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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks it's impossible to understand. So it's helped my performance. K9 University is an League dog educational institution focusing on dog training needs from the very basic, to the very advanced and specialized training. We are sought by training experts as a behavioral resource across the Midwest. We provide help with complex conditions, and severe behavioral issues, as well as dogs that just have a bad habit. Recommended by most Oklahoma veterinarians. Over the years, we've developed modern patented and copy written training techniques that helps us teach you how to communicate with your dog reliably. Understanding that the domestic dog's primary duty is to please its' master, it is then crucial that we establish a clear line of communication between the two of you. Once you learn how to communicate, there are typically no limits to what you may be able to do together. All of this while practicing the most POSITIVE training method know the industry praise reward, which TREAT training and CLICKER training. Our results as stated by our huge list of satisfied clients are the true testimonial of our success. Behavioral curbing is yet another area of expertise, and has proven to have saved thousands of dogs, while keeping a balanced dog-people home life style. Most behaviors are indeed treatable if you understand the triggers behind them 't give up on your dog and his issues until you know the facts. New NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Phoenix AZ, Philadelphia San Antonio TX, San CA, Dallas TX, San CA, Detroit San Francisco CA, Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis TX, Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, NC, Memphis TN, Boston Baltimore MD, El Paso TX, Seattle WA, Denver CO, Nashville TN, Milwaukee WI, Washington DC, Las Vegas NV, Louisville KY, Portland OR, Oklahoma City Tucson AZ, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Kansas City MO, Fresno CA, Sacramento CA, Long Beach CA, Mesa AZ, Omaha NE, Beach VA, Miami FL, OH, Oakland CA, Raleigh NC, Colorado Springs CO, Tulsa Minneapolis MN, Arlington TX. We have a new contact for therapy dog vest information, Raspberry Field You can reach them direct at where is ready to help you! The vests are red with our logo embroidered on the back. You also email at: he guide you with your therapy dog vest info. Have your B&BTD member number ready so he can verify your membership! The Bright and Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which evaluates, tests, trains and qualifies owners and their well behaved dogs as therapy dog teams. These teams give unconditional love, boost self-esteem, and relieve loneliness and boredom. Did you know petting a dog lower your blood pressure? The benefits are endless. They work nursing homes, hospitals, psychiatric wards, shelters, schools and other facilities. Pet therapists are great demand, and there is a serious shortage of therapy dogs. Our dogs visit children pediatrics. Most of the children have never been away from home before. They are frightened, fearful at the prospect of having to spend the night a big scary hospital. Sometimes the children are severely handicapped. When they visit, the dogs seem to spark a reaction no one has ever seen before. Children hospitals hold therapy dogs while being infused with chemotherapy. Libraries and schools are discovering how reading out loud to a dog can relieve shyness and reduce inhibitions. We visit lonely seniors nursing and assisted living homes. The dogs and handlers provide a welcome change their routine and often form lasting friendships with the patients. They bring back pleasant memories of family pets days gone by. When we visit rehabilitation facilities and hospitals, the patients are able to ease the boredom of institutional life or the