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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks him to a VET and was charged over a $1000 for all of the above plus meds. Mr VET said it was allergies and gave him a $45 steroid cream for his skin and $20 antibiotics then told me to bathe him with Oatmeal Shampoo and sent us on our way with a revisit 2 weeks. SCAM!!! VETS are a SCAM when it came to helping us and only do it people who do not do their research to keep YOU going back to spend more money. I could not believe what had just happened when I got home I got online and researched what was wrong with dog and couldn't believe I was such IDIOT for not researching this first. It turned out to be Candidia And can you guess what all it would have taken to cure this? What cured boy was Grain Free food dry or and can, Plain Yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegar, and All for the LOW LOW PRICE of less than $50 a month. YES People, $50!! A grain free diet is what was needed for dog and a VET, animal professional told me to use Oatmeal Shampoo on dog. Oatmeal is a grain you Professional Idiot!! for those who can afford to take their pets to the VET weekly, by all means go spend your money. For those who can't afford to, do some research first. Research all VETS your area too as I now no longer that Professional Idiot anymore. Research symptoms on Google or Bing word for word. No word search is too stupid as something always come back for you to read. If then you find out that there is no home cure, take your pet to a vet, but make sure you go that office with knowledge of what could be wrong with your pet and take a written list of your questions to ask before you go. Not everyone has to be to own a pet!! I have eleven year old corgi…I am just trying to get some ideas on how to prolong his life and make him comfortable with his arthritis..I have paid the vet …I can't really afford anymore but I 't feel like he needs to be put down yet. I really 't feel as though the comments that we should not own a pet because we cant afford thousands of dollars for xrays is accurate. children have walked faithfully and bathed him and he has been a great part of our family. He has had his wellness checkups. could not have had a better home than with us!! Gastric Dialation and at worst Torsion as you know presents itself differently from basic canine vomiting. With GDV there is presence of ropey white vomit, roaching of the back and general discomfort that isn't reconciled by a good throw up. I'm not a vet but I have lived with Sighthounds for the last 30 years and while I'm lucky that I've never had a dog bloat or twist on me I am always watching for it. As you also know, time is important a bloat torsion case. I wish that I lived closer to 24 emergency clinic; it is hour away during the day but I have trimmed that trip down to 30 minutes at 3 am one night! I have a chart taped to the inside of one of kitchen cabinet doors that plots out the stages symptons of bloat torsion. The Afghan Hound Club of had a link sometime ago if anyone wants to do a search. I have Great Danes and have experienced Gastric Dilation over the years. One must always be aware of it. Breeders