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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks supposedly carjacked. You've picked up on something with that carjacked too. A carjacking is forcible robbery of occupied vehicle, yet there is no mention of a victim or even any news interviews that I've seen, yet survivors from Hebdo were interviewed yesterday. I can only assume, then, that the police mean by carjacking is that the grey Renault getaway car was simply stolen The bad guys parked there because, just like you pointed out, they knew beforehand of this kosher patiserrie ahead of time, and knew there would be Mossad's little Jewish helpers at the bakeshop. it's been reported that 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, one of the named suspects, surrendered to local police at 11 pm last night and taken into custody. move to keep himself from coming to harm if he's innocent, as it appears he probably is. Other reports have come out that Mourad was fact class while the shooting was taking place downtown Apparently classmates of Mourad started the French hashtag, #MouradHamydInnocent, who say he was with them at the time of the attack. https: hashtag MouradHamydInnocent?src=hash If Mourad is completely innocent of this, then that really casts suspicions on the police naming the suspects, especially quickly yesterday, and the suspects being set up as patsies. One goofy thing that really sticks mind, besides the visible license plates, is that after the street shootings and the apparent execution of the police officer, is the scene of the one shooter nonchalantly picking up a sports shoe that's been lying there the entire time and tossing it back the passenger side before he gets What was with the loose shoe? Another strange thing is that the police announced the three suspects, I think naming Mourad as the getaway driver, yet the videos clearly show that one shooter gets the driver seat and the other the passenger seat, then drive off. Great job all around, dear +BN, and God bless you for your diligence. IC XC NI Dear Brother Nat, Yes, something smells fishy to me right from the start: there's the witness statement of a staff member who said the following I went out to fetch daughter at the daycare and when I arrived BACK at the OFFICE building, two masked, armed men threatened us with their weapons I typed the door code to let them Then she says When the shooting started I dove under a table and heard the gunshots, it lasted about 5 minutes. She's the only survivor the room where the carnage took place. 't you find it unbelievable that, after being threatened with two automatic weapons and learning from the gunmen where they wanted to go, she followed them inside WITH HER DAUGHTER TOW and went to the offices that they were looking for? If she typed the door code to save her and her daughter's life why did she go to the place she knew they were looking for? Why was she the only one who dove under the table and the only one who was neither injured nor killed? What about her daughter who witnessed everything? And this woman has a big photo the news as if there was anything to be proud of what she did. HCN @BAB I do believe Jews are capable of killing other Jews to achieve a greater purpose. No need to even speak about Jews killing Americans or others to advance their agenda. They did it times the past that it should be obvious fact by now. Concerning Zionists being angry at because of Palestine, I really doubt that's the case. The Jews completely own that country. It is like a Israeli extension. it is logical to think Jews