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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks the animal psychology point of view. Make sure the pup's collar fits well she doesn't learn to slip it. important part of this human-animal bond is to sort out right from the start who is the boss who is going to be the 'top dog' the hierarchy. Dogs and humans boundaries, because they know that if they stay within them they'll be safe. having the pup on a chain, you can start regular lessons dominance from early age. the picture below you holding the pup's head up and holding his gaze into its eyes. It's a simple exercise once the pup has been tied up, petted and reassured with low voice tones. A few minutes each day is all that's needed. You can from the pup's pose that it's a new experience for her and she's not liking it all that much. This showed to be a very simple but very effective way to dominate a pup. He even used to to sort out a mature dog that was playing up. All you do this exercise is to lie the pup on it's side and calm it. If it struggles to get free press down firmly with both your hands and calm it with low voice tones and a gentle massage. It's very effective and there's no physical violence involved anywhere. the initial stages if the pup struggles, giving a low growl to imitate its mother's reactions can be effective. Another trick used by and other dog handlers is to wait till the pup gets really stuck into a bit of meat, which it clearly considered its private property, and take if from it. If it gets nasty give it the 'prone' treatment again and hold its meat front of it before handing it over on your terms. On the chain at the kennel, started to teach the first early lesson of 'Sit'. It was also part of the bonding dominating experience for the pup and was a simple exercise of holding up the pup's head while pressing down it's back end on the command 'sit'. This was done when the opportunity arose, e.g. when passing the kennels or after the dogs were let off for a run. Older dogs 't enjoy the overenthusiastic youngsters being let off at the same time but it is good for the pups to keep social contact with the oldies who they could be working with future. The result seen the picture, is a happy little fast-growing confident pup doing what dogs do digging holes around their dens as they would the wild. It means moving kennels now and again. the 1980s, to combat Hydatids which was also a threat to human health, dogs were dosed regularly by officer from the local District Council. It was not a nice experience for the dog and they all knew when his arrived and what they were going to get. The oral dose made the dog purge and the faeces were collected and sent to a veterinary laboratory to check what parasites were present. Thankfully Hydatids has been eliminated and dogs are given pills every six weeks containing anthelmintic to control the other main internal parasites of dogs. getting her first 'purge' dose nobody liked this system then had to have her injections for distemper and parvo virus both killers of dogs. This was not as traumatic for her as it was a subcutaneous injection the loose skin of her scruff. The veterinarian was former colleague at the Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre the late Day. There's often debate about the order which you do things with a dog. Do you put some commands on her before you let her