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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks time into him and it's paying off. I walk him every day and tug of war was a great idea! Bently is helping us through this experience too and we are really proud of him. Overall, everyone seems happier. C., NJ you've been absolutely amazing for us and all the work you've put into on a weekly basis. We believe 100% that wouldn't be the amazing dog he is today if it wasn't for you. You are very gifted at what you do and more people should experience it. You've had such a huge impact on our lives we never forget it. V., Old Bridge, NJ I feel really positive about Angel's response to you and working together with you to train him. Just having your review and understanding of Angel helped me understand what kind of dog I have and how to better deal with his personality and inherent traits. I appreciate all we discussed and worked on during our first session. Thank you! Aquila S., Rumson, NJ Jethro has been doing wonderful since you came over. We have been working with him every day and his improvement has been unreal. We knew once we read the testimonials of how you helped others that you were the one for Jethro. You really have made amazing change our home that gets better every day. We know you continue to do great by your sheer respect and professionalism towards dogs and their owners. Thanks again! Beth A., Atlantic Highlands, NJ thanks for a great training session. and I all felt that it benefited all of us and most importantly has benefited Barley. We now know that we can train him a stress free and caring manner he continue to be a happy loving dog as he grows into adulthood. Judy F., Cranford, NJ thank you soooooo much for coming here! is a whole new dog willing to please I really, really appreciate everything. You were worth every penny! M., Parlin, NJ we really appreciate the time and effort you put with Kovu. Everything you taught us has made our life much easier. As as you left he was a different dog! Kovu's chewing has improved dramatically he now chews up his toys vs. the wall or our shoes and we no longer yell at him when he misbehaves. He is doing extremely well thanks to you! V. P., Freehold, NJ RIN TIN TIN is advocate for and is trained utilizing positive reinforcement methods, we were very excited when Jersey Shore Dogs agreed to sponsor RIN TIN TIN at the H.H. Backer Spring Trade Show Atlantic City, NJ this year, as they apply the same kind of non-aversive methods with their canine clients. and are down-to-earth and extremely professional, which made it very easy for all of us to put our best foot forward for both Jersey Shore Dogs and RIN TIN TIN at the show. We had a blast working with Jersey Shore Dogs and to partner again the near future. Yanchak, CEO, RIN TIN TIN INCORPORATED We have 4 chis… a tough job. The next day after training with we already saw a change their behavior. They used to bark at the door, but now when we call them, they come running, sit patiently and wait for their treat helped me regain some sanity and I actually feel a little closer to dogs now that I understand a little of their thought process. Chris P., Freehold, NJ thanks for your help with Crash. I can't believe how quickly he is improving! I even brought him to a family dinner last night! He only barked the first time someone came to the door,