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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks a pack. However, though dominance training has naysayers, it is the precursor of the iconic Dog Whisperer method popularized by Cesar Millan. The time it takes to train a dog varies according to the dog and what you're attempting to train. Housetraining a puppy usually only takes a few weeks, if adhering to a proven training system with a typically intelligent puppy. Beginner behavioral or manners training courses typically run 6 weeks. Obedience training typically takes 2 sessions per new skill-if you are practicing with your dog multiple times a day between sessions, and if your dog is young. The cost of dog training varies by location, and also depends on whether training is one-on-one or group classes, and whether it is at a facility or -home. Pet stores and non-specialized trainers cost between $70 for a multi-week beginner-training group class. Private training averages $60 per session. For dogs with aggression issues, private training costs increase to $90 per session. kept our high energy dog, Sookie, for 8 days over Christmas. We were so extremely pleased with the service that she provided. She sent daily updates and even a picture, which was such a comfort to us. kept a detailed log of food and activities which was also comforting. Even ridiculous things that we dog owners think are important were important to as well. We leave Sookie with again and again is GREAT! She is clearly a pet lover She makes effort to be flexible to one's schedule. She does not just sit and watch the dog play outside, but is actively involved. If you need her to find palace off-leash, she find it. She come to your home and she do overnights. Her home is rather small to have a large pet there but it is full of and comfort, which is most important. She check w you everyday, give you updates; never complains She is trustworthy and I highly recommend her! When our dog reached 7 years of age, we used to stop by, to walk and let our dog out for bathroom breaks, while we were working. is very caring, trustworthy and reliable. would stop by when we were home, and our dog would be excited to her! I wouldn't hesitate to utilize 's services again. is a delight to work with. I was at first nervous about leaving 2 pups. They are bigger dogs and attention. But after meeting with her and her correspondence while we were away, all worries melted away. The dogs seem to her her and she's very good with them. Highly recommended. it was a very good experience.. i think dog got more attention that week i was gone, then what i give him lol... i am thinking about maybe having them come more often just to take cherokee out for walks while im at work... very nice and you can just tell that she loves aninmals.. would recommend to friends. Andrea is absolutely fabulous! We learned more hour and a half with Andrea than 6 weeks of a stock training class at a retail pet store. The one on one attention and completely customized approach was key for our 3 month old German Shepherd puppy. I watched him learn a series of commands a matter of minutes. I feel armed with the knowledge I need to be able to successfully and effectively train puppy. Looking forward to our next lesson! This trainer has a very confident manner and dog reacted well to him. I am learning a lot about dog behavior and how to read dog's body language. He has given me great information and tips covering many different areas of dog's reactions.