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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks took her into the Special School where I work. She was amazingly gentle with the children wheelchairs and was not bothered by unusual noises, etc. That gave us the idea of getting her registered with Jimjoy Entrepreneur won his first C.C. yesterday. He also took the Best of Breed, from a field that included 2 Show Champions And to our great delight he also won Best of Group. The Reserve BoB also took Reserve BoG. We are very pleased. send some pictures as as I can get them downloaded. The judge was from the UK but has judged internationally. He said a little speech before the presentation of the Trophies that he found the exhibits to be of a high standard. congratulations to you as breeders! Thanks again for the help and you have demonstrated with me and family! You most certainly are a professional. On our way back to Germany, me and wife talked about how we would have rather gotten assignment the UK. I am really impressed with your farm your work with the puppies paperwork and how gorgeous England is. We had absolutely no issue with getting back to Germany It was a weekend but did not make the trip any longer she was excellent behaved. She actually has stolen male's bed which upsets him a little. She is awesome addition to family and thank you. Just to let you know that has settled really well. She is going to be like I think, she has such a fantastic temperament, but cheeky. Thought it was too to get her after Kody, but I am glad we did as she certainly fills that big space left by Kody. Who knows, maybe a few years we be back for number 4. It is with deep sadness and a aching heart that I have to tell you that our Darling dear passed away this morning at 5am. We are devastated. Our hearts are broken. We loved the girls very very much, a huge part of our lives. Whereever we went the girls were always with us! I am sure that has found and take care of that they can be happy together again they did each other very much. Until we meet again! At first we were nervous following a bad experience with a retriever puppy who we were forced to rehome. Any concerns were unfounded and has now restored our and of puppies and sold us on Labradors completely. Her temperament is beautifully gentle while being playful and entertaining. She shows us and she is great to get up to the morning. We are always greeted with her favourite cuddly toy her mouth and a wagging tail. Her training is going very well and she is very receptive to picking up commands and following them. Within a week of us having her she had learnt to sit and to give her paw. She is now 6 months old and has not yet caused any damage except for the occasional cup of coffee felled by her enthusiastic tail! She has had her 5- month check- up and she has got a clean of health, with a very strong heart. She is now growing into a beautiful even- tempered dog without whom our family would not be complete. I have a companion now who fills our days with and laughter. She also loves to follow us round case she is going to anything. We definitely be coming to you again the future. We can't thank you enough for our new little girl. I have named him because on the way home we went to Pets at Home to get his bed and the