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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks overlimit of walleyes. A complaint of trespassing across private land to access a lake was taken care of and resulted four individuals cited for trespass. Falls #2 vacant. CO reports angling pressure the area is slow but steady. Angler success has improved and has the quality of fish seen. also assisted officers on the Rainy River for the busy catch-and-release sturgeon Violations included DWI, angling without a license, and transporting fish without a skin patch. CO Marty Stage worked on getting equipment ready for storage and getting ready for activity. There is still a lot of snow the woods, but river ice is deteriorating locations. Please be careful. CO Fagerman checked lakes along the border. He dealt with equipment breakdowns and checked snowmobilers. CO Mary Manning patrolled area lakes and rivers and checked border-lake walleye anglers. Manning also patrolled roads, where snow was quickly disappearing. Storms over the weekend brought back to the Northwoods for a few more days, although not as much snow fell the Arrowhead as other parts of the state. Enforcement action was taken when the officer witnessed a car nearly sideswipe the median barrier and another car. The distracted driver was cited for careless operation. CO Bermel worked late- crappie anglers, primarily the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Overall activity is low. Bermel also spent time on commercial activity. Enforcement action taken for fishing without a license and a traffic violation. CO David Schottenbauer reports there wasn't much activity the area. He also worked on Academy lesson plans. CO Wahlstrom check anglers along the border and focused on ATV enforcement. Time was also spent working on issued equipment. Enforcement action was taken for ATV violations. CO answered questions from out of state anglers wishing to fish North Shore trout streams on the opener. The anglers were shocked to hear that area streams were frozen solid. also checked beaver trappers and issued deer possession permits for vehicle killed deer. CO Hansen worked ATV activity and fishing and small game enforcement and answered miscellaneous wildlife calls. He checked area lakes and patrolled areas. A common call was about road kill deer near feeders. CO Fairbanks attended a K9 meeting and training and checked anglers and assisted the county with locating a missing vehicle. Fairbanks and his K9 partner also assisted the State Patrol with locating a suspect who fled into the woods on foot after a vehicle pursuit. Enforcement action was taken for license issues. CO Sutherland worked angling activity. Ice thickness varies throughout the area but it's generally still thick enough for ice fishing. Sutherland worked with CO Asch to remove ice shelter that was left on the ice after the removal date. Litter complaints were taken and are currently being worked. CO Asch focused primarily on ATV and angling activity. Asch attended meetings with the Forestry Division and Academy instructors. Anglers reported increase success for panfish the area before the weekend snowfalls. Enforcement action was taken for overlimit of panfish. Hill City vacant. CO Jacob checked anglers on Lake but did not see a lot of success. attended a meeting with local steelhead anglers and assisted local agencies with calls for service. Phone calls were fielded regarding upcoming safety classes and other miscellaneous questions. CO Schmidt spent much of the week working shore angling activities along the North Shore. Some anglers were catching Kamloops rainbow trout and a few coho salmon. Schmidt followed up on dumping and ATV complaints. Injured animal and nuisance animal complaints were handled along with equipment maintenance. CO Kipp spent the majority of the week working along the North Shore of Lake An injured eagle was picked up and transported to a local rehab facility.