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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks what is now a storage room, her feet up, reading the Bible. hates smoking. Few guests are able to keep a cigarette lit for something smashes it out or steals the pack! Ethel must be somewhat of a prohibitionist, because mixed drinks seem to spill and fly off tables fairly often. Estes Park The Hotel This huge, eerie hotel built the early 1900's was a resort for famous celebrities and such. This hotel inspired to write The Shining. Past employees have mentioned hearing footsteps and seeing various apparitions. A ghost has been spotted room 407 the window and most other guests complain about hauntings Room 217 and 401 Estes Park Hotel Room 407 is definitely haunted. Believed to be haunted by Lord Dunraven. He was, of course, run out of town after trying to swindle folks out of their land and money. He mostly stands the corner of the room near the bathroom door. Witnesses report he turned a light the opposite corner on and off several times. When it was off, they just told him that they knew he was there and that they would only be staying for two nights and would he please turn the light back on. He did. During their attempted sleeping hours the elevator was constantly making noise. No one was using the elevator! at 2 the morning. Evergreen Brook Inn A beautiful mountain Inn with numerous ghost stories. Haunted on the top floor by two ghosts: Jessica, a chambermaid murdered by her lover, a stable hand, and the stable hand who committed suicide after killing her. Cold presences are felt going the stairs to the third floor, according to the staff. The Second floor is said to have been the location that murdered his wife after finding out she had affair with another The third floor is said to hold the spirit of a mischievous little boy who died from the flu or some other type of illness. It is said he can be heard running up and down the hallway late at night. The AFSPR present a full report on this investigation sometime August. Evergreen Brook Inn Surrounding Believed to be haunted by the Indians that lived their Hundreds of years ago. Evergreen Hiwan Homestead Museum Reports of being called the Room a grayish white, full sized apparition dressed a floor length nightgown. a locked, unused room above the study Reports of footsteps and a sound that was almost like a rocking chair coming from above. Strange anomalies have showed up on film as well. Fairplay Fairplay Hotel Ghost seen singing and dancing hallways, especially mid- to late-October. Hotel there was a who took a baby and covered the baby cement the basement of the hotel along with a woman. People have seen the walking down to the basement and also the bathrooms, bedrooms and the old dining room. At night some people can hear the baby crying, if you ever go there Florissant Costello Street Coffee House This building used to be a house that was built 1886. The owner of the house, Castello died at home. 's Wife Catherine died from severe burns after her dress caught fire. One of their 's Frank and his wife had a daughter and who died Florissant as children. The lights turn on after being turned off. The owner of the now coffee house has a picture of a little girl sitting on the bathtub upstairs. A musical moose that is put out at holiday time has started playing music on 5 different occasions when no one was near it. Employees have reported hearing footsteps up stairs when the coffee house is closed. times employees can't