono? The heinous acts today won't be the last. Bibsy Nutteryahoo Israhell, of course. As +BN connected the dots, it's related to Palestine, and now the Jews are spelling out how the shooting incident and all of the drama help them with Palestine's complaint to the ICC on Jewish war crimes. Also, the Zionist state is really located Europe. Who knew? Read on. Excerpted from Monitor Pulse: A few years ago, before the Arab broke out the Middle East and became a gloomy, rainy I had a talk with a former senior official 's Bet on condition of anonymity. This 's entire life was dedicated to the war against terror; acquiring him a personal and even intimate familiarity with radical Islam. At the time, he told me, sometime the next decade, become one of the safest places the Middle East. Afterward, it become one of the safest places Europe. The massacre at the Hebdo offices caught the middle of a fierce, emotional dispute regarding the decision of 's military advocate general Maj. Gen. Efroni to conduct a series of criminal investigations into some of the harsh battles of the Protective campaign. Topping the list are the events of Aug. 1, the day when the body of 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was snatched and the Defense Forces invoked the Hannibal Directive at the presumed site of the abduction, the southern Gaza Strip. This tactic is used by the IDF whenever the abduction of Israeli combat soldier or officer is suspected. Under such circumstances, the IDF delivers heavy fire on the suspected area with all the means at its disposal, to avert the abduction at any price. On Aug. 1, some dozens of Palestinians were killed, most of them civilians, as a result of the IDF fire intended to avert the kidnapping. The abduction was indeed prevented, because a Givati brigade officer risked his life to enter the tunnel into which Goldin had disappeared. The officer managed to bring back remnants of the body, thus saving from another Gilad Shalit affair and preventing a scathing new national trauma that could have completely transformed the Israeli agenda. This week, the Israeli media was filled with petitions and exclamations from officers and combat soldiers who oppose criminal investigations against those who IDF uniforms and fight defense of the state and its citizens. I was asked this week by a senior officer the Southern who asked not to be named, Who agree to volunteer for a combat unit and wage war against Hamas Gaza if he knows that no one back him up and that sometime or other, after the battles are over, someone try to incriminate him? Our strength lies our solidarity and the knowledge that the entire Israeli people stands behind its fighters. when it turns out that jurists also stand around listing all kinds of errors and mistakes that are made the heat of battle, people think twice. But there are no less convincing rationales on the other side of the coin. Since the Palestinians have already signed the Rome Statute and are preparing to submit a complaint to the Criminal Court The Hague against for supposed war crimes during the course of the Protective campaign, IDF investigation give the ICC's prosecutor the ladder from which to descend from his tree. other words, it could offer a pretext to declare that no international criminal intervention is needed since the IDF, as the army of a democratic country, is entitled to conduct its own investigations of incidents with criminal implications. Right the middle of this controversy came the massacre They share the same Sharia; they aspire for a caliphate the Middle East and afterward the rest of the world and they share the same internalized brutality, said Israeli senior security officer, unnamed as he serves a sensitive position. Our fight against Hamas is that category it is the framework where the Europeans now understand that they have to start battling -Qaeda and the Islamic State their own backyards. When you struggle against enemy of this type, you need the correct tools. World War II, the West adjusted its cruelty to what the Nazis were perpetrating. There was no other way to take control away from this evil. From a neutral viewpoint, the of Dresden was a war crime. But history doesn't view it that way. The context of the bombing, and afterward the dropping of atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, turned Dresden-Hiroshima-Nagasaki into necessary events meant to save human life and shorten the war, he said. Yes, there is some gloating going around these days regarding the Europeans. But there is also concern. The fact that Europe automatically takes the side of the Arabs almost every conflict or dispute with has made Europe almost derogatory word on the Israeli street. Thus, view the horrifying slaughter as a sort of watershed that a strategic change the way the Europeans view their situation. It reminds me a little of the Japanese attack on Harbor World War II, a senior diplomatic source told me yesterday on condition of anonymity. Until then, the Americans tried to stay out of the war, tried to look the