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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks expression, ear position, and what the handler is communicating to his her dog. Blue Ribbon Dog Training Academy dog training school offers group and private lessons covering everything from Puppy Kindergarten, Pet Manners Better Pet Manners Novice, Open and level obedience. We also offer instruction Agility, Rally Obedience, and Tracking. October 6 One of the most enjoyable parts of doing seminars around the world is talking to people from a variety of countries about their countries' and culture's attitude and regulations regarding dogs. A group of us got to talking Edinburgh about the dog-related laws of their own countries, and what a range of regulations we found. Sweden dogs are allowed off leash areas, but must be under control. I was told when I was Sweden that keeping a dog a crate was illegal–any Swedes want to confirm or deny? Sweden has very strict animal welfare laws that also apply to domestic pets. For example, all indoor animals must be able to out a window. This is especially interesting to me, given that I've advised a client to keep their dogs AWAY from windows when they leave the house because the activity outside often overstimulates and or frustrates them. I'd never leave loose the front room with big windows facing the driveway; when I tried it earlier he was a stressed out wreck when I came home. Sweden has no country-wide breed related bans, but lots of European countries do. Several countries ban Pit Bulls, but as best I can tell no one over there knows who they are either. the UK I was told the breed designation is based purely on looks, and any dog who is reported to look like a pit has to be evaluated. Germany, some breeds must be muzzled public, unless they have been evaluated for safety. One of the Edinburgh participants was from Poland and she reported that all dogs over medium size must be muzzled public. She also reported that the law wasn't enforced and most people ignored it. Regulations aside, general experience has been that Europe and the UK are much more dog friendly than the US. We ended our trip southern England, and there were dogs, off leash, all the parks London. We saw dogs all over the UK, off leash and on leash, some pubs and buses, both of which would never be allowed the US. Sigh. What about where you live? There are 16 readers of this blog and they live all over, from Alaska to Afghanistan. I'd to hear from you, and I expect our colleagues around the world would too. How dog friendly is your community? What kinds of regulations are there restricting their behavior? What kinds of welfare-related laws are there? What would you like changed? MEANWHILE, back on the farm: I spent most of NOT cleaning the house or weeding the garden but rather collecting wild apples with friend Harriet and Jim, washing and then cooking them up into what I call Butter Sauce. Here's what them process looks like: Here are some of the apples we picked. Wild apples vary tremendously size, shape, color and taste. We picked the ones we liked best, about the equivalent of 4 big supermarket bags worth I 't worry about the small blemishes on the skin, they won't hurt you and they come off anyway a later stage. After you wash the apples, cut out any bad parts, cut them into quarters, put them a large pot and simmer them for about 20 minutes until they are soft. Once the apples are soft, drain them and put them through a Foley Food Mill. I'd never heard of one until friend