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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks learned. notes are incomplete but here is a partial list of what the attendees stated they learned: Also, more not included here. Mosten ends his seminar requesting that the parties consider signing a Peacemaker's What a great way to end two days of learning about creating peace! Finally, thanks for the invite, IAM. A big Thank You! to the IAM for their Hoosier hospitality you made this Volunteer feel right at home! Rule 31 Listed Mediator Past President, Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators Memphis, TN I am grateful to Woody Mosten for everything that he has taught me. When I completed his basic mediation training, I realized that I had learned a great deal. However, over time, I have come to realize that I learned far more from Woody that basic mediation training than I realized at that time. The subsequent trainings I have received from Woody and the materials that he has written or suggested that I read have been invaluable educating me to become the mediator and collaborative law practitioner I have become. It is for just this reason that I frequently mention that I received mediation training from him. I regularly receive emails from people requesting a referral to a good family law mediation training course and I always recommend that they receive their training through Woody. Mosten has been at the heart of the mediation movement since the 1970's. His work embodies, compassion, intellect, perpetual growth and his of harmlessness is always present. Having taken courses with Woody over the past two decades, I have found that each workshop had more depth and sharpened skills and insights,-adding to toolbox. He is a pioneer and ‘elder' the family mediation and dispute resolution field, a great mentor, person, peacemaker and friend. Woody's presentations were always insightful and stuffed with ways I can improve own performance as a peacemaker! I really liked how relaxed and encouraging Woody was to all of the Midwest Conflict Resolution Conference participants he has outstanding way with people to encourage them to open up and participate I suspect that this empathy with people is, no small way, a key to Woody's success as a Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer! I attended the 2011 Midwest Mediation Conference Indiana and learned advanced strategies from Woody Mosten. Although I have considerable experience the field and have trained extensively, I found that Woody is a truly gifted teacher. He possesses admirable ability to atomize his points, allowing us to reflect on those points, and to step back and comment on what we had learned. I look forward to bringing Woody to train colleagues Tennessee. Words cannot fully express the pure enjoyment that I experienced at Woody Mosten training's Advanced Mediation Training. Woody's kind and scholarly manner, coupled with his passion and technical excellence, caused his training to be among the most professionally satisfying two days of 36 years of practice. He has shown me that decisions to become a practitioner of Collaborative Practice and to reincorporate mediation into practice were among the best that I have made professional life. The recent Advanced Divorce and Family Law Mediation Training that Woody Mosten conducted Los was truly outstanding. I added more to toolbox of mediation strategies and tactics two days with you than I could ever have expected. Woody's insightful tips on structuring mediation sessions and drafting summaries for the parties and attorneys I have put into practice immediately. Thank you. I was thinking earlier how I wanted to send a follow up message regarding today's Class on Mediation Strategies to which Woody Mosten arranged invitation for me. Me saying it was awesome isn't enough detail, or explanation. I decided to wait until