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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks The start date for construction is currently under review. The initial design was a high level concrete bridge without opening span to be built on a curved alignment to the south but close to the existing Causeway. Halcrow Group Limited of the UK has been contracted to undertake the feasibility study and the architects are currently Dissing and Weitling. The Ministry of Works and Engineering is currently undertaking a feasibility study to determine the suitability of PPP for the procurement of a New Crossing, Castle Harbour. A Public Private Partnership is agreement with developers, investors, construction companies and other service providers to finance, build and operate assets such as highways, hospitals, schools and power plants a term funding contract. Government began public consultation and a feasibility study into the New Crossing 2006. Situated the grounds of the Grotto Bay Hotel. Well worth seeing, especially for those not familiar with caves systems. Bermuda's caves are unique. Featured on a 2002 Bermuda postage stamp. Believed to be connected underwater with Prospero's Cave. Wilkinson Avenue, Hamilton Parish. A lovely historic Bermuda manor house property built 1907 the colonial architecture style. Its features include traditional Bermuda architecture such as a cedar staircase the front hall. One of its early inhabitants was Wilkinson, a crew member on-board the Barss that sailed from New delivering cattle to British soldiers Bermuda. Mr Wilkinson later became American citizen and joined the US Coast Guard. On February 2 the United States government bought the property which had earlier served as the official home for the Consul General. The US had leased Cedarhurst for the past nine years. Consul General Mary Koenig said: I am delighted that this gracious and lovely Bermuda home serve as the permanent residence for future Consuls General. Cedarhurst has served the US Government well over the past nine years. Cedarhurst was secured under a trust before its purchase this week by the US. Cedarhurst, above. A small coastal area with a couple of small beaches. It is on the Bermuda Railway Trail. The small cove with boats moored it used to be a lovely place to swim, but excessively ropes for boat moorings now get the way. Bermuda's shoreline was once dotted with -made fish ponds that were used for centuries as a simple larder to store fish and turtles but faded from use with the advent of refrigeration. The three Crawl areas here Hamilton Parish with Crawl the name of the area which each are located all take their name from the storage ponds of that name, similar to the word corral as a pen for livestock. they are largely forgotten. These storage ponds were a distinctively local innovation. Bermuda is the only place where they were widely used other than Hawaii, where a similar geology of limestone on top of volcanic rock is found. 8 Caves Road, off Wilkinson Avenue, 's Bay, CR 04. Phone 293. Fax 293. Email Bus routes 1, 10 and 11 stop nearby, at the Swizzle Inn. For moped users, there is free parking. Open daily, 9 am to 5 pm, last tour 4 pm. Reservations not required. The property is owned by the local Wilkinson Trust. If you are disabled or a member of your party is, or have limited mobility and encounter difficulty with slopes or steps, telephone or email to ask if the facilities galleries can be accessed. Admission per adult can be for one or two caves less for children. One of Bermuda's outstanding scenic attractions. With beautiful examples of Mother Nature's underground architecture over millions of years. Bring a light sweater to wear the cave. It was first discovered 1904 by Carl Gibbons and two local