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Complaint no affidavit been helping people love boost probabilities talks room when visiting Budapest because dogs were off leash. I wish I didn't have this phobia. However, I really wish that some dog owners would understand situation. Living Philippines is pure hell because of the uncontrolled dogs. I happen to dogs, but the people here are very inconsiderate when it comes to controlling their dogs….one would think they 't even have owner because they bark endlessly and continouusly. I've traveller all over the Philippines and find this is true everywhere. Since Philippines is poor they can't afford to properly care for their dogs…. people own dogs for their called protection the dogs bark when people are around, but then, regular neighbors be around, the dogs are barking senselessly, and the owners 't even step outside to why their dogs are barking or to curtail the barking. The Philippines is beautiful but there is no such thing as peace and quiet, day or night. They 't understand how nice a quiet night can be watching the stars because there is always a barking dog nearby, barking endlessly. They can't afford birth control for their dogs, the dog population is simply out of control. if you are expat seeking some peace and quiet for your retirement, I suggest another country. Nice post I wish there was a summary for all comments to browse. Greece we have some interesting laws: All dogs must have on their collar a rabies vaccination token, fines are frequently enforces if not applied. Serial number micro chip must be injected all pet dogs. If not, you definitely get a fine and get forced to buy a chip. Off leash is prohibited, but never enforced. Most dog owners use leash the road and get dogs off leash the park. There are few people that complain, but overall the communities are dog friendly. Dog swimming is allowed, except if somebody informs the dog owner that he doesn’t feel comfortable at the beach. However, Greeks are not popular for obeying laws and thus dog owners usually ignore them, since there is a loophole to which authority between police and coast guard needs to enforce it. Dog owners are obliged to keep their pet’s medical information with them, while on a walk If dog owner doesn’t want strangers to pet his dog, he is required to tie a yellow ribbon on the leash. And favorite: The law forbids dog banning, except buses, private areas and shops of hygienic importance, such as restaurants, groceries, etc. For example, it is not possible for a house lease contract or a building’s bylaw to ban dogs. case there is a ban, the law clearly explains that the regulation is void, however for those cases the law sets a maximum of three dogs five cats and some other thresholds depending the pet. If no ban is made, there is no threshold of the number of pets you can keep. Also the threshold doesn’t apply for people who use pets as guides or they can medically prove that their more than 3 pets are essential for their psychological stability There are some new laws coming up, But they are still being cooked. Australia we are allowed 2 dogs as normal with extra permits for more and to walk them on leases, there is some talk about banning dogs at outdoor cafes. Dogs are left outside shops mostly tied unless trained, they do enjoy the extra pats from strangers. People talk more if they walk their dogs around the shops, much less if walking them the suburbs, probably because we drive to the shops. Those of us with the old 1 acre block sizes, which is most of us, let them