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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks habits. Are you the pet medical field or Pet industry? Great! Limitless Dog Training would the opportunity to speak to you and your staff regarding dog training, bite prevention, and dog behavior. We provide your staff lunch while you learn important tips from one of our Professional Dog Trainers. You also be entertained with some fun tricks performed by one of our dogs! McGuire began his dog training career after attending the No Limitations Dog Trainer's School Denver Colorado. Soon after, he opened the first location Temecula Valley and has since been seen all throughout the media including Animal Planet. He is a master student his continuous growth as a person and a professional dog trainer. actively participates charities like the Paws-4-Law, local rescues and more. His undying passion can be seen as he helps people become proactive leaders and dogs become true members of the family. is a firefighter who came to us with a to rehabilitate and retrain his fearful dog Miller. His dog miller is now a changed dog and has become LimitLess. After seeing his enthusiasm and zeal for LimitLess Dog Training, we brought him on board to join our trained directly under McGuire The LimitLess Trainers Apprentice Program. is always positive and has a truly caring personality for our clients and their dogs. Tiffany is loved by and liked by all. Her caring nature and can do attitude has been a perfect match for our LimitLess We get constant compliments on her sweet personality and her customer service skills are second to none. She has three dogs of her own and if she could would probably have a million. UPDATE 3 10 is doing great! We absolutely her. She and Murphy to play. She lays on her back and rolls around with her legs the air and makes us laugh hard! She seems to be feeling fine and loves to eat! UPDATE 1 10 continues to do great. She is such a wonderful part of our family. She a little stubborn streak her. If we want her to go outside but she does not want to, she lays on her back and puts her legs the air and we practically have to pick her up! She is funny. She loves to play catch but doesn't always give the ball back:) Her and Murphy keep each other company during the day. I would to send some pictures of them together, but 't know where to send them. UPDATE 12 09 is doing great! She is now trained on the electric fence and enjoys being out there with Murphy. They run and play together and are funny. She loves to play fetch with a ball and jumps high! She also loves to sit a spot the middle of the yard. She is not having accidents the house anymore--once we figured out what the problem was--she was conditioned to going our tiled foyer because we were never able to discipline her for it because she only went when we weren't home. We blocked off the foyer and she has not had any accidents since. We've been walking her with her haltee on a double leash with Murphy. It's nice how they walk together. We still are working with a private trainer. The dogs' next appt. is 12. still enjoys doggy daycare twice a week and they say she is very well behaved there! Our only complaint as of recently is that she was getting into the cat's litter box and also eating the cat's food--even though t he food dish was way on top of a dresser!! Hopefully the installation of a cat door today help keep the litter and