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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks dog a real life situation and your dog becomes reliable real life situations. By the end of class dogs have learned basic commands such as sit, down, come, stay, watch, leave it, settle and loose leash walking. This class also covers common problem areas such as potty training, chewing biting and digging. Consistent training at home reinforce the skills they have learned class. Adult Obedience- Basic 2 For Basic Obedience Graduates: The emphasis this class is on reliability, working with distractions and continuance of skills learned Basic Obedience I. We also practice more advanced skills such as heeling with turn pace changes, down stay, sit stay, sitting politely for petting and more. This class also cover remote commands and off-leash work. Board Train While your pet boards, they receive a one-on-one session each day, personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet. Our program provides your dog with a setting which he or she can focus on learning necessary obedience skills. This training is often highly effective when a problem arises the canine human relationship. This price includes one exit lesson. Consultations are by appointment only. Play and Stay Whether your dog loves social group play, or is the more independent type, we have a boarding option that fills the day with fun excitement! Boarding Play all day, stay the night. All luxe comfort with plenty of TLC. This is boarding with Best Friends. Day Camp Your dog enjoy safe, supervised social play with certified Doggy Day Camp counselors. You'll wish you could come, too. Grooming From a quick shampoo to a full day of pampering, our groomers make your pet pawsitively gorgeous. General. St.2012, c.193 An Act further regulating animal control Establishes the Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Fund with a voluntary check-off donation on income tax returns. Prohibits declaring a dog dangerous solely based on the breed of dog. Also regulates health certificates for dogs and cats brought into or sold Mass, kennel licenses, nuisance and dangerous dogs, euthanasia, animal cruelty, protection for animals domestic violence restraining orders and more. Animal cruelty. Animal health. Animal fighting. Devocalization. Dog bite law. Dogs. Exotic pets. Horses, driving near. Internet hunting. Livestock disease control. Shelters; spay or neuter requirement. Stallions. Trusts for the care of animals. 330 CMR, Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources. Includes regulations about domestic animals Massachusetts. Does not include hunting or wild or exotic animals. Exotic Pets. Lemon Law. 330 CMR 12 Massachusetts pet lemon law. Provides, part: All licensees shall provide a substitution or a full refund of the purchase price of any dog or cat to any purchaser who: within 14 calendar days of sale has the dog or cat examined by a licensed veterinarian of his or her choice, and the examination indicates the dog or cat is diseased or has a congenital disorder; and presents the dog or cat, a veterinarian's written statement that the dog or cat is diseased or has a congenital disorder, and proof of sale within two business days of the date of the examination. Commonwealth v. Fettes, 64 Mass.App.Ct. 917 A dog can be a dangerous weapon. A dangerous weapon is 'any instrument or instrumentality constructed or used as to be likely to produce death or great bodily harm.' ...There can be little doubt that a dog used for the purpose of intimidation or attack falls within this definition. Comm. v. J.A., a juvenile, 478 Mass. 385 A juvenile cannot be indicted as a youthful offender based on charges of cruelty to animals and bestiality, given that the language G. L. c. 199, the youthful offender statute, allowing a juvenile to be tried as a youthful offender for offense