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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks think to post any of or family's doings on Facebook or other social media. As one of LeadDog's founding partners, JG Robilotti has been actively involved helping create and manage some of LeadDog's largest accounts, like the Department of Transportation's annual Streets events, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's for Survival, and the MoonWalk. He has over 20 years of event experience including managing high profile events such as the Goodwill Games 1994, the 1996 Olympic Games, and World Wrestling Entertainment's variety of events throughout his years with the company. Born and raised New City, JG is a proud 4th generation New Yorker. has over 12 years' experience overseeing some of LeadDog's largest experiential initiatives and integrated accounts. She specializes developing revenue-generating strategies, high-end hospitality production, and conceiving and realizing large-scale, integrated campaigns for clients such as The New Times, Oath and is a charismatic leader who takes pride mentoring her teams and empowering them with her drive, passion, and deep industry knowledge. Prior to joining LeadDog, began her career the entertainment and print magazine industries at EMI Records, and Seventeen Magazine. A to learn more about the entertainment industry led to the West Coast and a role film and commercial production at Red Dog Films. Always one to truly immerse herself a project, she even took a turn as actress, starring a digital film that garnered accolades and awards and was distributed on the Independent Film Channel. was eventually lured back to New to work across these industries, and today leads all media, entertainment, and tech initiatives and accounts at LeadDog. 1. influential person career: Stefanie Manning, former client and Associate Publisher Marketing, Stefanie was a significant influence on career. From the moment we started working together, there was amazing sense of mutual respect and a great rapport which set the tone for our relationship for years to come. She was tough but fair and her continued trust and confidence me helped shape who I am, professionally, today. 15. Favorite trip: Bringing best friends to family's hometown Greece, just after high school, again after college and then for wedding! Not only did I get to share the amazing heritage that influenced life, but we also built -lasting memories that we continue to revisit and treasure today! has been LeadDog's resident Brand Promotions guru for over 12 years. has 20 years of experience developing both domestic and global promotions for LeadDog clients such as Disney, Bros., Citi, Coty, Kohl's, The North Face, and Pernod Ricard. oversees the digital development for all brand promotions and digital services projects at LeadDog, leading the team building creative, interactive, and digital solutions. is a graduate of State University, and served over eight years the Army National Guard. Over the last nineteen years, has led -breaking campaigns for NIKE, two WNBA teams, the Development League with the Asheville Altitude, the Nets Basketball and strategically leads brands and staff across numerous verticals as a part of LeadDog Marketing Group and CSM. As the Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Partnerships Communications, is instrumental force driving revenue, generating brand engagment and amplifying key messaging through the use of strategic marketing, compelling partnership platforms, and strategic communications for a variety of cross vertical clients such as the Davidson, Sesame Street, USA Cycling, SONY Pictures Television, Cirque du Soleil, and the 2014 NY NJ Super Bowl Host Committee. Self-described as a Rising Phoenix, you can find on a mountain top Colorado the saddle of one of her 6+ mountain bikes any given afternoon. 15. Influential people career: Hall Alfred White Matt Pazaras and With eleven years at LeadDog, currently serves as the Vice President of Finance and Human Resources. She oversees the