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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks atmosphere for the dog, who never knows if he is going to be punished or rewarded. This leads to a lack of willingness to work or offer behaviors would you risk offering something if you weren't sure if you were going to be rewarded or punished?Image source: @KevinHale via Flickr There are rules to using the clicker correctly. Common mistakes include clicking and not rewarding your dog and clicking more than once per behavior .https: photos unfoldedorigami 2088606137 This mistake is a biggie because it affect your dog's performance. people take a dog obedience class and during that time they practice with their dog. She learns the behaviors and everything is good. Fast forward a few months, or a year even, and the owner is upset because the dog won't sit to greet….a behavior she hasn't been asked to do since the class. Dogs get rusty on skills just like us could you solve algebraic equation if someone presented it to you? Probably not, unless you use them your daily life. be sure to keep up on your dog's skills remember just a couple minutes a day is all it takes!Image source: @Maplegirlie via Flickr This is a big one that most dog owners do repeating cues. You say sit, your dog doesn't respond and you say sit again. And again. Then, we wonder why our dog doesn't respond the first time we say a cue. Well, when you command nag, you are essentially teaching your dog he doesn't need to respond the first, second, even fourth time. Instead, you have now taught him that the cue is Sit, sit, sit, sit. And your dog wait for that fourth cue before responding. The worst cue for this is come. Only say it once. If your dog doesn't come, go get him. Don't say the cue at all if you are not sure your dog respond, like at the dog park.Image source: @CrystalRolfe via Flickr If you have a dog that behaves perfectly at home and is then a monster everywhere you are guilty of this mistake. Dogs 't generalize meaning if you teach your dog to sit your living room and then ask him to sit upstairs or outside, he not do it. Or, it take him a while to think it through. order to have a well behaved dog everywhere, be sure to take your training on the road and practice behaviors lots of places.Image source: @CrystalRolfe via Flickr While treats are, for most dogs, a great way to start the training process, 't forget to add praise, toys, and real life rewards like petting and play as as your dog learns a behavior. Otherwise, you have one of those dogs that only works if you have food on you.Image source: @GunterHentschel via Flickr. Guida, nationally known dog trainer and behavior expert, is the founder and CEO of Canine Dimensions. He has trained and rehabilitated thousands of dogs with serious behavior problems. He is recommended by veterinarians, trainers, rescues and shelters throughout the Northeast and is a long time member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals a certified CGC evaluator for the American Kennel Club and a founding member of the CDBA Certification Board Amanda studied psychology and animal science at Rutgers University where she was the co-founder and vice president of the Rutgers University Animal Behavior Club and regularly worked with a national service dog organization. She started her career as a dog trainer conducting group classes and quickly earned a position as director of training, known for her strict requirements for certifying new trainers. Her skill, drive, and