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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks All of the medals and awards are confirmed by copy paperwork and research. Medals are all VF. Group of three, South Africa no clasp to R Barnes, Chief Eng RM ARTFR HMS 'Active'. 200 to the ship VII LSGC R J Barnes Boatman, HM Coast Guard BWM 137433 R J Barnes Y.S. RN also 2 Education attendance medals white metal 1911 Borough of Queensborough Coronation Medal. Medal 2nd Rev type with Coinage Head bronze. Named to Tolson Imperial Chemical Industries Bravery Award Named to Tolson 9ct gold Carnegie Hero fund scroll dated Original typed Citation describing the incident is included along with invitations to the Palace and various other related documents. The incident was at I.C.I. Chemicals Billingham and involved attempt to rescue a after the explosion of acid tanks. Tolson was charge of the Works Fire He was exposed to the acid and fumes for 5 minutes and was severely burned. Group of six: DSO, V 1914 trio, Lieut. O Hart R.F.A. and O Hart on pair, M.I.D on War Defence. DSO LG M.I.D LG He served WWII as a temporary Copy papers and research included, VF mounted as worn. Group of eight: Military V unnamed 1914 trio. 2 Lieut H.J.M. with M.I.D Gazetted 1939 Defence and War Medal MC Gazetted 'For distinguished service connection with Military Operations the Balkans and with the British Army the Black Sea', served RFA.With research, mounted as worn, GVF. Military Medal MM and 1914 Trio, 121612 Sgt. J. Naughton, 185th Tunn, R.E. Gazetted He is also entitled to but not included with the lot, a DCM Gazetted 'He has set excellent example to his men under fire, etc.' Included with the lot is a tailors copy DCM, not named, VF. Set of five medals related to Pte Kerrigan. QSA Pte J Defence of clasp issued to Town Co. 1914 trio, Pte J G Veteran Rgt. S A Veteran Rgt. on pair with 'A' hallmark. This original set comes with a large oak framed illustrated photograph with two other large photographs, one coloured. Pte died early 1970's, all medals EF. Military Medal MM Sgt. J. Whelan B276, West Lancs Brigade. Gazetted For battle of Givenchy with a full official citation from the 55th Div Records, 'On 9th 10th 1918 near Gorre Sgt Whelan acted with great courage...going from gun to gun...rescued wounded'. immediate award, fine and polished condition. Military Medal MM 10561 Pte. W. Gooderham, 2nd West Riding Regiment, Gazetted He was awarded the M.S.M as a prisoner of war, this may have been upgraded to MM. He is entitled to a 14 and Bar trio. He is mentioned Sainsbury's book, Fine condition but polished. Four Medals plus scroll newspapers photocopies, 39, Germany War Defence Scroll from City County of Newcastle upon Tyne recording the courageous conduct displayed by Smith on stopping runaway horses. Further details newspaper clippings. No. 1722804 Smith was a gunner the 390 Bty 107 H.A.A. Rgt. aged 35 died of wounds Buried West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Trio Military Medal MM 57053 Drv. J. Hargreaves RFA with pair named to the R.A. same number. A citation taken from the 25th Div History 340 'Drv. Hargreaves maintained a line up to the forward obs post etc'. 'For gallantry at Ponchanx Gazetted copy entitled to 1914 GVF. Pair BWM and 22 Pte. F. Kerrigan Northumberland Fus. Both as issued boxes and Registered envelopes, addressed to 18 Trc, Old Penshaw, Co. Durham. Lot includes silk postcard and Tyneside Scottish Christmas Card with Romantic Birthday cards plus one group postcard photo of the Tyneside Scottish 'Somewhere and Edith Cavell card sent home 1916. Group of five WWII medals official box. Addressed to W.R. Usher, 87 Archer