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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks animal welfare laws are totally insufficient and some truly horrific treatment of animals occurs and is overlooked. We live on a farm and there are no substantive laws about dogs other than rabies shots and licenses. I can't imagine having a dog without a crate. Maddy, current dog came to us as a puppy and she had a crate during the day pretty much during her house training. At night I followed the Monk's Book and she was leashed to bed after a couple of nights a small crate next to me. She still has her crate the kitchen next to chair and she regards it as her house. Maddy also has a bedroom crate which she sleeps without the door ever being shut She's shut a couple of times a month When her niece Mazie is with us, Mazie also has a crate. The dogs delight sleeping each other's crates during the day–just because they can. Twenty-some years ago we adopted a dog, Taurus, who was VERY smart but VERY destructive the house if left alone. We had to put him on a chain during the day which he was with and he was fine the house if someone was home. He also chased cars. One day when we were both at work, he got loose and, of course, was hit and killed by a car. If crates had been at all vogue, Taurus would have been with us for years. I can't imagine having a dog, especially a puppy, without a crate! Great topic! I'm animal law attorney with a blog specifically on Companion Animal Law and budding dog trainer fact, this blog inspired me to shift practice towards animal law! The DC area was just named #8 dog friendly places the US. You can take your dog into most of Old Town 's shops and most of the restaurants have outdoor seating area where you can have your dog dine with you. allows each jurisdiction to establish their own leash laws. As expected, most urban areas like have fairly strict leash laws, with rural areas typically requiring no dogs at large and keeping your dog under control. I am proud to say that 's dangerous dog statute outright prohibits BSL. A dog cannot be deemed dangerous here based solely on breed. Prince 's County, is right across the Potomac River from us, and they have a pit bull ban there, our shelter gets plenty of pitties. Hybrids are allowed but localities can set their own permitting and other laws for hybrids. I'm a lawyer who decided it was worth it to learn more about dog training and animal behavior. There is much that all of you dog trainers and animal behaviorists out there can do to impact laws and legislation. Never before have there been laws about and much emphasis on companion animals. Right now, there is plenty of focus on topics such as dangerous dog laws, BSL, puppy mills, breeders, etc. Please consider reaching out to your local legislators and lobby groups to make a positive impact and help gear laws to be smart and considerate of animals. Ontario, Canada there is Breed Specific Legislation for pitbulls staff's They were banned 2006 and all dogs that were Ontario before that date were grandfathered and allowed to stay but must be muzzled and on a leash at all times as well as neutered spayed and registered with the city. No pitbull that was not here before the ban can come into the province..even for a visit. It's a horrible law. Toronto, Ontario Canada dogs are allowed on buses, subways and streetcars. The only exception is rush hour Monday to