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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks I admit that doubled the cost of order. We brought home from the vet Friday night with $800 and the vet's attempt to comfort us by saying he'd be willing to come by over the weekend and put down after Alli had gotten a to say goodbye. I admit I had virtually no whatsoever that would survive when we brought him home. His breathing was extremely labored and it was obvious that he was tremendous pain. I can clearly remember sitting on our bed with lying next to daughter while I pet him saying good boy while daughter wept. wife and children were leaving for the weekend while I stayed home with We felt this would be easiest assuming he would die or be put down over the next couple days. Regardless, I began the herbal regimen along with hydrotherapy. I also pureed up some food and fed both medication and dinner over the next few days with a medicine dropper. survived the first few days and within a week was resisting the medicine dropper We completed the first full cycle of medication and on 's advice we began a second cycle. Today is fully recovered, his BUN levels are completely normal and his Creatinine is 2. We told the veterinarian about Five Leaf and he was skeptical. Of course this was the same veterinarian who kindly offered to put our chihuahua down for us only a day or two after we had taken the dog out of his clinic. I cannot recommend five leaf and its products strongly enough. I am absolutely certain that would not have survived had I not begun the herbal and hydrotherapy regimen. I wish to thank sincerely for family and for who happily bark at any people or dogs he sees. Wigen Butte, MT Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. 10 2011 Our 14-year-old terrier mix Trixie started having seizures this and was diagnosed with enlarged heart and fluid her lungs. The vet put her on Lasix to address the fluids, but after a couple of weeks, she stopped eating and was vomiting and having diarrhea. After two weeks of trying to coax her to eat anything the vet found her kidney values were quite elevated They said she appeared to be kidney failure, perhaps because of the Lasix, but because of her heart and lung condition, the normal IV fluid treatment would kill her, and stopping the Lasix altogether would kill her as well. We were resigned to having to put her down because she seemed miserable and the idea of watching her starve to death was more than we could bear. On the morning of her final day, she crawled up to snuggle us bed and we fed her bits of ham from a breakfast sandwich which she enthusiastically gobbled up, and we decided we weren't ready to give up on her. I cancelled her euthanasia, found this website and ordered the package on a with 2-day shipping. We called our vet and she said we could try doing subcutaneous fluids to help her kidneys process better, along with the Canine Kidney treatments. The CKH products shipped the very next day and were on our doorstep on Wednesday, and we started Trixie on a full course of the supplements, along with subcutaneous fluids every other day and half her previous dose of Lasix. We also gave her phenobarbital for her seizures. To get her appetite back, I grilled steaks and chicken and pork chops for her to mix with her normal food. Within 2 weeks, she was back to normal with her appetite and energy, and has been thriving ever since.