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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks you can't move onto the next step of training! I loved what I learned with own personal rescue Pitbull and couldn't wait to start working for Sit Means Sit! Being able to get the full attention to teach a dog basic manners inside and outside the home is essential to a happy, confident and successful relationship with your dog. I want to help families and individuals have a wonderful relationship with their canine family members and help shelter and rescue dogs get the chance to live a happy life they deserve! Growing up family has always had at least one dog, and I that most of childhood memories involved running around and playing with our pet dogs outside. Our dogs knew the basic commands, but it wasn't until I was 15 that I started down path as a dog trainer when I came across a group of Guide Dogs for the Blind at the county fair. I loved being around animals, the small town I grew up back California that meant joining the 4-H Club. While participating a show at the fair I saw a group of people, some around age, with a bunch of dogs wearing green vests. I started inquiring about what they were doing and found out that they were a group of Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Raisers. I didn't even know exactly what went into it; I just knew I had to do it! I am definitely a dog lover through and through, but I have also always loved being able to give back to the community any way possible. The thought of being able to help train a dog that would give a blind person their freedom to move around the world better had me instantly hooked! I volunteered as a Puppy Raiser for the next five years and raised three dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind. These dogs were with me from eight weeks old to about a year and a half. I learned the importance of starting training with your dog from the moment we got picked them up at eight weeks old. I was responsible for teaching them all the basic commands, as well as socializing them to the world before they headed back for their formal training with the harness potential blind partner. From the moment I picked up first Guide Dog Puppy, Court, a spark was lit inside of me and I realized I would always want to have dog training be a part of life one way or another. While training the three dogs I learned about dog behavior and the importance of consistency any form of training you do. As much as I loved volunteering for Guide Dogs, it didn't pay the bills. I eventually had to go out and get a real job. But I was unable to find any dog training businesses area I had to put dream job on hold. About three years ago I moved to and immediately started looking for a training company that would hire and help me grow knowledge with dog training. I found one and learned as much as I could from them for the past three years. They helped me start training again, but thirst for knowledge kept growing. I was able to learn different training techniques as well as teaching the general public how to train their dogs. I loved being able to the happiness clients received from the training I had helped them with; they were finally able to live with their dogs again! However, I also wanted to push myself farther and learn as different training techniques as possible. For example, I have always been