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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks eat Assessing your dog's health Basic first aid for dogs Grooming Your Dog £2 This is a useful book which gives guidance and tips on grooming and bathing your dog. It covers the basic grooming tools you need. It includes details of the best method for grooming and also bathing your dog. There is useful information about health checks you can out whilst grooming and the important but careful requirement for clipping your dog's nails. These Free Bonuses have been added to the end of the main book Shepherd Training This Free Bonus Offer is only available until these two bonus books are republished as 2nd editions Summary Shepherd Training is designed to help you to enjoy the pleasure of owning a well behaved dog. The book teaches you how to achieve a happy and stable home life for you, your family and your Shepherd. A trained dog make a positive contribution to the quality of your life at home. The down loadable book we are offering you here, Shepherd Training do just that. It is based on training your dog, your own home, using a reward based method. This is our version of the Dog method and actually, you find this dog training program is fun. As the book Shepherd Training comes bundled with the two FREE bonus books Essential Care For Your Dog and Grooming Your Dog You be getting a virtual DOG OWNER'S BIBLE. Something that last you for years and be available for you to dip into whenever you have things you need to know as a Shepherd Owner. It really is value for money and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee Order Today Take advantage of the special Time Limited bonus offer. You could start your Shepherd training almost immediately and with the 30 day guarantee, you are not taking any risks what ever. Just click on the Buy Now button above to start on your dog training adventure. PS Remember, this book teaches you how to achieve a happy and stable home life for your family and your best friend. You could begin training your Shepherd within a few hours PPS The FREE BONUS BOOKS contain essential information for you as a Dog Owner. These books are currently selling as eBook versions for eReaders such as Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and and Kobo etc. These free bonus books are really useful aids to help you dog management and keeping your dog active and HEALTHY. The books almost certainly save you money the future especially reduced veterinary costs PPPS The book Shepherd Training together with the FREE Bonuses represents real value for money. Don't delay ordering your copy NOW. Remember you are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied that there is zero risk ordering Here's wishing you and your dog lots of good luck the future. A 16 million-strong army of animals including mules, donkeys, cats and even camels was deployed with the lives of 9m tragically cut short Trapped behind enemy lines during the First World War, the few surviving soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division came under fire from both sides. As German bullets strafed through the Argonne Forest north-east and picked them off one by one, they came under heavy shellfire from their own lines too. With less than 200 men from a 500-strong unit still alive, three messengers were sent on a perilous last-ditch mission to let HQ known their position. It was their only hope. Two were killed at once. The third was hit too. But blinded one eye, with a gaping chest wound and one leg hanging by a single tendon, the