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Serve look and of people get action malpractice good incorrect is fine during daytime hours, but is a real nuisance overnight. I cannot find any laws regarding barking dogs Hungary and would like to know if any readers of this forum have any such knowledge. The dogs are kept outside all weathers though have a partially sheltered section under the stairs, though depending on the weather conditions at times does nothing to keep the rain and snow away from them. I live Zala district and real problem is I do not speak Hungarian and neighbour does not speak any of the languages I do. Can anyone help at all and would the local council do something if I complained. I am wary to do this as it is a very small community with gossips, however, I am very tired through lack of sleep that I have to do something. I might add that I have two dogs and three cats all of whom are well behaved and the dogs are kept indoors at night. Sweden does it right. 1% liability. If your dog bites a human or pet or destroys property YOU as the owner 100% responsible all cases. If someone breaks into your house, and your dog bites them you pay the medical bills, no appeal allowed. If your dog bites another dog, you pay the If the Dog or person dies the suite is millions of dollars. Most dog owners have very complex insurance policies. 2)Dog owners are held CRIMINALLY responsible for their dogs. If your dog assaults someone YOU the owner are charged with a crime and often go to jail for minor attacks, deaths are treated as murder. 2)unregistered dogs are destroy or adopted out. If you are found with unregistered dog its a huge fine. 3)Dogs are not allowed to be crated you can not dock your dogs tail or ears. There is a list of legal requirements for exercise and medial checkups. 4)If your dogs shows any threatening behavior the police can and very often take the dog into custody and often they are put down or adopted out. The police can decide that you are simply not allowed to own another dog. if the mail man comes and your dog is barking on the other side of the door, less then hour the policy come by, demand the dog and remove it, you most likely never it again and not ever be allowed to own a dog. 5) people simply are not allowed to own dogs, anyone with a drug conviction can never own a dog, anyone who shoplifted as adult can not own a dog. Often things like DUI offense result no dog ownership. Sweden keeps very good stats lately, they estimate fewer then 1% of dogs are Pit or Pit mixes. 10% of dog bites reported to police are Pit or Pit Mixes. Often dog owners pay off victims to keep bites from being reported because they know they lose their dog. areas Sweden are considering BSL most apartment complexes and neighborhoods have their own restrictions. I am 100% favor of Sweden's laws. would you rather have BSL or laws like Sweden? Some of Michael's statements are slightly exaggerated. Yes, there are strict laws considering the welfare of pets Sweden and you are held accountable for what your dog does. But most often we're talking about fines, not prison time. A dog not be taken by the police and put down just because it barks at people. But if a dog bites another person or dog it might be put down. What is said earlier about crating Sweden is true only during certain occasions like competitions, shows, travelling, hunting. The crate must have a minimum of two sides covered and the dog must be exercised every other hour during those times. Keeping a dog crated you can go to work and not worry about the furniture is not allowed you actually have to train your dog Sweden. A puppy is now even allowed to be left alone more than really short periods of time. You're not allowed to tie your dog up inside either. Outside a dog is not allowed to be tied up for more than 2 hours a DAY and only such a manner that there is no way the dog can be harmed. And I'm only talking about adult dogs here. It's really not that difficult. When bringing home a puppy, you puppy-proof your home putting away shoes and other things you 't want to risk and immediately start to train your puppy what's appropriate to chew on and what's not they catch on FAST, puppies are really fast learners. You must of course provide chewing toys for their itching teeth. And since we Sweden generally are very good when it comes to walking our dogs and training them, everyday, you have a satisfied pet both physically and mentally and your dog won't get destructive inside but instead get some well earned rest. Puppies can't take walks, but that only makes it easier short walk tired puppy. I haven't seen this before, but it is a very interesting