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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks who do not consider the unhygienic practice of allowing animals fresh from a trail with all kinds of bacteria, poop, etc on their bodies to come and possibly make others sick, especially those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and the very I'm also a runner, and quite frankly, I cannot jog the evenings or early mornings Switzerland because there's poo on the running paths, streets, and sidewalks There are bad pet owners everywhere, and the more accommodating the law, unfortunately, the higher the frequency of such occurrences of poop on the streets, accidents restaurants, markets, busses, trams, trains, etc. A happy medium might be to have trails and around the city which are pet-friendly, and which do not require leashes, special dog cat carriages on trains and trams, and to designate certain pet-friendly restaurants, thus warning patrons who do not wish to share their personal eating space with a number of animals who or not be well-groomed, or taken care of especially well. I would to move to the countryside here Switzerland, but it would only be there that I would consider to bring dog from the States. City life is for humans, but dogs need open space, and considerably more than most people think. We are selfish to keep them cramped flats, and then get angry when people 't want to accommodate us when we want to make them run on pavement and sit at the table with us a restaurant smelling all the tempting food from strange non-owners around them. The onus rests upon us as pet-owners to do better. It's not cute to have dogs grocery stores, that is OSHA violation, you never know if someone is allergic to dog fur. When a dog walks by fur trends to trail Retail they tend to urinate to mark their territory, and deficate, who had to clean up after them… the employee. Pets are cool, but not retail where there is food. I have dog phobia and suffer because of that. I 't hate dogs and feel terrible if I any animal not treated well, but I feel restricted Europe. I practically stayed hotel room when visiting Budapest because dogs were off leash. I wish I didn't have this phobia. However, I really wish that some dog owners would understand situation. Living Philippines is pure hell because of the uncontrolled dogs. I happen to dogs, but the people here are very inconsiderate when it comes to controlling their dogs….one would think they 't even have owner because they bark endlessly and continouusly. I've traveller all over the Philippines and find this is true everywhere. Since Philippines is poor they can't afford to properly care for their dogs…. people own dogs for their called protection the dogs bark when people are around, but then, regular neighbors be around, the dogs are barking senselessly, and the owners 't even step outside to why their dogs are barking or to curtail the barking. The Philippines is beautiful but there is no such thing as peace and quiet, day or night. They 't understand how nice a quiet night can be watching the stars because there is always a barking dog nearby, barking endlessly. They can't afford birth control for their dogs, the dog population is simply out of control. if you are expat seeking some peace and quiet for your retirement, I suggest another country. Nice post I wish there was a summary for all comments to browse. Greece we have some interesting laws: All dogs must have on their collar a rabies vaccination token, fines are frequently enforces if not applied. Serial number micro chip must be injected all pet dogs. If