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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks Each and every one if 3 legged family has given me unconditional I have a very close friend the state I moved from who kept telling me I needed to find homes for some of pets. How can you pick which family member to get rid of? She kept saying they were only pets. I finally said the subject is non-negotiable. When I worked at walmart, I'd help people save money with their choices. the pet section is more expensive that benadryl the human section and it's the same med. for you to say it's animal cruelty is just WRONG! You have a very successful business but it sounds like you 't have any experience the human animal bond. Pity! You 't know what you're missing! From reading the replies here, it seems that poor people should not have pets. Perhaps, the humane society could look at income levels before adopting out their animals. Before everyone gets worked up, I'm being sarcastic. I have never been able to walk out of the vets office without being $300 poorer and this is for yearly exam and shots. If your pet is actually sick, it's xrays and lab work and another $1000 and maybe you get proper treatment. I am told by friends out the middle of no where that vet care is cheaper out the boonies. I found a a dead mamma cat and dead kittens and one surviving kitten. They appeared to have been mauled by animal. I took the kitten to the vet who said to feed it dry kitten food and not replacement milk. The kitten developed low blood sugar 3 days later. Total cost for treatment was over $2000. Perhaps the kitten replacement milk would have avoided the low blood sugar and I would have been better off going by instincts with this baby rather than doing what the vet suggested. Well since vets r such animal lovers shouldn't some offer affordable rates for the lower income Americans who live check to check or I guess they're kids 't deserve pets because her father just educates our children or patrol our streets or build our schools n hospitals since our society doesn't deem these worthy of a decent salary only people with money can …..with a name like u should be a little more you are one heartless, B. There are a lot of dogs loving homes that are well taken care of. And just because their owners want to use over the counter medications for their animals, just like they do for themselves or their family does not make them unworthy to own pets. I guess you have never used over the counter meds for your self….right? People like you, who judge others just to make yourself feel superior make me sick. you might want to re read 's comment. She said that she took kittens that she found with their dead mother to the vet, spent $2 dollars on advice given by the vet as to what to feed them was WRONG. If I understood the post correct, she was simply saying that her first instincts on how to care for the kittens would have been the wiser decision. Seems to me that she was attempting to do what was right for the kittens. How does that make her a heartless b?? READ before you comment and your ignorance won't be obvious. After reading her comment, I seen a person that took kittens that were need, and most likely spent money that she could have used for something and did what she thought was best for the well being of the babies. Something that a lot of