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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks spill, and he hasn't been able to get his paws it since we got it, no splashing. Only problem is that, because it is all plastic, he has chewed the ring around the bowl heavily much that it not stick together as well anymore. If we had watched him around it more, or only had him use it during certain times, I'm certain this wouldn't have happened. So still a really great product, just make sure they 't chew threw the edge. I'm thinking of putting some duct tape around it to keep it sealed because I still the bowl. The Bowl is a spill proof water bowl for dogs that holds water even when upside down! Great for use your car, truck, boat, or while camping. It also comes handy for dogs who are always making a mess. Breaks down into three pieces for easy cleaning. Made USA of high quality, food grade plastic. Features: Overfilling could result minimal spillage but bowl remain splash proof How the Bowl works: The Bowl is made of three tough molded polycarbonate plastic parts which lock together. Its unique three-section construction creates two chambers for water supply: the funnel-shaped drinking chamber, which gives your dog access to a refilling water supply, and the containment chamber which holds a generous supply of water. The containment chamber is enclosed on all sides and won't spill even if flipped upside-down. An opening the bottom of the funnel-shaped Drinking Chamber lets water from the Supply Chamber to restore the drinking supply. A gravity-activated valve near top of funnel piece allows air into the Supply Chamber as water is depleted, but closes when the bowl is upside-down to keep the water from leaking out. Great American Spillproof Products 854513002156 BB natural 64oz. Beast Dog Training is the top relationship focused dog training company Colorado. We produce well-socialized dogs that are well balanced and are good with people and other dogs. Our team of professional trainers have years of experience dog behavior and training, and participate continued education as to provide the general public with the most up to date training available. Our niche is dog dog socialization and group play dynamics, offering classes focused on this niche such as our ALWAYS FREE Playful Pup classes, Group Day Training, and the Dog class all classes geared toward developing the most mentally sound dog possible through proper social experiences, as well as teaching owners how to communicate with and understand their dog through relationship centered Training. by SportDOG Staff If you're reading this article, you probably own, have owned, or are thinking about owning a gun dog puppy. To train your puppy to be a retrieving machine, here are three things that are crucial to teach it from day one. 1) Socialize, Socialize, Socialize Your home is unfamiliar to your new puppy. Depending on where you got it, there have been limited human interaction. This is the first time being away from momma and sights and sounds are brand new. During this period, you want to make sure you socialize your puppy. Take your new best friend everywhere you go. Your puppy must learn how to deal with other people, dogs, and sounds, or it could lead to big problems. Taking it on trips to the farmers' market, walks, or to a baseball game, be monumental getting your puppy acclimated to its surroundings. Get a leash, attach it to your puppy and tie it to your waist. Lead your puppy around the house while doing your everyday chores. You want your dog to heal the field, this is a great way to kick start that process. Remember to take it slow during