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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks https: Lauren Bedogne Horse and Farm Insurance Laura Bedogne is well versed both horses and the insurance needs of horse owners and equine professionals. She got her start the equine industry more than 20 years ago initially the realm of jumpers and later the world of dressage. A 2003 graduate of the University of Findlay's Equine Studies and Equine Business Management programs, Ms. Bedogne first worked as assistant barn manager before entering the insurance field. She currently works as a Client Service Representative for Marshall and Inc. Birmingham, MI, and assists customers throughout the country. Ms. Bedogne has received certification as a Certified Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist and deals primarily with equine farm and liability insurance. her spare time, Ms. Bedogne still spends plenty of time with horses through her current dressage training and by assisting friends at shows. https: Bendler Rescue Bendler is the co-owner of Run Equine, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming slaughter-bound horses. Ms. Bendler has been riding nearly her entire life and worked as a barn manager for a number of years. It was at a barn that she met her husband, Jack, a horse trainer from Oklahoma. The pair began frequenting horse auctions, looking for horses they could save from slaughter and rehome through adoption. What started as a venture between the pair, using their owns funds to rescue and care for horses, quickly grew as their reputation for rehabilitating horses spread. 2014 they bought a farm Athens, OH, that they could rescue more horses, and of 2015, Run Equine obtained its non-profit designation. Since then Ms. Bendler has continued to grow her non-profit business through a variety of fundraising and outreach efforts. addition to continuing her mission of rescuing slaughter-bound horses, Ms. Bendler has expanded her rescuing talents to include other animals including some species of fowl. Her new farm dog program trains rescue dogs to be competent farm companions. http: Berk Ohio Farm Bureau Berk serves as the Organization Director for Delaware, Franklin, and Union County chapters of the Ohio Farm Bureau. Mr. Berk obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree cell and molecular biology from Washington Jefferson College Pennsylvania and has extensive experience agriculture. Following graduation, Mr. Beck served as a Crop Extensionist the Peace Corps Paraguay from 2008, where he focused on soil health, erosion prevention, and cover crop use. Upon his return to the United States he continued his education and completed a 's degree public health from Washington University Washington, D.C. addition to working for the Ohio Farm Bureau, Berk is the Chief Operating Officer for Edible a print magazine published quarterly which focuses on sustainable food and agriculture Ohio. https: Blackburn Facility Design and Layout Blackburn is the President of Blackburn Architects, P.C. Washington, D.C., and the author of the book Healthy Stables by Design. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Clemson University 1969 and completed his Masters of Architecture and Urban Design at Washington University 1973. Though he is not currently active horse person, Mr. Blackburn grew up riding horses and working around the barn. During his extensive career as architect, he has worked on more than 160 barn projects 30 states and designed barns for all breeds, sports, budgets, and types of equine operations. Mr. Blackburn possesses more than 40 years of experience as architect and 30 years as equestrian facility designer. Structures designed by Mr. Blackburn function for the owner and riders while preserving and contributing to the health and safety of the horses through the use of natural ventilation and light. Mr. Blackburn is also a passionate advocate for equine welfare and is a member of equine-focused organizations including various state