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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks that what client needed most was someone to be her guide and to be honest about what would happen, even if that honest answer wasn't concrete. I met with 5 prospective clients this week, each one had different issues and struggles and each needed very different things. At the end of those meetings I had 5 new clients and 5 different approaches to their cases. Who knows how they all work out, but I am committed to keep working until we get there. Woody and gave me the confidence to step out of comfort zone and really embrace the possibilities. It is amazing how different it feels. Take your pick: Empowering? Enlightening? Innovative? Informative? EEII I experienced all the Building A Profitable Peacemaking Business two-day workshop spearheaded by Woody Mosten and Hoffman. The concept of peacemaking as a back-drop to collaborative law with a la carte approach to providing mediation services to clients created a window I had not seen before launching a family mediation practice. By branding oneself a peacemaker it allows you to craft a menu of services tailor made for your client and as a non-lawyer preparing to solicit mediation clients this overview created a limitless platform for own business model. I also believe that as a true peacemaker we take the literal affirmation into our daily lives from a personal lifestyles perspective and extend it when needed on a professional front together with other services providers to create a form fitting support system for families transition. Many our local practice group, Next Generation Divorce, had gone through one, two, or even three basic collaborative trainings, and yearned for something more. They fully understood the basics and filled to the brim with enthusiasm for the process, and yet, as most communities, members were struggling to get collaborative cases. we decided to bring Woody Mosten to Tampa for a two-day intensive seminar on How to Build a Profitable and Satisfying Mediation and Collaborative Practice: How to Get Client. On a practice group level, I am thrilled that we did. Woody provided ideas, methods, and samples that expanded our members' minds about what constitutes a collaborative case and the various ways which they could be created. Woody wasn't afraid to tackle taboos, question common wisdom, and engage with and encourage members to step outside their comfort zone. As a result, I am hearing about more collaborative cases coming from members who attended Woody's seminar. On a personal level, I am truly thankful for the training. Not only were discussions had on collaborative ideas, but Woody went through the whole panoply of non-litigation and unbundled options. This has helped me make the determination that I no longer need to take on litigation cases. Woody's training has helped me develop a plan for moving on from litigation, and I look forward to the day, the of this year, when I not accept any new litigation work. For practice group leaders, I strongly encourage you to bring this training to your community. For collaborative professionals, if you want to take your understanding of the process to a new level and give yourself the best opportunity to build a strong peacemaking practice, you could spend no better time than to attend this seminar. Little did I know that being with Woody his practice building seminar was going to be transformational for me and others who attended. I have talked about not litigating for a few years, but I kept taking new litigated cases as well as Collaborative cases and preparing prenuptial agreements. We won't go into why I kept litigating, but it was NOT because I had to. At the end of Woody's training, I