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For corporation assisted out same size years sending dogs equine rivers. We end with a couple dandy ways to prepare some walleye with our friends at the Villagers restaurant This week we start with one of the best youth events our state has ever seen. NWTF takes close to 40 youth out into the woods hopes of turning them into lifelong turkey hunters. We then stop with a tribute to the father of outdoor TV Mort Neff you 't want to this feature. We also get some tips on buying a piece of property and some big stories to round out the show.... lots to this week!!! We hit the mighty Muskegon this week for some great late steelhead all with flies. We also tag along with a michigan sportsperson who was heading to Washington D.C. to speak up for all us Michiganders. From there we hit the shallow water of Lake Michigan for some Brown Trout. As always, lots to on this week's show. It is Turkey time!!! We start this show with 's opening day story from southern where the turkeys were everywhere. After that we head to mid michigan where Gabe VanWormer shows us a great bow hunt for a very nice bird with no blind needed. After that we head north, all the way to Cheboygan county where I taped and old family friend find a dandy bird on state land!!! Its the opening week of the turkey got to this time of year... On this week's show we hunt pheasants the hard way with traditional archery equipment. Along for the hunt are a few modern-day icons of the archery world. Eastman of Express Arrows. Belcher from Sky Archery and Morrow, owner of MJC Archery. We also have the state Turkey calling competition from 's as well as some viewer video that was sent to us. We also have a few big stories as well lots to on this week's show. This week we start the Big stories!!!! We start off with the deer from Outdoorama Novi. MUCC and the Country Smokehouse helped make this event happen and it was a lot of fun. We have about 3 weeks of great deer and great stories you enjoy!!! This week we visit with one of Michigan's best trappers Cullers. We tag along on a trap line southern to what late trapping is all about. We also hit the hard water with some fish biologists on Lake Missaukee. We are at the tail end of on this week's show. We start this week by chasing Michigan Chrome!!! That is a steelhead if you were wondering. We hit the Muskegon River with Gates and Supinsk i the who has written the book on steelhead fishing with a fly We also stop with Bully's Turkey Calls at Outdoorama and talk about this weekends upcoming turkey calling competition at 's Sporting Goods. We end the show with a little crow hunting lots to on this week's show. We start this week on Saginaw Bay. Our friends at MUCC were a part of the ice fishing school again this year and have some very cool footage to show us this year! We are also checking with a who is a world renowned archery shooter our Women the Wild segment. We round out the show with something we all we need a good Taxidermist. Enjoy the show! Pike fishing is the focus this week!!! We stop again with the from to what new footage he has taken over the past year or We have done a show with before and got some great response. We also stop at a local Grayling business to a very special Bear collection. Sturgeon takes center stage on this week's show!! With some new regulations this year the ice was full of eager sturgeon spearers on Black Lake. Sturgeon for Tomorrow does a lot every year to make this a memorable and this year was no exception. We also stop at the Traditional bowhunters expo Kalmazoo on this week's show. If that wasn't enough we even have some steelhead tips for you as well. Enjoy!!! This week we start above the bridge! Sugar Island is a special part of our state, and if you have never been there you need to check it out. heads to that part of the state this week to ice fish for monster Perch on Lake with Blue Heron Fishing Charters. After that we have a little Natural Resources News, and then we head to Bay Lodge for their annual Predator Calling Competition. This 2 day hunt is worth seeing, and the pole at the end of the hunt is something you 't everyday! Rabbit hunting takes center state this week!!! A group of fathers take their kids out for what turned out to be one heck of a day of rabbit hunting. Lots of bunnies and lots of shooting. As far as hunts, this is as good as it gets. We also take a look at our top 6 viewer video's that were sent into us this year. Lots