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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks Animal Radio interviews dog trainer, Mathilde DeCagny, who talks about the trials and tribulations of dog training on a film set. She says, Between all the scenes, we used a total of 22 yellow Labs. Most of the scenes required them to be ‘bad!' You get your exercise training the already excitable Labrador. She reports live from New City where one of the Marleys just finished eating three Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches just one of the rewards of show business! And there's more! Listen to interviews with Director David Frankel who talk about their own pets and even sneaking them onto the set! Hear this special Marley Me Animal Radio速 broadcast on XM Satellite Radio ch. 158 Saturday Dec. 20 at noon EST and again at 9 am EST, or on any of the 90+ AM FM radio affiliates, including KOST 103 Los Angeles. The fetch or retrieve is a great behavior to teach from scratch or refine your dog. A quick game of fetch is a fantastic outlet for a dog's natural prey drive and knocks the edge off even the most energetic of dogs. Plus it's one of the few interactive games you and your dog can play together it's a brilliant way to strengthen your human-dog bond. Most dogs to chase a ball and return it to you, but dogs need a little guidance to get the behavior up to a satisfactory level. You'll find your dog to be a natural or reluctant retriever at first, but after a while most dogs playing a game of fetch. Why wouldn't they? It's great fun! Teaching a rock solid and reliable retrieve takes a few separate steps to get just right. The following steps teach your dog to be interested object, charge after it when it is thrown, pick it up, return it straight back to you and drop it at your feet. All without any skylarking, sniffing, hesitation or detours! Ok lets get started, we'll build the retrieve behavior step-by-step. Start out simple and slowly build upon your dog's successes this is the best way to shape any new behavior. Step 1. Lets start out by playing a simple and fun game. In a small room free from any distractions, sit down on the floor with your dog. Have a small squeaky toy your hand and some tasty treats your other hand. Ideally the toy be one that your puppy has shown interest toss the toy a small distance from yourself and let your puppy pounce on it you can encourage your puppy if need be. When your puppy grabs the toy you should reach out and take it from his her mouth while saying good puppy. As soon as you have hold of the toy you need to replace it by feeding a treat to your dog. If your puppy won't let go of the toy, simply use the treat as a bribe. Hold the treat just front of his nose and wait for him to drop the toy praise your dog and give him the treat as soon as the toy drops from his mouth. Practice this simple game 5 minute blocks, at least a couple of times a day. This is the crucial first step towards developing a solid and reliable fetch or retrieve your dog. Step 2. we continue the game we played Step 1 but this time we add a release word or cue to the exercise. As you are taking the toy from your puppy's mouth say thank you or thanks and immediately give the treat and praise just as you did Step 1. Repeat this process times. You are building association your dog's