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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks a clinic is that we come to you! We bring our own sheep, goats or cattle or you can choose to provide your own. We bring dogs with us to help 't worry about having to separate and bring out your livestock on your own. Develop interest herding your area. By hosting event at your location, you offer the opportunity for others your area to learn about herding, try a bit of herding with their dogs, and and develop a circle of herding friends that can enjoy herding with you. Increase the herding skill level for a club. The group level of herding increase greatly with a clinic experience. Because there is more than just one handler or one dog to observe and more than one set of issues to be addressed, each member of a clinic adds to their overall knowledge through watching the mistakes and methods of others the clinics as well as their own experiences. What to expect at a hosted herding clinic. AHBA Judge Ledbetter be your trainer. Occasionally we bring additional person to assist explaining what the trainers are doing while each dog is worked. We try to work all dogs the morning at least once, take a lunch break, and then work all the dogs again at least once. Depending on the facilities and dogs we may work a combination of round pens, square pens, packed pens, modified square pen methods, larger arenas and pastures. The Host's responsibilities. The host must gather together enough people to make the clinic successful and handle the payment of fees. They also handle the preparations for lunches Host's are not expected to provide food without compensation to participants, but typically provide lunches for the trainers. The host must provide lodging for the trainers at a local hotel. The host also must provide compensation for mileage. Hosts typically take these two expenses out of the fees they collect. Hosts set the fee amounts and must consider their own expenses as well as the fee required by the trainers. On the Road Clinic Fees: Fee $40 per dog per day Mileage $2 per mile as indicated door to door using GoogleMaps. Hotel Accommodations as required Please make your reservations early as there are only 52 weekends a year. PROFESSIONAL HANDLING SERVICES Wanting to get your dog a herding title? Need a handler? Call AHBA Judge and Experienced AKC Handler, Ledbetter. Eligibility: Dogs Eligible for Possum Hollow Handling Services include Dogs already enrolled a Possum Hollow herding training program or Dogs already trained but needing a handler. Dogs that fall into category must be brought to Possum Hollow for several private lessons prior to the event date. Responsibilities of the Owner: The owner must pay for all expenses including travel and lodging, entry fees, etc., addition to the handler's fee. The owner must present the dog a clean and healthy condition at the event. Winnings: All trophies, ribbons, plaques and cash prizes are the property of the owner. The owner must agree to provide a digital photograph for the handler to use promotions. Competition Fees: $100 per event day and $50 per travel day. Clinic Fees: $50 per event day and $50 per travel day. For more information: Contact Possum Hollow before the event to reserve your handler. Call or text us at or email us at HERDING GUARDIAN DOG DEMONSTRATIONS at POSSUM HOLLOW Possum Hollow provides two wonderful opportunities for learning. Livestock Associations, school groups, clubs, etc., can learn about training and handling working dogs You can come for a visit to a real working farm. Bring groups of children or adults to our facilities at Possum Hollow to learn about raising,