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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks under certain conditions. Next a physician reported that Groening had healed a number of his patients without having them ever seen. I have convinced myself as a doctor from the fact that Groening has healed cases, which have been impossible to be cured by us. Therefore I couldn't understand that Groening was challenged to join a course clinics order to be allowed to heal at all. What are we doctors able to teach Groening to learn more? We can learn from him rather more. Under great excitement of all present Groening took then the word to address. His way of expressing himself, perhaps sometimes seemed to be primitive. He himself admits that he is not sophisticated the ordinary sense. Yes, he says, rather, that he is no way literate or studied. He was a simple a nerd, who didn't want to accept something from others. I give you to know he explained, that it is not a human, but a divine power that let me heal people. I have no intention to let me checked by the science or medicine even once. I am no who wants to make money this way and I 't want to compete with physicians. If one clears the way for me to help people and to heal them as well, then I'll stay for now Germany, if not, then I'm gone the fastest way. A recently still blind speaks now to the press conference as evidence of his healing by Groening. From his wristwatch he reads the minutes and seconds and let circulate simultaneously his previous pension certificate. It continues that a very serious looking older gentleman performs, who reported that since 15 years his wife has had ear trouble. She could barely hear and had become tired of life through constant painful tinnitus. The first expert the hospitals of Vienna, Berlin and other cities had declared that this suffering was incurable. He went to Hamburg to reach Groening, and when he learned that he has already left, he followed him throughout Germany, but also Herford he was too late. But he got permission from the housekeeper Herford, that his wife was allowed to sit for a few seconds the previously used armchair of Groening. From that moment his wife has been cured of tinnitus she entirely ceased and has gained back her hearing ability. One after the other witness showed up, sometimes they reported with tears their eyes, of the miracle cures by Groening. However, most striking was, as a well-known Munich journalist spoke up and declared: I came here today as reporter and have not spoken a word with Groening. I have lost one kidney the war, the other caused me most pain, and I was no minute free of it. Suddenly, as Groening came pain was blown away, and this state already now holds on over hour. I can't feel painful kidney anymore. A gave a shout and said that she had met a woman far from Rosenheim, who had been with Groening. The woman told her that she had been healed by Groening. When I expressed regret that I previously couldn't even go to Groening order to heal paralyzed arm, the woman said that it was quite unnecessary, and that I should just take her a hand, because she comes from Groening recently, and the force that overflowed from him to her, must work on other people as well. And when the woman gave me her hand, I could suddenly move for years paralyzed arm again. Not only the voltage but also the heat the room by Jupiter lights of the film people increased more and more. A great atmosphere arose among