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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks have been 'better' the owners eyes then the one who just did obedience. DO you mean defense and prey, or the actual item that is the focus of the dog. If you are saying that all prey times are equal reward ultimately for the dog then I have a couple of dogs sitting here begging to differ with you :rolleyes: K9: most cases they are satisfying prey drive where it wasn't being satisfied before. K9: Lots, how dogs do you a ball with the same enthusiasm? K9: No I cant, nor would want to, post above I said K9: If by repetitive obedience you mean mind numbing pacing up down a field with little to no motivation then sure, I agree, but we all know that obedience training through drive would be just as rewarding drive stimulating as protection work. I said repeat that, training obedience to achieve drive satisfaction provide the same stimulation as protection work. the old days, obedience was trained through compulsion, protection through some form of drive, that no longer has to be the case. Compulsion by design is reduce extinguish limit drive when I am training drive I steer far from any type of correction. K9: The only appreciable difference would be the nerves of the dog, but this is not what I am discussing. N: But why not train a perfectly capable dog schutzhund? I no problem with that if the OP has already owned a dog before then maybe he has a reasonable idea about it and would enjoy it. He is also willingly asking for advice about what is the best direction from his dog which I as a good sign. K9: I guess everyone reads posts differently, I a person that has put more work into this dog than the old dog with less results, they were thinking that the only difference was that the old dog was Prot trained, I think the type of training isn't where the problem lays, and although it makes no real difference Knucklebuster is a female. K9: Sorry, I didnt explain the drive process thouroughly, drive satisfaction is the same for every drive other words, if the dog goes through the drive sequence of prey or defence, the reward to the dog, drive satisfaction is the same, its felt by the dog as internally rewarding, through a chemical change the therefore, if you satisfy prey drive or defence, its the same currency to speak. Having a dog that only gain satisfaction from one specific prey item is a little limiting also. when it comes to obedience few clubs train the way you advocate Steve. On the other hand a Sch club begin the obedience process through drive. I dont think adding some corrections when drive training is a bad thing dogs need some control their lives and simply opening the proverbial can of drive worms can be a nightmare for some dogs and owners alike. Some dogs need drive limited for their own sake before the point where the little mushroom cloud appears between their ears and they can never settle down. Seen it dont like it. Also limiting a dogs prey items IMO can be a responsible part wouldnt want a dog to screaming, playing children as a way of gaining drive satisfaction would we. Mal has been taught there are some things you NEVER use as prey items and it hasnt meant killing her drive at all. fact it has helped her immensely with her drive building and focus and coping busy places. She KNOWS what a drive toy is when I say and go bananas for it. If a kid runs around a pet